Tea Shop TF4 Franchising Tie-In - Taiwan

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    新莊 Taiwan
    Another AOE franchising opportunity not let pass by, this time from 鮮茶道 [xiān chá dào] tea shop (Presotea).

    From June 25th to August 1st spend NT$200 in a single purchase and receive an exclusive & limited in number poster (while supplies last). You will also get a lottery raffle ticket for a chance to win movie tickets. Winner drawn on August 18th

    From July 7th to August 31st purchase 2 drinks, and add NT$199, to get a convenient carrying cup (the black with silver one pictured -- the other cups are just regular paper cups your drink comes in).

    *also while going around in circles trying to track down this tea shop (the adventure began by seeing a dude drinking from a TF4 cup and asking him where he got it), I came across a few other TF goodies.
    -The wall poster has the same logo as the customs seen at the http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-news-rumors/992314-tf-expo-taiwan-pics.html thread I posted last week. Unfortunately the shop was closing so I was unable to see what TF tie-ins this clothing label is doing. Next time I'm in the area I'll stop back by.
    -And a couple of unofficial things: a G1 styled phone case with an amusconfusing write-up on the back; and a TFPrime sticker tag sheet.

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    I want that phone case... hope it becomes available here.

    Think I might have to hassle my hubby for a trip to Taipei otherwise!

    Taiwan is definitely getting some cool promotions!

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