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    I have the following for sale, shipping is additional, paypal is preferred.

    Battle over Mission City: Megatron vs. Jazz MISB -$10

    Marvel Legends Red Hulk Wave all MOSC, $7 ea or $30 for all
    Black Costume Spiderman
    Adam Warlock
    Wolverine (yellow)
    Wolverine (black)

    All figures are loose unless noted, $5 each:
    IM movie mark II regular armor
    IM movie mark I prototype armor
    Satelite armor
    Stealth armor
    Torpedo armor
    Iron Monger 1st version
    Marvel Legends Venom Spider-man 3 version
    DC Universe Classics regeneration suit (black) mullet Superman
    Alex Ross JL Superman w/stand
    Jim Lee Hush Superman w/stand
    Public enemies Superman w/stand
    Public enemies Batman w/stand
    Public enemies Shazam w/stand
    DC Direct Infinite Crisis Superman w/stand
    DC Direct Justice League Superman w/stand
    Power Rangers RPM black wolf ranger
    Power Rangers RPM black guardian ranger (the one with clear armor bits)
    walmart marvel legends Ben Reilly Spiderman

    Venom unleashed loose: $6
    Iron-Man unleashed loose: $6

    Marvel Transformers crossovers Venom loose complete: $7
    Marvel Transformers crossovers Human Torch loose complete: $5

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