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    Dec 13, 2010
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    hey everyone ill give good deals and good trade, let me kno what you have.ill trade for anything but i also have my wants. have tons of figures that i want to trade off if you want pictures on any of them give me ur e-mail and ill get back to u. some items are going to be priced b/c they are rare items so make me an offer if you think its to high. ill give more in a trade


    loose figures

    G2 Grimlock blue ( figure only )
    G1 Devastator ( all 6 figures) complete
    Energon Downshift complete
    G1 re-issue sideswipe Complete
    G1 Blitzwing complete
    Animated Skywarp complete
    universe 2.0 Acid Storm complete
    TFTM Bumblebee complete ( old camero)
    TFTM Optimus Prime complete (voyager G1 Re-paint )
    Genertaions Drift complete
    ROTF ice cream truck twins complete
    G2 Swindle complete
    Titanium Soundwave with Laserbeack complete
    Machine wars Mirage complete
    TFTM Barricade complete

    Loose Challange of the Go-bots(free aswell with $50 purches)

    Other Transformers MISB

    Classics Grimlock
    Transformers 07 movie poster ( Prime) -$10
    Transformers Poster ( 80's movie poster ) - $15
    20th Aniversary Prime - $80 obo
    25th Aniversary Prime -$60 obo
    Titanium Scourge -
    Universe 1.0 Prime vs Megatron 2 pack - $15
    Generations Thrust
    Generations Dirdge
    Generations Drift

    Transformers (Movie 07)

    Optimus Prime -
    Dropkick -
    Cliffjumper -
    First Encounter Barricade -

    Transformers ROTF

    Armorhide -
    Skids -
    Mudflap -
    Skids/Mudflap ( icecream truck) -
    Jolt -

    Transformers Monopoly MISB

    Re-issue Key chains (all are misb, and each item below is free with a purches of $50 and up )
    Bumblebee -
    Cliffjumper -
    Ro-tor ( box is badly damaged)
    mini Devastator

    Want List

    DC Batman
    DC Joker
    DC Hal Jordon Green Lantern

    Alternter jazz
    Wal-Mart Masterpeace Skywarp
    Fanproject warbot defender (Springers)
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    Dec 13, 2010
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    ill practicly give my figures away ( more quanity for one figure ) ill give you more stuff if you trade me

    Battle in space 2 pack ( hot rod and cyclonus )
    fanproject warbot deffender
    Masterpeace Skywarp

    let me kno if you want to trade and what you want

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