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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Tampalicious, May 30, 2012.

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    Hello this is my current wants and trade list, I'm not sure what section it goes in.

    Wants (Everything I want must be sealed and mint) :
    Fansproject Warbot Defender
    Fansproject Protector Armor
    Fansproject City Commander Armor
    Battle in Space Rodimus/Cyclonus
    Reveal the Shield Perceptor *acquired from redsaleen
    United Wreck-Gar
    Classics Rodimus
    Igear W-01 Weapons for kup etc
    Device Label Blaster Usb Hub
    Fansproject Thundershred

    Trades: I don't have much to trade. I sold most of the stuff above to purchase sealed Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord and I think Ill keep them. They are dope. I would be willing to part with the boxes and foams and maybe some of the little rangers and the big Tommy white ranger doll. I'm keepin that tiger coin though. I would probably part with the power crystals and instructions/unused stickers.
    I may end up just buying everything I need in bulk from liqdeal/toyarena and tfsource but thought Id check if anyone was interested in the PR stuff.
    I got some bills paid so thought I might as well get this stuff while its around or the planet explodes or something bogus like that. I miss my TFs. Hercules isnt on this list thats a whole nother mission down the road.

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