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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by hXcpunk23, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Hey guys, so I'm getting around to planning more out on my Combaticons (which have been WIPs for like 2 1/2 going on 3 years now). I have some of the Tamiya military type paints that I've been using on Hound and Brawn (just started painting up their arms and legs a bit by brush).

    For Brawn and Hound, I've been using the Olive Drab and it looks great on them. I started thinking it may be too dark a shade to use for the Combaticons (Brawl), so what Tamiya acrylic would be good for Brawl? And what about Swindle?

    I'm looking at ordering a few jars that I need from (better than making a trip to HobbyTownUSA for only a couple of small items). Do you guys think these colors below would work well for the given characters I'm planning to paint up? I'm going for flat acrylics.


    Olive Green Tamiya America Item #81358 | Acrylic XF-58 Olive Green - 23ml Bottle

    Nato Green Tamiya America Item #81367 | Acrylic XF-67 NATO Green - 23ml Bottle

    Black Green Tamiya America Item #81327 | Acrylic XF-27 Black Green - 23ml Bottle

    Dark Green Tamiya America Item #81370 | Acrylic XF-70 Dark Green - 23ml Bottle

    *I'm partial to the Olive Green and Dark Green here, but any input on it is welcome.*


    Dark Yellow Tamiya America Item #81360 | Acrylic XF-60 Dark Yellow - 23ml Bottle

    Brawn (for his chest piece)

    Orange Tamiya America Item #81006 | Acrylic X-6 Orange - 23ml Bottle

    Here's an image of Brawn that I'm basing my Orange choice from:

    The colors for Swindle and Brawn are the best choices from those given on the site, so do you guys think they'll work for each character? Just looking for some feedback on it before I drop the coin on colors I'm not sure of just yet. Thanks in advance, guys!
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    Are you only using bottles? Because I know there's a Olive Drab spray, and then a Olive Drab 2 spray which is a fair bit lighter.

    You can see right here, TS-28: Tamiya America, Inc.

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