Taktomy AM 12 Breakdown, FE Vehicon, FE Bulkhead, etc Trade for SDCC Bruticus

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    Hi I have the following items for trade for a SDCC Bruticus

    Taktomy Tokyo Toy Show Black Optimus Prime
    Taktomy Tokyo Toy Show Crystal FE Optimus Prime
    Hasbro or Taktomy DOTM Que
    Hasbro or Taktomy DOTM Soundwave
    Taktomy Terrorcon Cliffjumper
    Hasbro or Taktomy FE Vehicon
    Hasbro or Taktomy FE Bulkhead
    Taktomy AM 14 Vehicon or Hasbro PRID Vehicon
    Taktomy AM 12 Breakdown
    MMC Cyclops

    You can pick from this lot and come up with a fair trade scenario for me. Please no low ball trades. I mainly deal on cybertron.ca so you can check out my feedback there.

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