TakaraTomy and Transformers: Prime

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    When it came to Animated, TakaraTomy took a while before they went with a Japanese localization; both in terms of how many episodes were on hand to work with, and how much of the toyline had already been worked on.

    With TF: Prime, do you think there might be a similar wait between the beginning of the Hub run and that of a Japanese run; or might there be an impetus to get the show over sooner rather than later?

    Also, if there were to be a Japanese version sooner or later, are there any particular seiyuu choices you'd like to see, or rather hear, for the Prime characters?

    (As an aside, if they did do the show, I wonder if they would come up with proper kanji for Nakadai Miko's name, or if they would write it phonetically using hiragana or katakana...)

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