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    I'm getting rid of ALL of my MIB/MISB Toys 'R Us and Takara reissues over the next few weeks in order to make room for non-US Japanese stuff, so please check these out when you can...

    Takara Reissues (modern numbered G1 TF's & vintage numbered G1 TF's):

    Targetmaster Hot Rod (#13; [EBAY]350188025756[/EBAY])
    Rodimus Prime (#C-77; [EBAY]350188028514[/EBAY])
    Hot Rod (#C-78; [EBAY]350188030008[/EBAY])

    Toys 'R Us Commemorative Reissues:

    Skids: [EBAY]350188023220[/EBAY]
    Red Alert: [EBAY]350188021633[/EBAY]

    Also have a TF Classics Astrotrain MOSC: [EBAY]350188031921[/EBAY]

    -- Mark Bellomo

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