Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. TF Animated "Battle Wheels"

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    So no sh*t there I was, hip-deep in Jusco's Gashapon machines, once again seeking out a TF Animated keychain machine to bleed dry, when I found an entirely new and different Gashapon machine to bleed dry.

    It looks like Takara Tomy ARTS' latest Gashapon release is much in the spirit of "Beyblade" and other various types of battling tops for which I have minimal interest; but to paraphrase the venerable and legendary Kendrick Chua's words of many moons ago, sometimes I think if they made Transformers dog food I would buy it.

    There's actually a nice selection of these little guys; they run 200 yen a cap and there are ten characters you can get. The actual tops are die-cast and each one comes with an "Autobots" or "Decepticons" spinner. (The spinners are blue-on-red, red-on-blue, black-on-gray, and gray-on-black; all gang molded.) Pics are attached for the curious and interested, and may all your Rugnutz tops spin true.

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