Takara reissue Seekers (Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ramjet, Dirge)

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    Ok, I thought I'd launch this as a kind of special feature in addition to my already existing BST thread which is probably burried pages and pages away.

    I've got the Takara e-hobby Seekers that I I need to sell to help finance my trip to New Zealand. I've got:

    -e-hobby edition Dirge $180
    -e-hobby edition Ramjet $200
    -e-hobby edition Skywarp $175 (original missiles, not the long Hasbro ones)
    -e-hobby Thundercracker $175 (original missiles, not the long Hasbro ones)

    Buy all of them and I'll take $10 off the cost and ship Xpresspost (uber fast) them for free (Canada and U.S. only).

    Here's a pic (Thrust, Ghost Starscream, and black Starscream already sold)

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