Takara MA-21 Battle Mode Optimus Prime & Clear Window Bumblebee '74 Camaro For Sale

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    Mattel stuff+Super Powers for trade. Looking for Armada, Henkei, Classics, Universe+

    My trade list is limited right now but here we go:


    Matty Exclusive 12" General Zod (Mint in Factory Sealed box)


    Matty Exclusive 6" Ghostbusters Winston Zeddmore (Mint on Factory Sealed Card)


    Super Powers 12-back Lex Luthor, mint on factory sealed card. The card has a lot of wear but the bubble is clear and intact.


    I'll trade for equal value. Zod and Winston for retail ($60 and $20 value respectively) and a $15 value for Lex.

    WANTS (all mint in factory sealed box/card):

    Transformers Armada Leader Class Optimus Prime
    Transformers Armada Powerlinx Hot Shot
    Transformers Cybertron Optimus Prime
    Transformers Classics Bumblebee
    Transformers Universe/Classics Cyclonus
    Henkei Convoy (Optimus Prime)
    Takara Bookstyle Reissue of G1 Prowl
    Takara Bookstyle Reissue of G1 Jazz
    Takara Bookstyle Reissue of G1 Tracks
    Takara Bookstyle Reissue of G1 Smokescreen
    Takara New Years Reissue Ultra Magnus
    Takara Reissue God Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime)

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