Takara FE Prime Optimus and Cliffjumper for TRADE!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by QuickswitchRoKs, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. QuickswitchRoKs

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    Hello there,

    All items have been traded!

    Thanks for the overwhelming interest!

    My wants are as follows:

    Classics Cliffjumper
    HFTD Rescue Ratchet
    DOTM HA Soundwave
    DOTM HA Crosshairs
    DOTM Deluxe Leadfoot
    DOTM Air Raid
    DOTM Lunar Fire Optimus Prime
    PCC Heavytread

    Alternity Convoy [Silver]
    Dual Model Kit Optimus Prime
    Targetroids [Optimus and Megatron]
    Targetroids [Hotrod and Starscream]
    Perfect Effect TAW Shield for Shattered Glass Prime (Purple Version)
    Perfect Effect TAW Shield for Shattered Ultra Magnus (Blue Version)
    CHMS Henkei Starscream
    CHMS Rainmakers
    CHMS Purple Warrior

    2010 Takara Primus

    Universe Yellow RID Leader Optimus Prime
    Universe Nemesis Prime (Black BW Neo Big Convoy)

    THS-01B - Black Hybrid Prime

    Igear Coneheads

    Overlord - I'm looking to piece one together, so if you have parts to trade let me know!

    Fort Max w/Both Ramps, all detachable parts, and Main Head in good unyellowed condition. (One can hope :D )

    Complete wants list here:

    QSR's Want List

    Some Rules:

    1. Payment through paypal only. As a gift or add 3% for fees.

    2. Shipping not included in prices. Please be aware that I am shipping from Japan. This means shipping may be a bit higher than expected. I would guess the shipping cost to be between $10-15 with EMS. Will ship worldwide.

    Small packet is also available for cheaper (about $5 per legends figure, $10 for a loose deluxe, and $15 for a loose voyager) but will take 7-14 days and has no tracking. Please ask and I will get you a more accurate quote :) 

    3. I will only hold figures until our negotiations are finished. If unpaid after 24 hours, I'll put the item back up for sale.

    4. Pics available on request.

    5. Feedback link in my Sig.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. MaxOptimusPrime

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    FE Optimus Prime

    I have MISB DOTM Air Raid and DOTM Lunar Fire Optimus Prime for trade. How much towards the FE Takara Optimus Prime would I get toward it?

    Please let me know.

  3. Big_Truk_Convoy

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    Pm'd oh and add a chms purple air warrior to the list I already gave you.

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