Takara Beast Wars Niagara Base w/Diver & MP 01 Convoy auctions (MIB)

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    Ok, time to sell some stuff! I have 2 items on ebay right now and many more to come. These first items are opened up, although I never even took the MP 01 Convoy out of the tray. He's so heavy I that just never had any faith in his ability to stand indefinitely, so I didn't bother to ever try and display him. He is completely unused and in mint condition. Box is very nice as well. The Niagara playset is also unused, though it briefly served as a display piece out of the box. It, like Convoy, is 100% complete and in mint condition. Box isn't nearly as nice as the Convoy box tho. there's definitely some wear on this box! I have had it for years and it's mostly been sitting in a plastic bin in my room. I'm not too fierce about selling either of these items, but I'm running out of space and must downsize my collection considerably. Selling some of my larger pieces (along with some stuff I'm no longer fascinated with) seems to be a good solution. There is still much more stuff to come, and most of it is in the same condition as these. I have MISB Energon Shockblast (C9+ box), a Car Robots God Magnus (MIB--transformed only once into truck mode and then back to robot mode, which is the mode it came pacakged in. Condition is excellent.), BW Neo Heinlad (MIB--opened & transformed once each way. In excellent condition.), and several others.

    One item that I would love to get out of my way is a MISB Energon Unicron (the dark coloured Unicron) in a very nice box, but I'm scared to death to even think about what it might cost to ship a thing like that. I doubt I will put that thing on ebay, but if anyone has any interst, just let me know. The 2 that are already on ebay are at the URLs below.

    MP 01 Convoy:

    MP 01 Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus) Transformers MIB - eBay (item 180284275500 end time Sep-07-08 19:03:07 PDT)

    Niagara Playset w/Diver:

    Japanese Beast Wars Niagara Base (playset) w/ Diver MIB - eBay (item 180284285766 end time Sep-07-08 19:25:30 PDT)

    I usually screw up the URLs the first time around, so if either of these don't work, someone please let me know so I can *try* to fix them.


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