Minor/Repaint: t. for. transform inspired: praetorian prime

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by kdog, Sep 23, 2010.

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    if you have been following my thread for i like big bots this is a follow up.

    the story is about the first transformers given life from the original 13. i ask

    you guys to give some ideals for my un named bot. this ideal was given by t

    for transform. while i didnot use the name for the big guy i thought it was

    cool for something else. this story is about the war that was forgoten

    between primus and unicron. a war so brutal even the good guys made

    megatron look like a infant. they had to fight like savages or die. a war where

    no weak could survive. a war so brutal it put primus in a vow to never

    transform again for the destruction he had cause. a war so brutal no autobot

    or decepticon really knew if it was fact or ficiton just legends and myths. a

    war that destroyed planets stars entire solar systems. the war that drain the

    power core of unicron leaving him to consume other planets to suvive. this

    war forced entire galaxy to renew itself from the aftermath. this is the war of

    13 children of primus the battle that shook the foundation of the galaxy. im

    doing a series of transformers form the first 13 primus children. these guys are

    not average to todays transformers. they are much stronger faster. the

    average bot could match the strenght of devastater. so i give to you one of

    first commanders of primus praetorian prime. he is going to lead a group of

    drones all made up of the war for cybertron prime kind of like a troop builder.

    he will be the only one with a different head. i choose this mold cause you

    can arm these guy up well. i made him using longracks head added some paint

    here he is. more story to come would like thought and ideals for future bots.

    thanks hope you like:rock 

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  2. ssg4life

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    wow, that's really nice. and using cybertron long rack's head is an exceptional choice
  3. LeAmourVrai

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    Woah! That's simply amazing, love the backstory as well! :D  How about some alternate mode pictures (because I would certainly love them)?
  4. t.for.transform

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    not only a shout out but a props to as well, i'm honored :D 

    glad you liked the praetorian prime idea, this looks really good too, the silver and bronze give him this early machine vibe and adds to that old world-esque sense of your story... good job :thumbs2: 

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