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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by AdamWojcieszak, May 6, 2008.

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    Ok, made ya look but for real -

    I had some problems with my neck that forced me to quit working for a few months. Anyhow, all is now good - and I have an investor for the Optimus Prime project of yester-year...

    So, that being there, would anyone be interested in a larger Optimus Prime sculpt? It wont transform - I mean I guess I could do it that way but it'd be a lot more expensive for all of us

    But who would be interested - this is a serious interest thread. Not that you're tied into it, but I am going to be putting out a project of a high standard with a lot of pieces going in to this...

    So if you'd be interested or want to get on a mailing list, PM here or Email me directly at SiqzAdams@yahoo.com with "Transformers" in the title.

    And as before, it will start with Prime, then another figure every so often.

    Thanks everyone, and to the Mods - the site has chaned a bit since my last visit (nice work by the way) so if this needs tobe moved, please do so, just please shoot me a note letting me know if at all possible?


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