Non-TF: Swamp Thing Part 4~The Dead One

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    This is the fourth and final of this round of Kenner Swamp Thing repaints. I got the idea for this one straight from the comics! I recently purchased The Saga of the Swamp Thing Book One and Book Two so when I read about Swamp Thing's "death" and saw the art of his frozen body I thought it would make a really cool custom figure!

    I started off by spraying the figure in Krylon Flat Black and followed that up with a layer of gray and two different blues for the main body. To match the artwork a little more closely, I used white for the eyes. I used Folk Art Acrylic and Testors Model Master Acrylic paints.

    This is definitely my favorite of the four! It's just such a different take on the character and I don't think I've ever heard of anyone attempting this version before. I also really like the light blue that I used for the highlights!

    An original pic of all of my repainted Swamp Things is included. I've also included a scan of the comic art that I used for inspiration. As always, comments and critiques are appreciated!

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