Non-TF: Swamp Thing Part 2~The Glowing One

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Nightwind, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Nightwind

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    Well, sort of at least...

    This is the second of my Kenner Swamp Thing repaints. It is a pretty basic version of Swamp Thing with two different greens for the main body and red for the eyes. The reason I kept this one so basic is because I also used some acrylic glow in the dark paint to completely cover the figure so that he would have an "eerie swamp glow". :lol  It doesn't photograph well, but he glows pretty nicely in person! The other paints that I used are Folk Art Acrylic and Testors Model Master Acrylic paints.

    Another quick and really easy custom for my Swamp Thing collection!

    An original pic of all of my repainted Swamp Things is included. As always, comments and critiques are appreciated!

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  2. Ezilla82

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    I have the second one on the left. Yeah thats still cool. I used to have the one that had tree trunk legs, but time wasn't too kind, but kept the weapon, so now Swamp Thing has two weapons.

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