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    I decided to write a little back story for my custom Superion and thought this would be a good place to do it.

    The thread to the custom is here

    Hope you guys enjoy it!


    It is an odd sensation, to die. Silverbolt could still feel something of life, but could not actually interact with it. He felt as if he were suspended within a void. This was not what he expected. There is no mystery in what happens to a transformer when they die. Only the certainty of moving on to the well of allsparks. Why then this feeling of detached attachment?

    Silverbolt struggled to remember those last horrific moments. One on one, Silverbolt and his subordinates could not hope to face Starscream and his seekers. But as Superion they stood a chance. The battle was hard fought and it seemed that victory was within their grasp. However Starscream is a vicious and cunning leader. He set his seekers on Superion with reckless abandon, and the powerful autobot fell. Silverbolt knew his brothers had died. One by one he felt their sparks leave their bodies until he was the only one left. It was then that he heard Prime’s voice. The commander had arrived! Silverbolt’s optic circuits were badly damaged and he could only see flashes of what was happening around him. Prime lashed out with all his power and skill, and every decepticon within his reach fell. Ratchet, seeing his fallen friends, used his most hated and feared weapon. His focused EMP generator. Only Starscream managed to escape from that fearsome blast. Silverbolt struggled to hold on with Prime and Ratchet's voices echoing in his mind. He knew that the battle was won, so with relief and a sense of accomplishment, Silverbolt chose to let go. Those last fleeting voices…”Do whatever is necessary Ratchet….” “Yes commander.”

    “Silverbolt do you hear me?”
    “This is Ratchet.”

    The screen next to Ratchet lit up. “I hear you, what have you done?”
    “I’m sorry my friend, I had to remove your spark from your body. You were very nearly gone. We are able to communicate through a system that Wheeljack developed.”
    “I am dead Ratchet, let me go.”
    “I…I can’t old friend, Prime has commanded me to save you.”
    “I understand. The aerialbots, were you able to save them also?”

    Ratchet knew this was going to be the difficult part for Silverbolt. The leader of the aerialbots had always dreamed of dying gloriously in battle with his warriors. Ratchet knew that he had robbed Silverbolt of that honor.

    “I’m sorry old friend, I was not able to separate their sparks from their bodies before they joined the well. They are gone.”

    There was a long pause. “What do you intend?”
    “As you know, Wingblade did not survive the recent battle against Megatron. I was able to repair his body. Prime has commanded me to place your spark into his body.”
    “No. Wingblade died honorably. Let me do the same. My brothers are dead. Let me join them.”
    “Prime has commanded that you live, we must obey.”
    “NO! Let me die!”
    Ratchet had to remove himself from the screen. He could feel Silverbolt’s rage as almost a tangible thing. A dark cloud, that sought to snuff him out. He could not begin to understand the loss and pain Silverbolt must feel at the loss of his closest friends.

    “Ratchet.” Came the resonating voice of the commander.
    “Sir. He is aware, and very angry.”
    “We cannot let him die Ratchet. Superion is crucial to this war.”
    “Sir. Superion is finished. The aerialbots are destroyed. Silverbolt’s body is scrap. We have no way of knowing whether Wingblade's body can hold a combination or not."
    “Yes Ratchet. However, There are quite a few seeker shells without a spark thanks to your EMP. We can use the tech that was stolen to allow the initial creation of Superion on those shells.”
    “Sir, this is a great deal to ask. Silverbolt will never accept these shells as components of Superion.”
    “I know Ratchet. But we must finish this war. To much has been lost already. Can you repair the seekers?”
    “I…Yes sir. I can.”
    “Thank you Ratchet. I know it is a lot to ask. But it must be done.”

    Prime turned and walked away, disgusted with the order he had just given. He could only hope that Silverbolt would forgive him. Your death will be granted brother. Just not yet.

    The screen lit up again. “Ratchet.”
    “Silverbolt. Did you hear Prime?”
    “Do you understand?”
    “The greater good must be served. I accept this."

    Ratchet began work immediatley. It was a long and arduous process that left him drained to his very core. His spark felt drained and heavy is it's chamber when he walked to the screen that allowed him to communicate with his old friend.

    "Is it finished Ratchet?"
    "It is. The seekers are linked to your new body in the same way that the limbs of Superion were linked to you. You simply order them to action and they will react to your will."
    "Are they sentient?"
    "No...Silverbolt....You need to see them as nothing more than weapons."
    "Is my new body prepared?"
    "It is. I will take you there now. I don't know how this process will feel."
    "I understand."

    Ratchet pulled the stasis box from it's lock and carried it to the body of another fallen comrade. So many have been lost. He thought sadly. He was hit with a sudden surge of memories. Wingblade's quick laugh, and unfailingly gentle nature. He was a young bot. Never built for this damned war. When he spun his blades around it seemed more a dance than an attempt to destroy. Wingblade took a direct shot to the spark chamber from Megatron.

    "There was nothing I could do for you kid. I hope you can forgive me."

    Ratchet opened the chamber holding Silverbolt's spark. and held it over Wingblade's chest cavity. There was a bright flash and the sound of screaming coming from everywhere. Then silence.

    "Yes Ratchet." Came the pained reply "I am here."
    "Are you ok?"
    "The pain will subside. thank you for saving me old friend. Can you show me to the seekers?"
    "Yes, but I would prefer that you spent some time in this new body to get a feel for things."

    The blade seemed to come from nowhere. Before Ratchet knew it he was on his back with the blades he had watched Wingblade use with so much skill across his neck.

    "I am ready to move forward Ratchet. Do not make me ask again."
    "Silverbolt. I am sorry. I have to follow orders."
    "I know. You should have let me die."
    "Do what you must Silverbolt. The commander's orders are absolute."

    Silverbolt felt a large presence behind him and turned just in time to catch Prime's large hand in his own.

    "I see you are adjusting to this body very well. You are honor bound to serve me Silverbolt. I did not make this decision lightly. But this is the way it must be done. I need you."
    "I cannot forgive this Prime."
    " I understand. We will finish this when time allows. I need to know that I can count on you until then."
    "Until then.... Very well."

    Prime withdrew his hand from Silverbolt's and stood to his full height.

    "Ratchet. Have you integrated the combining tech into the seekers?"

    Ratchet tried to pretend nothing had happened. "Yes sir. You know that if this falls into Starscream's hands we will lose this war."
    "I do. Silverbolt will ensure that it does not."

    The chamber holding the seekers was not large. Which made it all the more difficult for Silverbolt to avoid looking at them. Somehow in the repair process the seekers had been painted to resemble the bots they were made to replace.

    "Who chose the colors?"
    " I did." Ratchet replied "I thought it would be easier for you to command them if they looked like the aeriallbots."
    You could not be more wrong. Silverbolt thought with a sudden pang of grief.
    "Thank you Ratchet."
    "I'm bringing the command sequences online now. You should begin to feel the presence of the shells."
    "I do. They are much stronger than the aerialbots. Their weapons alone will give Prime a great advantage."
    "Don't Ratchet. I told you I accept this. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I will command these piles of scrap into the heart of Megatron's forces and delight in the death we cause. I will use Starscreams filthy experiments against him."
    "One thing Silverbolt. The seekers were all built to track eachother. You will know where Starscream is at all times."
    "All the better. Let's get on with this."

    Silverbolt recalled that first time, so many years ago, that he and the aerialbots had first combined. They were an experiment. Built using tech stolen from Devastator. Superion was the hope of the Autobots. He remembered the innocence of that time. He had been afraid of heights. Only the help of his fellow aerialbots had allowed him to overcome such a fear. He coldly burned the thought in his mind. I cannot dwell on such things. That was centuries ago. They are dead.

    He felt withing himself for that familiar link. It was there, but different.
    Ratchet watched as the seekers all came to life at the same time. He converted his hand to his EMP generator, just in case this was some trick of Starscream's.

    "Relax Ratchet. They are fully under my control."
    Silverbolt began sending the codes and transformation orders to the seekers. They quickly and quietly responded. With small electrical bolts flying between them the seekers attached themselves to Silverbolt. First the arms. Then the legs. Ratchet took a step back as Superion slowly took form. He was so much bigger now. The seekers were nearly twice the size of the aerialbots, and it showed in the final form of Superion.

    The giant Autobot stood silently as Silverbolt sent his spark ranging throughout the form. Learning everything he could as fast as he could about the shells of the seekers.

    "Commander. He is able to combine. But has not moved in several moments."
    "Give him time."
    "Superion, you are fully functional?"
    "I AM."
    Ratchet looked at the cold visor of Superion. So unlike the golden glow that had always been present. I'm so sorry Silverbolt.

    "Weapons check!" The commander ordered.

    It seemed that every square foot of Superion moved all at once. From giant gattling guns to those familiar swords formed into a claw. Superion was armed to the teeth.

    "SECONDARY WEAPONS ALL CHECK. ROCKET LAUCHERS, NULL RAYS, GATTLING CANNONS, THRUSTERS, SWORDS ALL CHECK. PRIMARY WEAPON....."The huge cannon came to bear and Ratchet was forced to take a step back...."CHECK."

    Prime took this all in with not a twitch of his optic sensors. He knew that this was the moment that could finally mean the end of the war. However, Ratchet was not the only one to notice the cold visor and chilling efficiency that Silverbolt moved into this new form. So much has been lost. He thought sadly. He looked back on the first time Superion had combined. The joy of forming such a bond with the aerialbots had been very apparent in how Superion moved, the elation in his voice at such a discovery. So unlike this monster standing in front of him.

    "Yes Superion."
    "Is this going to be a problem?"
    "Granted. It's about time we take the fight to them for a change."

    To be continued....
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    Sweet. What a nice read. Keep it up man, the more I read, the more I really want that Superion!!! :D 
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    Added some more to the story. I'll add some more tomorrow.
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    WOW! Interesting take on Prime and he command ability. I like the way whis has started and with the pics make a nice point of reference.
    Hurry Thursday...
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    Another small update. I was bored. :D 

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