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    FS Target Springer Dirge Shockwave Sunstorm & more

    FS or willing to trade for items in wanted list below.

    Universe Springer from Target 2-pack, never removed from packaging. No Ratbat or comic. $17 shipped

    Universe Dirge from Target 2-pack, never removed from packaging. No Roadbuster or comic. Also includes legends class Thrust & Ramjet. $20 shipped

    Movie Bumblebee from the Legacy of Bumblebee 3-pack, never removed from packaging. Classics and Animated Bumblebee's removed. $12 shipped

    3 Minicons from the K-Mart Universe 12 pack, these are the repaints of the RID Dirt Digger Team, so a red monster truck, blue Dodge Charger looking car and green/black motorcycle. These will come in the original packaging from the RID 3-pack Dirt Digger Team. $8 shipped

    Target Exclusive Animated purple Shockwave vs. Bumblebee $18 shipped

    Target Exclusive Animated Sunstorm vs. Ratchet $18 shipped


    Target Classics Skywarp
    Red or White Universe Powerglide (looking for both)
    Micromaster Devastator (Hasbro green Sixbuilder)
    Classics Prime
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