Super Smash Bros character ideas!

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Optimus1138, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I thought this could be kind of fun. Basically, post any ideas you have for characters that could be put into a Super Smash Bros game. Include things like attacks and speed. This is just for fun. They don't have to be suggestions that could actually have a chance of being added to future games, so don't worry about copyright issues or things like that. I'll start:

    Optimus Prime:
    Speed: Slowish in robot mode, medium in vehicle mode
    A Attack: Punch
    B Attack: Blaster
    Up B: Jetpack (lasts for a few seconds)
    Down B: Transform (robot mode is default; in vehicle mode, he moves faster, and deals damage when he hits someone, but cannot use other attacks and cannot jump)
    Side A: Energon axe
    Final Smash: Pulls the Matrix out of his chest, says "Light our darkest hour!"; light comes out of the Matrix and deals significant damage to anyone in a certain radius

    Iron Man:
    Speed: Medium
    A Attack: Punch/kick
    B Attack: Hand repulsor blast
    Up B: Fly using repulsors (lasts a few seconds); can hurt other players if they get too close to the repulsors
    Down B: Quickly descend and punch the ground; damages anyone nearby (can only be used when in the air)
    Side B: Missiles
    Up A: That laser thing he used in the final battle in IM2 (can only be used once every 15 seconds)
    Side A: Foot repulser blast (has side effect of throwing him backwards a small distance)
    Final Smash: Uses chest repulsor (much more powerful than hand or foot repulsors); after he uses it, the suit falls off and he becomes Tony Stark, who only has basic punching/kicking attacks and a pistol (similar to how it works with Samus/Zero Suit Samus); he can regain the suit by getting another Final Smash

    Steve (from Minecraft):
    Speed: Medium; fast when sprinting
    A Attack: Punch
    B Attack: Shoot an arrow
    Up B: Use a fishing rod to hook onto something and pull him towards it; can also be used on other players to pull them towards him
    Down B: Use flint and steel to light a fire on the ground; lasts for a few seconds, and can light other players on fire
    Side B: Sprint
    Up A: Throw lit TNT at people
    Side A: Diamond sword
    Final Smash: Summons creepers, who blow up when they get near other players; cannot affect Steve himself
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    you know that you can only select characters from a game that has appeared on a nintendo console/handheld.

    steve can't be added.
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    Keep it in the Smash Bros. thread already running please.
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