Super Robot Wars.

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    Is there anybody that plays the video game series?
    Here's the full description of the series courtesy of tvtropes.

    A Massive Multiplayer Crossover franchise, based off almost every Humongous Mecha series ever made in Japan. Also known as Super Robot Taisen if you're looking for the US releases (retitled to avoid a trademark conflict with Robot Wars) or just feeling particularly Japanophilic.

    In western terms, imagine if The Avengers (both teams of that name), the Justice League, Spider Man, the Scoobies, the Fantastic Four, the X Men, the Doctor, and The Incredible Hulk teamed up with GI Joe and SG-1. Now imagine the threat it would take to bring them all together, and imagine them pounding it flat.

    The first Super Robot Wars was released on the Nintendo Game Boy, and featured mecha from Mazinger Z, Gundam (various series) and Getter Robo (who usually appear in subsequent games). As the series grew, more series were added, as well as their characters. Each game would take the storylines of all the series and merge them into one (mostly) complete whole. This often required some creative interpretation, particularly in the case of Gundam, as characters, mecha and events that took place decades apart in the original stories will now occur within a matter of weeks of each other, if not at the same time.

    The usual story for your average Super Robot Wars game is pretty simple: take the story of every Humongous Mecha series included, put it in a blender, and set to "liquefy". The player usually sees the story through the eyes of an original character and their mecha. As the story begins to wind down, an additional threat from another planet or dimension makes itself known, and the gathered heroes come together to beat the unholy hell out of them.

    Of course, the interactions can sometimes have an interesting effect on the various characters. The Super Robot Wars Alpha games, for example, are highly regarded by many fans for making Shinji Ikari much less of a wuss.

    Starting from the second game, entirely new mecha and characters are introduced. These became known as Banpresto Originals. In 2002, Banpresto released Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the Game Boy Advance, which consisted entirely of the original characters and mecha created for the series over the years; a sequel appeared in 2004. Both games are presently are the only Super Robot Wars games to be released in North America, due to the obvious lack of licensing problems. This finally came full circle with the release of Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, an OAV set after the second game, and the TV anime Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, which retells the story of the first game.

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    I really wanted to play these. It took a lot of looking to find a copy for myself, but I did it. Then I got really busy with school, and thus have not played it yet.

    BTW: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier is not recommended due to a tremendous lack of giant robots. Unless you really like boob jokes a lot. Cuz it gots those aplenty.

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