Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine War

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Omega Supreme-1, May 26, 2007.

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    Is anyone watching this series? I just downloaded the three episode OVA, which as far as I can tell takes place after the game or games. So, I was a little bit lost especially since I just started playing the GBA title. Though that's okay, and it was nice despite the animation being a bit lacking in places.

    Now, i'm watching the actual OG series titled Divine War. I assume, Divine War is a reference to the Divine Crusaders force that forms the main threat against you during the middle part of the game which I am on. You start out fighting the Aerogators, which the anime seems to just refer as bugs, and then you move on to a sort of civil war between the colonies.

    Despite that plot being a bit cliche, and being like every Gundam installment practically, I am giving it a chance since I really dig the game. Hopefully, it will at least be better than the Fire Emblem anime.
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    the 3-ep OVA does indeed take place after the OG2 game, I didn't stick with the new show though, the set-piece moves of the robots didn't translate too well for my liking.

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