Super Robot Life manga #5 Translated!

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by DrSpengler, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Possibly the most boring issue I've had to do, yet. There isn't even anything ridiculously silly to make fun of. It's just...boring. Ah well.

    As you can see, there's untranslated Japanese text left in the "Info Bank". They merely name each combiner component and their alt mode. I didn't translate that part because I would've butchered the art.

    Anyway, I'm one step closer to completing the Super Robot Life manga. Just two more issues and the Scramble City special left to go. As it stands, you can currently read SRL #0-6 in one clean sweep with no missing installments (albeit, a few of them are my earlier translations with Japanese names instead of American ones) here:

    SRL #5 was accidentilly uploaded as The Transformer #5 but that should be fixed soon.

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