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    Name: Sunstriker

    Sub-group: Seekers
    Function: Weapons Expert

    Motto: “Experimentation is the key to knowledge.”

    Tech Spec Bio:
    Sunstriker has a curiosity and fondness for hand held weapons that led him to become a weapons expert and join the Decepticon Army where he could put his interests to productive use. He generally prefers to work alone, though off duty he is a very social seeker with a laid back sense of humor. Sunstriker is sometimes likened to a “class clown” because he enjoys drawing attention to himself or others.

    Profile: Sunstriker is responsible for designing and field testing new weapons, specifically hand held weapons, such as laser rifles and melee weapons. He is also trained in the maintenance and repair of such weapons and enjoys experimenting with them. He finds improving upon already existing weapons to be an invigorating challenge and enjoys taking things apart to determine how something works.

    Sunstriker is armed with standard issue seeker arm rifles, though he has experimented with them and upgraded their efficiency and firepower. He also carries an assortment of personal, hand held weapons in his subspace pocket, though he keeps this a secret from most as he enjoys the element of surprise. Sunstriker is also extremely creative and good at critical thinking. Also, because he fiddles with weapons so much, he is a very good marksman.

    Sunstriker’s powerchip gives him binocular night vision. He has a recognition range (able to see details) of at least 450 meters and a detection range(able to detect movement) of at least 500 meters, depending, of course, on the size of the object. He can see slightly further on a clear night with the added light of moons and stars. This ability is also enhanced by thermal/infrared detection.

    Weaknesses: Sunstriker’s creativity can often be blocked when he is put in a time crunch to produce a new weapon or improvement. When pressed for time, he tends to be less able to concentrate on his work than he does on the fact that he has to try to beat the clock. He does not work well when under pressure.

    Sunstriker’s powerchip makes him extremely sensitive to harsh sunlight. He prefers to work at night or under artificial lighting conditions. He can work outside during the day if it’s overcast. Direct exposure to sunlight can give Sunstriker intense migraines or temporary blindness. If exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided, Sunstriker will often offline his optics and rely on radar.
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    Very nice! Like the bio. :D 
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    Excellent job...though I never did figure how they (the G1 animators) expected us to believe that particular robot mode could form that alt mode

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