Stupidity inthe 1st degree

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    hereis a list of some really dumb criminals :Stupidity in the First Degree I just posted the list due to people having trouble with the link
    These Suspects Put the Dumb in Misdemeanor

    (Aug. 22) -- Police work is often grim and deadly serious. But every cop can also tell tales of cases so weird or criminals so witless, you just have to laugh. Here are a few recent ones. Scroll down to vote for the dumbest and the funniest.
    Keep That Crack Covered
    It's hard to decide what's more remarkable about the suspect in a Florida store break-in -- his utter incompetence or his exhibitionist streak.
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    Polk County Sheriff's Office

    Zachery Paul Harris
    Surveillance video shows a young man entering a Badcock furniture store in Lakeland July 31 and trying, without success, to steal a TV, VCR and cash register. When he couldn't manage to get out the door he came in through, he had to break the glass to get away empty-handed. But what he left behind was a bizarre scene on tape. For some reason, he felt the need to drop his pants and show off his striped boxer shorts for the cameras.
    Those images helped Polk County Sheriff's officers track down Zachery Paul Harris, 21, of Lakeland. He was charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief.

    Quincy Police Department

    Sandra Sanborn
    In a more innocent time, women might stuff their bras with Kleenex or socks. Now, it's bags of crack.
    Police charged a woman with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute after detectives acting on a tip spotted her with a bag in her hand on Aug. 16 in Quincy, Mass. They say Sandra Sanborn, 33, of Malden, admitted she had 19 more bags of the drug -- stashed in her bra.
    Cops seized the drugs, two cell phones and an SUV, but not the bra. Read More

    On the Run From a Nun
    The nuns thought it was odd to see a shotgun-toting man in the soybean field next to their convent in Independence, Mo., early one morning last week. Stranger still, he also had a handsaw and a pair of boxing gloves.

    Sister Catarina da Silva and Sister Connie Boulch drove from St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist convent to the field and asked the out-of-breath man what he was doing. He dropped his loot and took off running. So did Sister Catarina. The 49-year-old nun gave chase wearing an ankle-length habit and flip-flops. Sister Connie, 59, called 911 on her cell phone as she watched the foot race.
    "I thought she might catch him because she is a good runner and he was already tired," Sister Connie told the Kansas City Star.
    Police arrived and soon found the suspect behind a barn near the convent. They charged Corey Anderson on Aug. 14 with burglary and stealing a firearm. William Dooley Jr. was charged with the same crimes in the case.

    Helpful Hint: Plan Carefully
    This is no joke. A guy walks into a bar -- and ends up a punch line.

    Janesville Police

    Alonzo Rucker
    Alfonso Rucker didn't just pick the wrong bar, he picked the wrong town. Janesville was hosting a golf tournament for police officers from across Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. So Quotes Bar and Grille, like many other downtown bars, was filled with off-duty cops when Rucker burst in the night of Aug. 9. Witnesses said Rucker, 18, had a bandanna over his face and his hand in his pants as if he was holding a gun.
    "I heard someone yell, 'You gotta be kidding me' from this end of the bar," bartender Joe Collins told WREX. Within seconds, officers had Rucker pinned to the floor.
    "You think of, you know, those stories that you hear of the stupid criminals and that sort of thing," said Janesville Deputy Police Chief Steve Kopp. "I think this ranks up with those."
    Rucker insisted he wasn't trying to rob the place and was just wearing the mask so no one would recognize him. Now the incident is a running joke at the bar -- and lots of people recognize Alonzo Rucker from his mug shot.

    A Massachusetts bank robbery suspect could also use a lesson in thinking ahead.

    Quincy Police Department

    Peter Murphy
    An Aug. 17 heist at the Eastern Bank branch in Quincy was going according to plan until the getaway. Police said a man handed a teller a note and ran out the door with an undisclosed amount of cash. But the getaway vehicle ran out of gas just half a mile from the scene of the crime. Officers found the Jeep with the license plate removed and talked to area residents, who said a man and woman had been knocking on doors asking for someone to go buy them some gas.
    After police released surveillance photos from the bank, Peter Murphy of Stoughton turned himself in Aug. 19. Murphy, 34, was charged with unarmed robbery.

    It's Such a Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever
    Here's another tip for would-be criminals. Police officers don't take kindly to being victimized.

    Coos County Jail

    Robert Lloyd Finder
    For example, police in North Bend, Ore., were not amused when they discovered someone had broken into their downtown station Aug. 12 while all the officers were out responding to an assault report. The thief took two Tasers, a radio -- and a patrol car.
    "We were dumbfounded," Police Chief Steve Scibelli said. "Absolutely amazed that someone would have the nerve to do this."
    Robert Lloyd Finder was arrested the next day while trying to sell the Tasers, according to police. Finder, 26, "faces just about every charge the police could think up," as a report in the Register-Guard put it -- including burglary, theft, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and reckless driving.
    "He just said he thought he'd try it," Scibelli told the paper. "See if he could pull this off. High risk, low reward."

    The risk is even higher for crooks who double-dip.
    Michael Reeder, 49, is accused of stealing an officer's personal car from the cop's home in Colorado Springs, Colo., then coming back and breaking into the house. Officer Ruben Crews said he went out to search for the car early in the morning of Aug. 13 -- and when he returned, he found Reeder in his home, wearing his police jacket. Both men suffered minor injuries in the fight that ensued. Reeder was booked after being treated at a hospital.

    my personal faveorite is the guy who tried to rob a bar full of cops
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    the link wont work for me :( 
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    From the Masterminds:

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    Damn, I won't read all of this, someone please shorten it up for me.
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    Cygnus X-1 (ya bish)
    Wow. People can be stupid.

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