Stupid things that happen during customizing TF....

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by G60Force, Feb 9, 2012.

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    TODAY FEB 9th 2012:
    Just as I finally figured out the 2nd last hurdle in my Blitzwing Voyager Ani/Gen Custom .. I had tightened a small part 2 by 1cm piece a little to much, with my fingernail I tried to carefully get it loose again.... THEN POWWW ... all of sudden the piece I had just added some extra superglue on jumped in the air... first thing I did shouted and cursed the living daylight out of whatever that thing was, then I looked at my cat, she looked at me prolly thinking "shuttap foolz or I is gonna hurtz u" O well.. then I realized the piece was missing and I could proceed and I 100% was never gonna find a piece like that and the many hours cutting to get it just like it was. I turned the whole livingroom/bed/customize area (yes it's all-in-1) upside down and after few hours of cleaning of vcacum machine breaking down and a very angry kitty + mega hurting back, I decide to give up... when lying down I suddenly fell a sharp pain near my crotch??? yeah you won't believe it the piece superglued itself on my PJ's....F*CK I hate it when that happens :D 

    YESTERDAY 8th FEB 2012:
    When added and carving the smallest details to the first deluxe sized head, I couldn't really see what I was doing so I brought it close to my face.. after a few minutes i cut myself in the nose since I applied to much pressure in ricochetted of the figure unto the side of my nose resulted in a big bleeding cut!

    And the above wasn't even the worst thing that happened to my nose...
    1or2 weeks before I move to my new place I was dremeling in my dremel corned at my former home and I needed to do that while standing and as most of you know my backprolems don't allow long sessions... so I was almost ready with the part when the dremeldisc broke and shot right up my nose!!! a half disc!!!! man that hurt like hell and I called my GF and asked if it looked bad, she said HELLS YES :(  *sigh* SO I didn't really think straight but I whent to the bathroom took along my pliers and insert it in my nose, then tried to wiggle it.. but man that thing was fixed pretty well, then in a flash I though well it's a cutting disc right? lets pull quick & hard and let the cutting commence...
    OK... here I won't explain the details, but it worked and it hurted less when remove then when it was still in... so happy ending :D  and I got a big kiss for my GF for being brave and afterwards she gave my a surprise ;) 

    what have you done to yourselfs while working on TRANSFORMERS!
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    Tried trimming the collar of HFTD Terradive, Scaple went right into my thumb.

    Not very pleasant.

    I was also modding DoTM Laserbeak to have no alt-mode, and was pretty upset when his damn leg wouldn't glue on.

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