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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Stuntastic, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I know I've been posting a wanting thread for some comics for the past year, and never fully came through. Money issues will always stop me from getting the stuff I want. But now I'm serious and whom ever messaged me selling the comics in the past, forgive me. I'd like to finally purchase them, this time around.

    Still looking for:

    The comic adaptation of the 1987 Transformers The Movie. All four copies please. No tears, writing in em, or stickers in em or anything.

    I really want to get into The Wreckers, so if anyone has that whole comic series, and wants to let it go, please let me know. I plan on swinging by a local comic shop this weekend, and I probably won't find anything. So if anyone has em, let me know.


    I have a spare WFC Soundwave toy. It's the better condition of the two I bought. MISB.


    Only picture I have ATM, so bare with me.

    Also have an Alternators Swerve. Pictures coming soon. No box or instructions. Been transformed once, because I obviously suck at Alternators. Complete. Offers.

    Also have an Alternators Windcharger. Has that half stump engine gun, so no barrel. No box or instructions either. Might have a scratch on it's windshield, I'll have to double check.

    Also planning on getting rid of a bunch of other toys, ranging from G1, Energon, Cybertron, Armada, and some other generations.

    I also have two G1 Metroplex bodies. No additional parts. Some yellowing. Plastic tires I believe. I plan on keeping one, but if anyone wants both, hit me up with an offer.

    For detailed pictures, just send me a message. Sorry for the lack of pictures at the moment, the lighting isn't great and I have a whole lot of digging to do.

    But as far as the stuff I'm looking for:

    I've been out of the country for the last few years having a kid, so I missed out on the first runs of Classics. So if anyone has any to spare for relatively cheap, let me know.


    - Cliffjumper. I don't need it's little jetski trailer. But who the hell would want to keep that?
    - Tankor aka Octane. Complete.
    - Sideswipe. Complete.
    - Either another Starscream or Acid Storm. Whichever is cheaper of the two.
    - If someone has a Magnus they want to get rid of, wink wink. But I don't have the add on set, so it's not a priority.
    - Ramjet. Complete.

    Let me know, we can work something out between trading and buying.

    Thanks. I'll be updating with pictures over the weekend.
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