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    Bots for Trade (I prefer to trade but will sell if price is right)

    G1 Deadend excellent condition complete (bot,hand gun, big gun, peg, tech)
    G1 Dragstrip a little sticker ware (bot and had gun, tech)
    G1 First Aid (metal Chest) rough stickers- off white no weapons
    G1 Black cassette (missing rub sign, some stickers, head has paint wear and wont stay down)
    Gobot K.O. of a Sea Plane
    K.O. of a 8 blade helicopter
    spychanger K.O. hummer type
    Beastwars Snapper (complete) with card back
    Beast Machines Skydive (missing lower half of right leg)
    McDonalds beastmachines optmus primal
    Cybertron defense scattershot Missing some parts (looks good in robot mode)
    Armada swoop missing dino head and gun (the one from Wal-Mart 2pk)
    armada Hoist's mini-con (its orange)
    cybertron metroplex's mini-con

    Parts Trade /Sale
    G1 Redalert’s Bit and pieces (i.e. Head, arms,…. P.m. me)
    G1 Redalert’s 4 tires (may fit other Transformers)
    G1 Wheeljack’s 3 tires (may fit other Transformers)
    G1 Optimus Prime’s Missile (mint) short black
    G1 Optimus Prime’s tires (x6)
    G1 Optimus Prime’s inner cab lining (red)
    2 unknown long chrome missile
    Starwars transformers millennium falcon missile (big)
    Cybertron Ransack upper half and weapon
    Energon offshoot shield part
    Energon duststorm upper body and 1 arm only
    Dirtboss minicon left leg only
    Minicon mirage missing left leg
    Rid yellow Wedge right foot
    RiD Hightower small gun
    R.I.D. Optimus Prime’s 1 shoulder pad with Autobot symbol
    R.I.D. Optimus Prime’s left (no wheels) and Right (No tires) Side Booster/ Feet
    R.I.D. Super Optimus Prime’s right fist
    R.I.D. Super Optimus Prime’s Head
    R.I.D. Ultra Magnus’s left Blue piston
    R.I.D. Ultra Magnus’s left and right (missing 4 fingers) hands
    Beastwars Ramulus’s horns- Double Slagmaker Cannon
    Beastwars Ramulus’s Right arm
    Beastwars Rampage missile
    Beastwars Transmetal Dinobot’s Tail (cream colored)
    Beastwars Depth Charge’s 2/3rds (missing tip) Energon-Cutlass / Tail
    Beastwars Depth Charge’s Torpedo Launcher / Cybershark Drone
    Beastwars Waspinator’s stinger/gun (little paint ware)
    Beastwars prowl’s (owl) left arm
    Beastwars Sea Clamp’s Robot Head
    Beastwars Silverbolt Feather sword (gray)
    BeastWars Snarl’s (lion) robot head
    Beastwars Drilbit’s Hand with Dril bit
    Beast machines Dinobot Striker’s back plates (2 of them)
    Armada Airrazor Tail

    Other TF stuff Trade /Sale

    Stickers/cards (the ones that came with the toy)
    Armada Hot Shot (also have his instructions)
    Armada Hoist (also have: toy cardback with Bubble attached, and instructions)
    Armada Rinox (also have: toy cardback with Bubble attached, and instructions)
    Armada Airazor (also have: toy cardback with Bubble attached, and instructions)
    Beatwars Neo Jetstorm ( just the Japanese Bio card)

    Armada cards
    Special card (holo foil) 1 of 9 Cyclonus
    Special card (holo foil) 4 of 9 Hot Shot
    Special card (holo foil) 6 of 9 Scavenger
    Special card Armada Poster card 6 of 10 Starscream Triumphant
    Special card Armada Poster card 9 of 10 Struggle for the Mini-cons
    Special card Comic Art 3 of 12 issue 3 James Raiz
    Special card Comic Art 7 of 12 issue 7 Guido Guidi
    1 Check list Card
    Regular Cards: 5,6,8,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23, 25,27,28,30,31,37,38,40,41,43, 49, 51,54, 60,63,82,87,91,104,113,119

    1995 Marvel metal promo sheet 4 holofoil cards on a sheet (Excellent condition)


    Parts wanted (will trade for this or buy if u have them cheep)
    G1 metroplex both large red cannons
    G1 metroplex Six-gun body
    G1 metroplex Six-gun chest
    G1 metroplex Both large black Guns
    G1 metroplex dual cannon
    G1 metroplex Repo stickers
    G1 metroplex fist on the left (looking at it, for the arm next to the black side of chest)
    G1 Galvatron barrel mount
    G1 Galvatron orange barrel (repo is good to)
    Megatron repo stickers
    Mirage repo stickers
    Soundwave: Instructions
    Venom: weapons
    Thrust: long missile
    Omega Supreme: 1 small clip/2 medium clips/ j track/instructions
    Trypicon: other little parts (pm what u have
    Bonecrusher: small Gun green
    Longhaul: small Gun green
    Devastator: Instructions
    Slag: Gun, missile launcher, missile,
    Sludge: Gun, missile launcher, missile,
    Snarl: Gun, missile launcher, missile,

    Bots wanrted (reissues are good, and also incomplete as long as in good condition)
    G1 Barrage (loose)
    G1 Downshift (loose)
    G1 or reissue Grapple (loose)
    G1 Overdrive (loose)
    G1 Ransack (loose)
    G1 Sky Dasher (loose)
    G1 Whirl (loose)
    G1 Blurr(loose)
    G1 Broadside(loose)
    G1 Cyclonus(loose)
    G1 Gnaw(loose)
    G1 Hubcap(loose)
    G1 Kup(loose)
    G1 Octane(loose)
    G1 Outback(loose)
    G1 Pipes (loose)
    G1 Rodimus Prime (loose)
    G1 Runabout (loose)
    G1 Runamuck (loose)
    G1 Sandstorm (loose)
    G1 Scourge (loose)
    G1 Tailgate (loose)
    G1 Ultra Magnus (loose)
    G1 Wheelie (loose)
    G1 Springer (loose)
    G1 Wreck-Gar (loose)
    G1 Bruticus (loose)
    G1 Defensor (loose)
    G1 Reflector (loose)
    G1 Sky Lynx (loose)
    G1 Superion (loose)

    Gamecube Mario tennis
    Gamecube Mario ddr
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    Jul 19, 2004
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