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    May 2, 2010
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    This is my need list to complete my Transformers collection;

    working Omega Supreme Tank
    One missile for Reflector
    New body with unbroken windsheild for Smokescreen (original G1 only, no reissue)
    Trypticon-full tilt gun
    Finback Belt
    Nightbeat small right head gun
    Siren both head guns
    Waverider axe
    Birdbrain gun and waist piece
    Need Bludgeon complete
    Bristleback robot
    Doubleheader wings and small gun
    Pretender Grimlock gun
    Icepick gun
    Longtooth small gun
    Pincher backpack/claws
    Roadblock small robot, scoop assy, dual gun
    Scowl gun
    Skyhammer new shell
    Slog Monstuctor head
    Need Vroom complete
    Wildfly gun, shell back, and fist
    Need Altenator Camshaft

    I have parts and Transformers for sale or trade. Some Transformers ar boxed with unaplied stickers, missiles still on tree etc...

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