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    Bots for Trade / Sale​

    Trades have priority over sales but if you want something off my list make an offer and I might take it
    (I accept blank/not filled out money orders or Cash)​

    G1 Slugfest complete
    G1 Overkill has 1 weapon
    G1 Squawktalk #2 no weapons (little rust on 2 screws)
    G1 Grandslam (paint ware on gold side) no weapons
    G1 Headstrong (Plastic version) very very little ware, no weapons
    G1 Omega Supreme Tank (very clean, still rolls in tank mode, lights rarely work, missing 1 drum other drum glued on, will include parts of another tank if traded/sold)
    G1 Headmaster Skillcruncher (only missing small white gun)
    G1 Targetmaster Landfill No weapons in really good condition
    G1 Bonecrusher (tight joints) with small gun
    G1 Tentakill (no weapons, little sticker ware)
    G1 First Aid (metal Chest) rough stickers- off white no weapons
    G1 Override (sticker ware, plenty of chrome ware, paint) springs work excellent
    G2 Mantaray speedboat (missing engine / propeller)
    G2 SKRAM (missing engine / weapon)
    G1 FireBolt (original) Belongs to Hot Rod) (differences from the reissue and original can be seen at
    Micromaster Stormcloud (purple plane)
    Micromaster Highjump (gray SUV)
    Micromaster NIGHTFLIGHT (gray Plane)
    Blue Mini-spy Porsche (decepicon)
    White 4WD jeep (Autobot)
    Yellow FX-1 car (Autobot) Missing one arm
    Gobot K.O. of a Sea Plane
    Gobot K.O. of a Battle Ship
    spychanger K.O. hummer type
    Beastwars Snapper (complete) with card back
    Beast Machines Skydive (missing lower half of right leg)

    Parts Trade /Sale​

    G1 Redalert’s Bit and pieces (i.e. Head, arms,…. P.m. me)
    G1 Redalert’s 4 tires (may fit other Transformers)
    G1 Wheeljack’s 3 tires (may fit other Transformers)
    G1 SideSwipe’s Missle x2 (original)
    G1 Twin Twist’s Gun (mint)
    G1 Shrapnel’s Gun (mint)
    G1 Optimus Prime’s Missile (mint)
    G1 RUNABOUT’s gun (mint)
    Alternator Wheeljack’s engine/Gun (mint)
    Alternator Wheeljack’s Sword (mint)
    Blue Energon chip
    Red Energon Chip (belong with arcee)
    R.I.D. Optimus Prime’s 3 missiles
    R.I.D. Optimus Prime’s 1 shoulder pad with Autobot symbol
    R.I.D. Optimus Prime’s left (no wheels) and Right (No tires) Side Booster/ Feet
    R.I.D. Super Optimus Prime’s right fist
    R.I.D. Super Optimus Prime’s Head
    R.I.D. Prowl’s 2 missile launchers
    R.I.D. Prowl’s missile
    R.I.D. Ultra Magnus’s left Blue piston
    R.I.D. Ultra Magnus’s left and right (missing 4 fingers) hands
    R.I.D. Heavy Load’s Hand Gun
    Beastwars Ramulus’s horns- Double Slagmaker Cannon
    Beastwars Ramulus’s Robots head
    Beastwars Ramulus’s Right arm
    Beastwars Transmetal Dinobot’s Tail (cream colored)
    Beastwars Optimal Optimus’s Left and Right Blast Shield
    Beastwars Depth Charge’s 2/3rds (missing tip) Energon-Cutlass / Tail
    Beastwars Depth Charge’s Torpedo Launcher / Cybershark Drone
    Beastwars Waspinator’s stinger/gun (little paint ware)
    Beastwars prowl’s (owl) left arm
    Beastwars Sea Clamp’s Robot Head
    Beastwars Sea Clamp’s Left and right lower legs
    Beastwars Sea Clamp’s animals right half of head
    Beastwars Silverbolt Feather sword (gray)
    BeastWars Snarl’s (lion) robot head
    Beastwars Drilbit’s Hand with Dril bit
    Beast machines Dinobot Striker’s back plates (2 of them)
    Armada Rinox Weapon-horn
    Armada Airrazor Tail

    Other TF stuff Trade /Sale​

    G1 Ironhide Tech Spec C9

    Stickers/cards (the ones that came with the toy)
    Armada Hot Shot (also have his instructions)
    Armada Hoist (also have: toy cardback with Bubble attached, and instructions)
    Armada Rinox (also have: toy cardback with Bubble attached, and instructions)
    Armada Airazor (also have: toy cardback with Bubble attached, and instructions)
    Beatwars Neo Jetstorm ( just the Japanese Bio card)

    Armada cards
    Special card (holo foil) 1 of 9 Cyclonus
    Special card (holo foil) 4 of 9 Hot Shot
    Special card (holo foil) 6 of 9 Scavenger
    Special card Armada Poster card 6 of 10 Starscream Triumphant
    Special card Armada Poster card 9 of 10 Struggle for the Mini-cons
    Special card Comic Art 3 of 12 issue 3 James Raiz
    Special card Comic Art 7 of 12 issue 7 Guido Guidi
    1 Check list Card
    Regular Cards: 5,6,8,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23, 25,27,28,30,31,37,38,40,41,43, 49, 51,54, 60,63,82,87,91,104,113,119

    Non TF Trade /Sale​

    Napoleon Dynamite DVD original edition

    Gameboy advance legend of Zelda (nes classic)

    256MB Sony memory stick Pro Duo (PSP memory card with Memory stick adaptor) (on Hold)

    Dungeons and Dragons Dwarf Mercenary MIP (has card and toy)

    Ticket stub from Game 6 of the 2005 NBA finals (Spurs vs. Pistons played on June 21 2005)


    In order of priority
    Basically anything G1 just p.m. me what you have for trade

    Rewind (black one)
    G1 ramjet
    G1 Drill Dasher
    G1 Sky Dasher
    G1 F1-Dasher
    G1 Deluxe inceticons
    R.i.D. Railracer-bullet team
    RobotMasters Leo Convoy
    Armada Dinobots Grimloc/swoop 2pk (Wal-Mart exclusive set)
    Black or clear Lazerbeak and Frenzy K.O.
    Any Worlds Smallest Transformers chases or Knock-offs

    Hound Gas can and Spare tire
    1 G1 Omega Supreme's small clip
    2 Omega Supreme medium clips
    Trypicon single blaster stands
    Trypicon double scanner/satellite
    Trypicon single barrel blaster
    Gun for Trypicon’s full-tilt gun
    right Trypicon connector
    Eject weapon set
    Fist set for Dirge
    Weapon set for Dirge
    Seeker landing Gear
    Omega Supreme Track J
    Slag weapon set
    Sludge weapon set
    Snarl weapon set

    Paper work
    Megatron repo stickers
    Mirage repo stickers
    Hound repo stickers
    Wheeljack repo stickers
    Grimlock Tech
    Slag instructions
    Slag Tech
    Sludge Tech
    Snarl Tech
    Snarl instructions
    Hound instructions
    Sunstreaker instructions
    Shockwave instructions
    Typticon tech
    Megatron Instructions
    Omega supreme instructions
    Soundwave instructions
    Slugfest tech
    Overkill tech
    Grandslam tech
    Raindance tech
    Eject tech
    Ratchet tech
    Ratchet instructions
    Beastbox tech
    Squawktalk tech
    Red Alert tech
    Red Alert instructions
    Warpath tech
    Cliffjumper tech
    Bumblebee Tech
    Beachcomber Tech
    Some red Decoder strips
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