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    I've got a baby on the way, which means I need cash and space, so I've got to sell some Transformers. Because I need cash and space, I'm only looking to sell right now - no trades. Sales to the continental US only at this point. I prefer PayPal but I can take money orders by mail. See my feedback link in my signature.

    I'm going to go for the most of the big ticket stuff first. I'll probably keep adding stuff as time goes on.

    Botcon 2011 Box set with comic and 1st day pin - Mint ($360 shipped)
    Botcon 2011 Loose set - Mint ($250 shipped)
    San Diego ComicCon Blaster - Mint in sealed box ($80 shipped)
    Tokyo Toy Show Dreadwing and Smokescreen - Mint in sealed box ($85 shipped)
    Cybertron Leader Galvatron - Mint in sealed box ($85 shipped)

    On the loose stuff below, assume shipping is going to be no more than $10 for a medium Flat Rate box, which can hold quite a few deluxes, well packaged. If you just get one deluxe or something, I can ship in a smaller/cheaper box.

    Loose Movie 1 Deluxes - Mint with accessories but no instructions ($4 each or $10 for 3)
    Recon Barricade - PENDING
    Protoform Starscream

    Hotshot (with Jolt) - Mint, loose complete no instructions ($18)
    Acid Storm - Mint, loose complete no instructions ($15)

    More coming. If you are interested in anything else, especially stuff from Movie 1 or Cybertron, feel free to ask.

    Also, if anyone is interested in Voltron, I've got a 20th Anniversary Lion Force Collectors Set. This is the metal, masterpiece Voltron in a huge book-style collectors box. It is beautiful and really cool. I'm not sure what it is worth but it is complete, mint and looking for a home. Feel free to make me an offer.
    I've also got a set of all five Voltron DVD collectors sets in tins. Only one or two are even open and they are all in great shape.

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