stuff for Sale! Classics, Movie and more!

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    The list..
    From is from bottom to top.

    First Row:
    Movie Jazz
    Classics (hot Rod) Rodimus
    Movie Barricade

    2nd Row:
    Jada Die cast 1:64th cars
    (2)Bumblebee Camaro concept
    (1)"stealth" BB Black and Orange Camaro Concept

    3rd Row:
    Some KO's
    (2)"Superion" jets gift sets
    (1) "Bruticus" army gift set

    4th Row:
    Classics Mirage
    "Devistator" construction gift set
    "Defensor" rescue vehicle gift set
    Classics Ram Jet

    I sold some doubles of these so I have a good idea on price but just wanted to see what you guys thought. Shoot me an offer! I really have to reduce my collection.
    Email: or just respond here!


    also have these:

    and a better pic of Classics Mirage and Ramjet that are in the first pic. This one just showing the Target Transformers OP card I also have for sale.

    Like I said guys really gotta get my collection down. money talks.

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