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    updates few more items for trade, only shipping out in the states
    * Haves*

    loose ( all complete unless said )
    note : loose figures will go in pairs if one of ones i want 2 for 1 trade

    Generations G2 Prime
    Generations Wheeljack
    TFTM voyager Prime ( G1 color )
    TFTM Barricade w Frenzy
    generations 2pack Hot rod
    ROTF Skids
    ROTF ice cream twins
    G2 Afterburner
    G2 Swindle
    Generations RedAlert

    Boxed ( all mint unless said )

    titanium Scurage
    20th aniversery Prime $150
    RTS Tracks
    Hybred Style convoy ( complete but has been opened )
    Universe Hardhead
    RID Rollbar
    RID RO-tor ( minor damage on box )
    TFTM Leader Prime
    TFTM Dropkick
    TFTM Cliffjumper
    ROTF HA Bumblebee
    TFTM BUMBLEBEE ( old Camero )
    TFTM Bumblebee (new Camero)

    *Wants* (MISB unless said so )

    Transformers Prime NYC exclusive Bumblebee and Arcee mint in box ( really want )
    Transformers Prime Firs Edition Prime vs Megatron mint in box ( really want )
    Universe 2.0 Silverbolt
    DOTM Leader Ironhide
    Universe Suntreacker opened
    Universe 2.0 sideswipe
    Universe 2.0 Prowl
    Generations sky shadow
    generations terradive
    classics Hound
    Classis Astrotrain
    Warbot deffender ( must have )

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