Minor/Repaint: Studio Series Optimus Backpack MOD

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by 1BLD, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Studio Series Prime’s backpack has caused a lot of bother. Sure, it’s relatively flat, but it’s wide, hangs down quite a bit and doesn’t really lock into place. Most of the panels are tight enough, but the gas tanks are entirely unsecured and can freely be spun around.
    STock front.jpg
    Stock side.jpg Stock back.jpg

    All of which makes for a kind of messy and unsatisfying result. What I’ve done is a combination of two mods, one of which I’ve seen done before. The result I got was the following:
    New 1.jpg
    New 2.jpg New 3.jpg

    Which has it’s pros and it’s cons. On the one hand, it tidies up the backpack, forming a solid mass which is shorter and narrower. It is a bit thicker than the stock formation, but that’s partly due to how this formation incorporates the gas tanks, rather than just slapping them onto his bum. Still, it does feel chunkier in hand than the alternative, which I’m personally okay with but suck a large and square block does run somewhat counter to the movie aesthetic.

    The modifications

    To achieve this, I did two things. One of which has no visual impact, and the other does have a visual impact. First off, the hidden change- Side panel trim.jpg

    Normally the small panels the gas tanks are attacked to can only fold outwards. I simply shaved off the right angle edge preventing them from folding inwards. Just doing this increases the options available to you for the backpack, and that stopping point is not needed for truck stability at all.
    Roof top.jpg Roof front.jpg

    The next thing I did was to make the above cut from the roof of the sleeper section of the cab. Without this, the windshield centre behind Prime’s head won’t allow the roof to fold back fully to it’s vehicle mode section, and hence pull up and fully tidy up the backpack. If you do this, go slowly and remove a little bit of a material at a time, since while I think I’m close, I perhaps could have gotten away with removing less. The impact on the truck mode is as follows:

    Truck front.jpg
    Truck side.jpg

    And due to how everything sits, from the right angle…
    Truck gap.jpg
    You can see right through to the floor. Still, I’m personally okay with this since it does really improve Prime’s silhouette from the front and back.
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    Great mod! instead of dremelling, cut the mid section out and glue it onto the piece that flips upside down in robot mode, means when you transform him into alt mode there wont be the gap in the middle anymore :) 
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    20180416_184038.jpg 20180416_184028.jpg 20180416_183927.jpg Not bad I did some of the mods that flipps the pipes inside. Also. Those 2 gray pipes become rocket lauanchers.flipping that gray panel and grey pipes outward instead of inward alliws rockets to come from his back towards what's in front of him. Shaving a little of plastic tabs needed. But the joint won't allow full outward folding. As u do inward.
    I'll have to post a pick later. And the hole u cut out allows the kibble to make a chair for another headmaster to sit. More perfectly to right angle.
    I didn't do the hole in the roof of the cab.
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    Very cool! Now if only there was mod to make him 3 inches better :p 
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