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    Welcome to Steam

    So the chance to win 100 games and earn some Team Fortress 2 hats ends in about two days. How's everyone doing with their objectives? Take advantage of any good deals? Has anyone here been lucky enough to win five games from your wishlist?

    I've got 7 objectives so far: Self Portrait, Go to Your Happy Place, Join the Club, It's Better to Give, Steam Gimme, Smack Talker, and Suggestive Behavior. I'm currently working on Overachiever, and I'm thinking of getting Flight Control HD while it's on sale to earn Buzz the Tower (I'll admit, it does look like a fun little time-waster for $2.50). I've also earned the Bounty Hat for whenever I get TF2.

    I haven't taken advantage of... well, any of the objective deals due to the fact that my laptop (circa 2004) can't run those games. I did buy Evil Genius, which was on sale during the Treasure Hunt, for $2.50. And when a friend gifted me Knights of the Old Republic while it was on sale, I gifted him Poker Night back. I considered getting Just Cause 2 for $7.50, but I've already bought a few Steam games that I can't run yet because they're a bargain.

    If I do those two objectives, the last one i can get (short of giving my friend my login so he can play Poker Night for me) is the 10 friends, but since I can't really game much on my crappy laptop I only have 2 friends. Anyone want to friend me, whether they still need 10 friends or not? I've been saving up money to build a new computer, so with Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 in my library (can't run, but I bought them during that "get both for $10" sale) and TF2 on my "buy this once I can run it" list, we can do some gaming in the future. Or hell, you can unfriend me after the results of the contest are announced. :lol  (my Steam ID is BVinch20)

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