Stealth Lockdown at Retail

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Dr. Lucky, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I got Animated Stealth Lockdown (and Rescue Ratchet) at the Curtis Park Target in Sacramento last night. I entered the DCPI number into one of the price scanner things and it told me they had stock in the back, so I asked an employee for help. When I asked the woman to get them for me, it took her a minute to figure out what was going on. The number showed as in stock, but she said they weren't scheduled to get shelf space for about two weeks. I think that means they are probably planning to hold Rescue Ratchet and Stealth Lockdown until Black Friday, so I feel lucky that I got both of them last night.

    Also, I don't know for sure if these both came from the same case, but I bet they did. I just told the woman the number and that there were two different ones, and that I would take both if they had them, or either if they only had one. She came back with both.

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