Starscream = Ashur from Spartacus

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    The more I think about the more I think SS is basically the cybertronian equivalent of Ashur from Spartacus. Think about it. Both are opportunistic killers (as in they only kill using dirty tactics), they both are hilariously inept when facing named characters, they both and they grovel at the feet of their masters.

    The only think that takes them apart is that Ashur never moved against it´s master, but given time, he would probably do it.
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    While they're both fairly bad at melee combat, Starscream was at least the Commander to a well-known group of Aerial Combatants. We haven't seen Starscream fight much in the sky, but when we've seen him take off, he looks dangerous as shit (see: Orion Pax, Part 2)

    But, yeah, they're both fairly pathetic, plenty opportunistic.

    God, for me, Ashur was a well-written character, one you didn't want to hate; in-canon, had the ability to NOT be a shitty person, but you could see why he became that way. He wasn't always a dick, but the actions of others forced his own positioning, he could've been a great guy (and asset to Spartacus' mission).

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