Starfire Prime's Beginnings

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    This is part two

    We had to find a suitable planet that we could live on without being harassed or threatened that so that we could live in

    "Chromia! is there any planets in this Solar System, that has life on it? I asked

    "There is one planet about 300 light years away, Firestar" replied Chromia

    "Really! and what's the name of this planet? I enquired

    "Its called Cybertron" Chromia replied

    I thought to myself about this planet.

    "Cybertron ay, hmmmm most interesting".

    Ariel!, Arcee!, make preperations for departure we are heading for Cybertron" I orded.

    Roger that Firestar" replied Arcee

    "Fire Rockets" I orded

    "Copy that Firestar" replied Ariel

    Ariel fired our rockets and we took off toward our new home Cybertron and Moonracer came over to me.

    "What do you think it would be like on that planet, Firestar?" asked Moonracer

    "Don't know Moonracer, but, what I do know is this, its got to be better than the one we left behind" I replied

    I started to think about our home world once more. We had no choice but to abandon our home world, and I
    looked over to Moonracer and she nodded in agreement, then Ariel, Arcee and Chromia looked over to me and
    we all thought about our homeworld we left behind.

    We were drawing near to our new home world Cybertron and I was having another thought

    "I hope the people on this new world are friendly, and they respect us, as fellow warriors and not some objects
    of their affections.

    We were in a stationary orbit around Cybertron and I called to Arcee and Ariel

    "Is there any place we can land this ship" I asked

    Moonracer was scanning for a suitable area. While Moonracer was scanning the planet, we too were being scanned
    by a group of male Autobots from their Headquarters.

    Sir, we have located a ship entering our airspace" said Ratchet

    "Can you identify its origns, Ratchet" replied Optimus

    Negative sir, but it is an Autobot ship" Replied Ratchet

    Moonracer found a decient spot to land.

    "Firestar! I found a good place to land, and its not far from that major city to the north its called Iacon" Moonracer replied

    "Alright ladies we will set down here, at the space port of Iacon make preparations for landing"

    Copy that Firestar" said Ariel and Arcee

    We landed that ship at the space port of Iacon and we alighted from the craft.There was people milling around the space port
    and none of them took any notice of us females, they just blindingly carrying on with their jobs.

    Optimus had sent out Ironhide and Sideswipe to investigate our ship.

    They walked around the ship perimiter and they were scanning for any life forms on board.

    Meanwhile Moonracer had activated her scanners.

    "Firestar" Moonracer called out

    I turned around to face Moonracer.

    What is it Moonracer" I enquired

    Someone has activated the perimiter defences, we'd better head back to the ship" said Moonracer

    "Right" I replied with a nod

    We all transformed and took off back to the ship. We had noticed a couple of intruders hanging around, when we
    arrived back. We transformed back to our root modes, and I raised my laser rifle in readiness to attack, as did
    Moonracer, Arcee, Ariel, and Chromia.

    "Hold it right there, what do you think you are doing near our ship" I demanded

    "if your smart, you'll leave here now! demanded Arcee with her blaster poised and she was ready for action.

    We'll leave here, once you told us who you females are" said Ironhide

    "We have come from a planet in another dimention called Uraya 2. We don't want any violence, we just want to
    live here on this planet in peace" said Arcee

    We all lowered our weapons but we kept them on standby just in case they start causing trouble.

    Where's your leader?" asked Ironhde in a gruffy voice

    I walked foward, and stood in front of my team.

    I'm here! my name is Firestar leader of this crew and who are you two interlopers?" I demanded

    "My name is Ironhide and this is Sideswipe" said Ironhide

    Are you the leader of the Autobots" I asked

    No, our leader is named Optimus Prime" replied Ironhide

    "Optimus Prime, ay hmmm, interesting, we would like to meet this Prime" I replied

    "If you ladies come with us, we will take you to meet him. By the way ladies can you transform." asked Sideswipe

    Yes, we can transform" said Moonracer

    So we transformed in our vehicle modes and I transformed into my jet mode and took off for the air, and the others
    transformed and we all rolled out to their Headquarters not knowing what to expect.

    We were greeted by Optimus Prime the Leader of the Autobots.

    "Welcome to Cybertron Ladies" said Optimus as he shook hands with us.

    "Thankyou" I replied on their behalf

    "Where do you ladies hail from? Optimus asked

    "We come from a planet in another dimention called Uraya 2". I replied

    "why did you leave your homeworld in the first place? asked Optimus

    "You see Optimus, we had no choice but to leave our homeworld, due to the fact that every single day we were attacked by
    these marauding tribes, cause they wanted our Energon stock piles so the only option left open to us was, to leave our
    homeworld" replied Arcee

    "I see, I hope my men weren't too rough on you ladies" replied Optimus.

    "No, they weren't sir, and even if they did start anything, we would've held our own in battle" said Moonracer

    While we were talking to Optimus Prime I was being scanned by Ratchet, and I didn't like it. I swung round and faced him.

    "If you don't mind Ratchet, I don't care for being scanned. My servo-mechanisms are mine and mine alone get it" I replied

    I was getting a little angry with Ratchet.

    "Sorry, if I caused you any discomfort, Firestar, I just needed to scan you for my records" replied Ratchet.

    So Ratchet decided to scan the rest of my ladies as well, first he started on Moonracer, then Chromia, then Arcee,
    then Ariel. So we continued our discussion with the leader of the Autobots and we told him about our Energon cube
    Stockpile that we had in our possession and we had to find a place to store our stock pile. Optimus told us that it would
    be safe to store them inside their base. We all walked over to a secret compartment hidden inside the wall cavity.

    "Your Energon Cube stocks will be safe in here ladies, no harm will come to them" said Optimus pointing to the cavity.

    Thankyou" Moonracer replied

    Thankyou Optimus Prime" I replied

    We turned and walked out of their base and headed back to our ship to retireve our energon supply and bring it back to
    the Autobots base, each one of our crew carried a few cubes and I also took a few cubes with me inside cockpit

    Meanwhile back inside the Autobots base Ratchet walked over to Optimus

    "Optimus there is something different about Firestar"

    What do you mean, Ratchet" asked Optimus

    "Well I just did a scan on Firestar and noticed something odd about her" replied Ratchet

    "explain" replied Optimus

    It would appear, that Firestar is exactly like you Optimus, here take a look at her schematics" replied Rachet

    And he showed him the scan results and he was shocked with what he saw on the scanner.

    "This is hard to believe Ratchet, are you sure you scanned her correctly and there isn't a malfunction in
    your scanner" said Optimus

    "No Optimus, my readings are correct. I had also scanned the rest of the females as well, but I didn't find anything
    unusual about them, but, Firestar is different. replied Ratchet

    "hmmm, could she be a Decepticon? disguied as an Autobot" asked Optimus

    "no....I don't think so Optimus, its weird, its almost like her servo-mechanisms belong to you Optimus" replied Ratchet

    We left the ship with our Energon stockpiles and Moonracer called me

    "Firestar, are you sure we're doing the right thing" asked Moonracer

    "what do you mean Moonracer" I asked

    "I mean, are you sure that its the right thing by giving the Autobots the Energon we might need them to
    power our ship" said Moonracer

    "Don't worry Moonracer, they seem to be nice guys and that big one, was a perfect gentleman, they treated
    us like their equal" I replied

    "yeah I know what you mean Firestar, but that medical officer was a bit strange, he kept scanning us for some reason
    or other do you think we can trust them" replied Moonracer

    "yeah I think we can trust them, after all they let us inside their base, and told us that we can stash our cubes inisde their
    base, Moonracer" I replied

    We all arrived back with our Energon from our ship and we all transformed and walked back inside their base and we stashed
    our remaining energon cubes inside the cavity. When we filled the cavity with the cubes, Optimus closed the wall and it slid it
    shut and locked it. We were about to leave when Optimus walked over to us.

    Firestar can I have moment, I wish to speak to you alone?" asked Optimus as be was beckening me over

    Ironhide gave the rest of my team a tour of the base while I stayed behind to talk to Optimus

    "Sure you can Optimus, is there anything the matter" I enquired

    "I don't know Firestar, except to say, Ratchet had scanned your internal mechansims and he found something
    that was quite strange" said Optimus

    "What's so strange about my servo-mechanisms Optimus Prime" I replied with a concerned tone

    "Were you ever built on Cybertron before Firestar?" said Optimus

    I thought about this strange question that Optimus asked me now why in the universe would he ask me
    this, I played along with this charade till I can get to the bottom of what is going on

    "No, I have never been on Cybertron before, this is our first time here why do you ask" I replied

    "Its something Ratchet showed me on his scanners, your mechanisms are the same as mine" replied Optimus.

    "well, that's a first, my mechanisms are the same as Optimus Prime's who would've thought"
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    Just a recommendation, you could have posted this in the first thread for this story you made instead of creating another thread with the same title. Less confusing that way.

    In regards to this 2nd part of the story, i couldn't help but feel it was rather presumptious of Firestar and her crew to think they could just settle onto any planet they wished. And how did they know that they'd encounter male bots on Cybertron before arriving there?

    But the idea of female bots arriving on Cybertron from elsewhere rather than originating there like their male counterparts is interesting.
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    Nice update, keep them coming :popcorn 
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    I agree - I always assumed they were part of the same race from the beginning. This is a fresh approach to the question.
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    This is part 3

    Suddenly there was an explosion outside and they ran outside to investigate, so we too took off outside, only to
    find that Megatron was blasting the base along with his Decepticon army.

    "Surrender! Prime you have no where to run, if you surrender now I will make it easy on you" said Megatron

    "NEVER!!!! I will never surrender to you Megatron" said Optimus and he was angry

    "And that goes for us as well" we replied

    Megatron had spotted us along side our male counterparts

    "Ah female Autobots how amusing" said Megatron as he was looking at us

    "It doesn't matter if they're females Megatron, they're still Autobots" replied Starscream

    "Your right Starcream, very well Prime if you won't surrender we will destroy you...
    Decepticons! attack!" orded Megatron

    There was a furious battle. The Autobots against the Decepticons neither side was giving the other an inch, so it
    was up to us, we were battling along side our male counterparts against Megatron and the Decepticons, and we
    were firing back with everything we had. I took off into the sky, turned around and came in at full throttle and blasted Megatron
    with everything I had, until one of Blackout's shots went awry and it struck me in the tail section and I came spiralling
    down and it the ground with a thud and transformed and I was wounded and almost went off line and the rest of my team
    came over and covered me and they too kept up the barrage against the Decepticons until they finally gave up and took off.

    Optimus and his team came over to assess the situation. Ratchet had picked me up and handed him to Optimus while
    he transformed and they placed my inside Ratchet and they took me back to their Headquarters and my team went
    with them, and Ariel removed me from Ratchet's interior and she and Moonracer placed me on a table.

    "how is she Ratchet" asked Optimus

    "Ratchet was scanning my damages.

    "Not good Optimus, her servo-mechanisms, are just about fried, and her body, doesn't look any better, we'll have to open her
    up and check her insides just to make sure there isn't any internal damage.

    So Ratchet used a syncro-laser and carved me up the middle and removed cockpit and removed some more metal
    plates and he peered inside, he checked my spark just to make sure that it wasn't damaged[it was still intact]
    and he was saying to everyone in the medical bay.

    "I'm affraid Firestar just cannot be fixed, if I try and fix her old body, Firestar will end up in stasis lock and her spark
    will be extingushed. We're going to have to construct a her a new body for her.

    "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they both yelled out

    Both Arcee and Chromia yelled out as their voices echoed around the medical center

    Optimus walked over to Arcee and Chromia to try and calm them both down as they were both going

    "Calm down down ladies, Ratchet will construct a new body for Firestar, so there's nothing for you to worry about,
    oh and Rachet there's just one other thing I'd like you to do for me, could you reformat Firestar into a Prime and turn her
    name around to Starfire" said Optimus

    "Yes I can do that for you Optimus" replied Ratchet

    "good" replied Optimus

    He walked both Arcee,Chromia and Moonracer out of the medical bay and into the main Headquarters. Optimus was
    also concerned about me. He thought what Ratchet had told him earlier that day.

    Back inside the medical bay Ratchet began his work with Ariel assissting him, handing him the tools as needed it was a
    long and arduous proceedure they had to remove my spark and place it in a spark container so as it wouldn't be damaged
    with the reconstruction. It continued long into the night welding struts here and there. Placing new bolts where they were
    needed, placing new screws in the parts that required them, placing brand new wings onto my exostructure and putting the
    Autobot insignia back on the wings, and one on the tip of my nosecone, raising my nosecone and he welded some glass doors
    that would open up in the middle of my chest plate and when it was finally completed, Ratchet lifted my nosecone and opened
    up my chest doors and Ariel came over with the spark container and Rachet removed my spark from the container and replaced
    it back within me and when it was finally completed, Ratchet called Optimus and the rest my team back into the medical bay.

    "Optimus, could you come in here and bring Firestar's team in with you" said Ratchet

    The doors opened and Optimus, Arcee and Chromia and Moonracer walked back into medical bay and were shocked at the sight that
    beheld them.

    "You...may not recognise her, she is no longer Firestar she is now called Starfire" said Ratchet

    Both Arcee, Chromia, Moonracer along with Ariel came over to me and touching and feeling my new hardware and they
    were all stunned at the sight.

    "wow! I can't believe this" said Moonracer

    "By the Allspark" said Chromia

    "This is unbelieveable" said Arcee

    "Believe it girls" I replied as I too was shocked at my new hardware

    I got up and I placed my legs over the side of the table and got off the table and stood there and they were
    milling around me, even I couldn't believe that it was the new me, and Optimus walked over to me and looked
    at me.

    " I mean....Starfire I shall place upon you your new surname, from this point on your new surname is
    now Starfire Prime the same as mine.

    "That's not correct Optimus, your name is Optimus Prime and my name is Starfire Prime" I replied

    "There's one more thing I need you to do, I need you to come with me to the Core of Cybertron I want you
    to meet some one" said Optimus

    "But what's this core of Cybertron any way Optimus?, and what's in there? is it for the better or for worse and what
    about my team can they come with us"

    "yes Starfire, they may come with us but only part of the way, when we enter inside the core they must wait outside" replied

    Suddenly all these questions came flooding in all at once, man I don't like this, he's got to be up to something...but what? well the
    only that I can think at this point in time is to go with him, but, he hasn't told me anything about this place, that we are going
    to, what did he call it The Core of Cybertron or something, maybe he wants to destroy me once we get inside the core? and give my pieces
    back to my team-mates as momentoes of our visit, and why can't I take my team in there with me?, maybe he's working for a different faction, like the one's we were battling today...hmmm.

    So we all took off to towards the core of Cybertron my team came with me and still I was thinking about what all the questions about
    this place.

    We finally reached the core of Cybertron and Optimus stopped just outside the doors.

    "Now ladies, I will need all of you to stay out here, you may not enter this room, only Starfire and I are permitted to enter" replied Optimus

    Then Chromia spoke up

    "NO! we will not stay out here! we ladies are a team!, if we can't enter in there! then neither is Starfire!"

    Then the rest of my team spoke up and they were all angry

    That's right!, one in all in!" said Moonracer

    "yeah like she said, and if you harm Starfire in any way we're going make you regreat it" said Arcee.

    "We stand behind our leader Starfire" said Ariel

    Optimus was quite perplexed at what my team was saying. He didn't know how to respond to that type of interrigation.

    "Optimus, let me handle my ladies, afterall, their my team"

    "very well Starfire" replied Optimus.

    "Now listen up ladies, I know how you all feel, and I know what you're all saying but, I think we can trust him. Moonracer if I don't
    make it out here alive, I want you to take my command, then I want you to destroy everything in here, do you understand" I told her

    "I understand Starfire, but I don't have to like it, and after all we've been through, you still trust him?" said Moonracer

    "well not entirely Moonracer, but we have to start somewhere" I replied

    "I guess your right Starfire, we do have to start somewhere" replied Moonracer

    Optimus and I walked inside and the door closed behind us. The room was enormous, the walls were curved inwards
    and upward and we both walked to the middle of the room, the ceilling was so high and at the center the floor of the
    room was shaped like the Matrix that I have only heard legends about, the walls had these holograms of these talking
    heads, apparently these were the sparks of the ancient Autobots that ruled Cybertron from the beginning of time.

    "Where are we Optimus Prime? what is this place? I enquired

    "We are inside the Chamber of Ancients Starfire, normally, I would come in here alone, and talk to the ancient Autobots, now that
    your here" said Optimus

    "I thought that you brought me all the way here, so you could destroy me and my team, Optimus" I replied

    "What bought this on Starfire? what gave you that impression?, we Autobots are not like that, we only want to preserve
    life, not to destroy it, why do you think I asked Ratchet to rebuild you. If I didn't care about you or your female warriors, my
    team and I would've destroyed you and your ship when it landed here on Cybertron" said Optimus

    Meanwhile the rest of my team were waiting patiently outside and talking amongst themselves about what has transpired.

    "I still don't trust them" said Moonracer

    "I don't trust them either Moonracer" said Chromia

    "Well if you ask me, I think Firestar is walking into a trap, and I say we take this place out and everything in it right now!" said Arcee

    "But if we do that, we destroy Firestar as well" replied Chromia

    "You mean Starfire, don't you Chromia" said Moonracer

    "Now hold on ladies, Ratchet did rebuild Firestar into Starfire I think we should wait and see what happens, besides,
    if Starfire trust that big robot, then I think we can we trust him too" said Ariel
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    Good update CP--you gave us a little bit of fighting, repairing and reformatting a wounded Firestar/Starfire..and you left us on the cliffhanger the Chamber of the Ancients, all in all a really good chapter..ok, where's my :popcorn  I'll be waiting for your next update!!
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    Here's Part 5

    Back inside the Chamber of Ancients, Optimus asked the ancient leaders for the special gift.

    "I will ask the ancients, to give you a special gift" said Optimus

    I was looking at Optimus, in a very strange way and thinking to myself "what's he up to"

    "Here me oh Ancient Leaders of Cybertron, I would like you bestow upon Starfire Prime, the Matrix of Leadership,
    the same as my own" said Optimus

    I was still staring at Optimus and still thinking to myself about "what is he up to".

    The ancient ancestors of the Autobots, were talking amongst themselves about the strange request from Optimus.
    We were still standing in the middle of the room, until it was decided, that they would grant his request.

    "Optimus Prime, we grant your request, Starfire Prime has proven herself in battle. She is worthy of this ancient
    tallisman" said one of the Elders.

    With that something had decended from the ceilling, it was a bright shiney orb. When it came down Optimus had grabbed
    it with both hands and he turned to face me.

    "Starfire Prime, I present to you, The Matrix of Leadership" said Optimus as he carried the Matrix, over towards me

    "Don't come near me! I don't want that thing planted within me! get that piece of junk away from me!" I yelled back.

    But alas, all my words go unheeded. Optimus continued his way forward towards me, and at the same time I retreating
    backwards towards the door.

    "I said!, don't come any closer!" I screamed out

    Still Optimus kept advancing towards me and not taking any notice of me.

    "I told you to stay back. What part of that order didn't you understand Optimus Prime!" I kept warning him.

    I drew my weapon and held it in my left hand, and I was prepared to use it against him if necessary.

    Suddenly a shadowy figure floated down towards me, and I was starting to freak out.

    "Do not be affraid Starfire Prime, I will not harm you. Now, put your weapon away" said the ancient Autobot in a calm
    reassuring tone.

    "wh-who are you?" I asked as I started to shake and I was scared of this thing that was floating before me.

    "I am one of the ancient guardians, that resides within the Chamber of ancients, why are you affraid
    of the Matrix. It will give you the wisdom of our ancient leaders. They will help you overcome
    any trouble that comes your way, as you see Optimus has one imbedded within him" replied the Ancient

    Optimus opened his chest doors, and showed me his Matrix. I cautiously walked back over towards Optimus
    and I peered inside the doors. I saw another version of the Matrix that was within him.

    "You see Starfire, there is nothing for you to be affraid of. This will help you to combat evil, where ever you
    may find it. If you need time to think this over Starfire, then, I will hold this within me until you are ready" said Optimus.

    We both left the Chamber of Ancients and as we were leaving I was thinking about this so called Matrix of Leadership he
    seemed genuine about giving it to me and I walked over to my team.

    "Your back Starfire" said Chromia

    Ariel was scanning all my parts, just to make sure there wasn't any laser blast points to be seen, and she let out
    a huge sigh of relief "that's good Starfire" replied Ariel.

    "He didn't hurt you, in any way did he Starfire" said Arcee as she was concerned with my welfare

    "No he didn't, but, there is one thing he was about to give me and...." I replied

    "and what?" they all replied

    I stopped short of finishing my sentance, and I walked off to be alone with my thoughts. My team were watching walk away.
    I was thinking about what Optimus was saying to me inside the Chamber. I just didn't understand the whole Matrix idea
    and what purpose it would serve me being a female and a Prime.
    Part 6

    So we all went back to their base and I was still thinking about what had transpired earlier that day, while the rest of
    my team and Optimus and his team walked inside their base and I stayed outside, still thinking about it, so I transformed and took
    off for the skies above Iacon City. As I was flying around I was thinking to myself

    "What purpose would this thing serve me?, how am I supposed to interact with it, how am I suppose use this thing?,
    if it does open, how do I open it?.

    I was trying to find a solution to this problem, but the more I thought about it the more questions arose.

    Inside the Autobots Headquarters Optimus was searching around the base looking for me

    "where is Starfire Prime? didn't she come in with you" asked Optimus

    "The last thing I saw was she still outside Optimus Prime, sir I'll go out and check to see if she is still out there" replied

    So Arcee took off out of the base and when she arrived, she found me gone, Arcee reported back to the base
    and told them.

    "Starfire's bolted, she's taken off to who know's where" said Arcee

    "Ironhide check the scanners outside and find Starfire" said Optimus with a concerned tone.

    "right" replied Ironhide as he flicks a few switches on the console in an attempt to locate me.

    I called the base, as I was still flying around Iacon City.

    "This is Starfire Prime, come in Optimus do you read me".

    Ironhide took the call and I came on the monitor.

    "Where are you Starfire! you've got everyone worried here! and that includes Optimus, he told me to tell you to get
    your thrusters back to the base right now!" replied Ironhide.

    "Sorry about that Ironhide...I'll return to base" I replied

    I was making my way back to the Autobots base. I had spotted the base from the air, then I came in to land and transformed and walked in
    and everyone turned around and Optimus walked over to me.

    Starfire, you had everyone worried, including me" said Optimus with a concerned tone

    "Ah...sorry about that guys but I had some serious thinking to do" I replied

    "And what is your answer, Starfire" asked Optimus

    "well....I've decided to take you up, on your gracious offer Optimus. It would be an honor to recieve the Matrix" I replied

    "you made a wise choice Starfire, and I am proud of you" replied Optimus
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    Another good couple of chapters, but I do have 1 ???, Why would Prime give someone a maxtrix just for fighting well? Maybe I'm missing something, or holding onto established TF history too tightly, but a Matrix is rare and only goes to 1 bot at a time..are you building to another story with Prime and the Matrix? I'll still read, but just wondered...:D 
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    This is the last one until I can work on Chapter 2

    Later that day, Optimus and I trekked back to the Chamber of Ancients while our crew stayed behind to monitor the base.

    We arrived inside the Chamber and Optimus called to the ancients once more and one of them appeared infront of us

    "Starfire Prime has decided to recieve the Matrix of Leadership" said Optimus

    "She has choosen wisely, Optimus Prime" said the ancient Autobot

    And he opened his chest and removed my version of the Matrix. He asked me to raise my nose-cone and open
    my chest doors, he placed the Matrix within me and I closed my doors and lowered my nose-cone and the ancient
    Autobot disappeared, then something wierd happened. I had I white aura surrounding me, and I was scared once more.

    "what's happening to me Optimus, I'm scared? I asked my voice was trembling with fear

    "There's nothing for you to be affraid of Starfire, its only the Matrix giving you a sign, that's its within you" said Optimus

    "alright Optimus" I replied trying to brave

    Then the glow had vanished and I felt different. I couldn't explain it, but, somehow, the Matrix had reformatted me from
    within. Even though, I had new hardware on the outside, all my internal curcuits were band new, as if I just stepped off
    the assembly line, I could sense every diod, every curcuit and every set of wires, that was within me, I was thinking to my self,
    this is unbelievable.

    "Then another image came down and stood before us

    "Optimus Prime and Starfire Prime, now that you both possess the Matrix, there is one other thing I have to tell you
    you are now both brother and sister then the image rose to towards the ceilling and disapeared.

    I was shocked with the news, I couldn't believe it. Optimus had turned to face me.

    "Starfire, remember when Ratchet scanned you, he found something that was rather strange. He found that your
    internal mechanisms, were exactly like mine" said Optimus.

    "But, how's that even possible Optimus. As I said you before. I have never been here on Cybertron before now, but maybe...."

    I stopped short of finishing my sentence, as I thought about it, "no it couldn't be! I've never been here! before".
    I just dismissed the notion, that I was somehow rebuilt on Cybertron.

    "Starfire anything the matter" said Optimus
    No. Its nothing nothing at all" I replied

    So we both walked out of the Chamber of Ancients and headed back to their base. As soon we arrived back, my team noticed a
    change in me and they walked over to me.

    "Are you alright Starfire" asked Moonracer

    "yes, i'm fine, Moonracer why do you ask? I asked

    "its...well, its just....that you look and sound different that's all Starfire" replied Moonracer

    "How so" I replied

    I don't know its just that you look different and sound different, maybe its because of the reformatting you had" replied Moonracer

    "Ladies can I have your attention" said Optimus

    And we all turned around to face Optimus and listen to what he was about to say to us

    "We would be honored if you could join my team, you all have proven yourselves in battle against the Decepticons.

    We turned and faced each other and talked amongst ourselves, about this and Optimus was waiting for the reply
    and we turned back and faced Optimus once more

    "we would be happy to join our fellow Autobots in that battle against Megatron and the Decpticons" replied Chromia

    "But what about Starfire, we still want to be linked with her" said Arcee

    "Its all been taken care of. Starfire Prime front and center" said Optimus

    I stepped forward in front of my girls, and Optimus walked over to me.

    "I shall place a rank upon you Starfire. From this moment on your rank will be the same as mine Supreme co-Commander
    Starfire Prime" said Optimus

    "Thankyou Optimus for granting me this status, of Supreme co-Commander. We all will try to live up to your standards" I replied

    And the cheers went up from my team "hoo-ray for Starfire Prime" and I was quite imbarrased by this I didn't know what to
    say. When suddenly the Matrix did something that I didn't expect, I could hear Optimus thinking to himself

    "That's my female counterpart, thankyou Ratchet for rebuilding Firestar into Starfire Prime"

    "You know Optimus" I said to him

    "Huh!" replied Optimus as turned to face me

    "I've just heard every word you were thinking, you just said "that's my female counterpart and thankyou Ratchet
    for rebuilding Firestar into Starfire Prime" I said to Optimus and he was stunned.

    "How do you know what I was thinking?" asked Optimus

    "Its hard to explain, but I think that the Matrix has something to do it. Or at least I think it does" I replied

    We were helping our male counterparts to set up our base, a new extenstion was added for us females

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