Starfire Prime's Beginnings

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    I am trialling another Fan Fic


    Many eons ago, a group of female Autobots lived on a planet in a different dimention called Uraya 2. We had our own Headquaters
    and I was the leader of our little band of females. My name is Firestar and I am a jet.

    Each of our Females Autobots was talented in there own special way, Blackarachina was famous for her webs, she could put
    up defence grid, that was powerful enough to stop anything that came our way, Arcee and Ariel were our sports cars and were
    capable of great speeds, they could dodge a laser blast in a blink of eye and fire back destroying anything in a nano-click, Chromia was our
    technision, able to build things and repair things around the base, Ariel was our Medic and Moonracer, was incharge of our security
    and our Enegon Cubes supplies.

    Day after day we were attacked remorsely, by marauding tribes, that wanted our Energon supplies. The alarms went off inside
    the base and we all geared up for the offensive.

    "Keep on them ladies! don't give them the satifaction! we have to keep our Energon stockpiles safe" I orded

    "Right" replied Chromia

    Right" replied the others

    So we kept fighting back against the hordes of different tribes that wanted our energon stockplies.

    There wasn't a day that went by that we weren't under attack by these tribes.

    We held a confrence in the Command Center and in the end, we all decided, that it was hopeless, and with our
    Energon supplies dwindling, Chromia decided that she would build a ship that would take us off the planet.

    When the ship was completed, below our base, Chromia reported back to us.

    "Firestar, I have constructed a ship that will carry all of us off this planet and out of this dimention" said Chromia

    "That's great news Chromia, when will it be ready? I asked

    "It will be ready in a nano-click, Firestar" replied Chromia

    "Right" I nodded in agreement

    When it was completed we all boarded our ship, and took off from our Headquarters. I was thinking that we will never
    see our beloved home ever again.

    As we travelled through the worm hole that connected our universe to the other universe Blackarachnia
    came over to me.

    "With your permission Firestar, I would like to be dropped off at the Beast Planet" said Blackarachnia

    "Are you sure you want to do this, Blackarachnia" I replied

    "Yes, I am sure Firestar, you see, I'm partially metal and partially oraganic" she replied

    "Very well Blackarachnia, you have my blessings, Farewell" I replied.

    We pulled up at the Beast Planet, so Blackarachnia went to the jettison chamber and got into an escape pod and
    jettisoned herself towards the beast planet. Then Ariel re-ignited our rockets and headed for deep space, still
    we were still searching, for a suitable home to call our own.
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    Hmm, a band of female Autobots led by Firestar from a different dimension? You've picked a rather mixed choice of fembots here: Ariel, Blackarachnia, Arcee, Moonracer and Chromia. This seems like quite a different universe from any other.

    So 'Firestar' is to become 'Starfire' then?
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    Ah, the fembots have a new storyline--and a new adventure for each, I'll bet..and maybe they can pick up Override along the way,just throwing 1 more fembot out there for you to consider.. :D  good start, plesse add another chapter soon, my :popcorn 's ready!!!

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