Star Wars Ultimate Galactic Hunts F/S/T

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    Jul 14, 2006
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    I have...
    1X Ultimate Galactic Hunt Animated Debut Boba Fett
    2X Ultimate Galactic Hunt Mcquarrie Chewbacca
    2X Ultimate Galactic Hunt Airborne Trooper

    $45 for the lot (plus shipping)... but interested mainly in TRADING TOWARDS SDCC Commander Cody minibust or G1 Transformers...

    Star Wars Toys... (any of this loose is fine!)
    Mcqaurrie Droids
    Mcquarrie Obi wan and Yoda (SDCC)
    Order 66 pack #6
    Commander Cody/Obi Wan/ Grievous Clone Wars DVD Pack
    Clone Wars Animated General Grievous
    Champions of the Force Game Commander Cody
    VOTC Boba Fett
    Boba Fett Bust Up (any)
    ROTS Grievous Bust up

    and Transformers...
    G1 Autobot Cassette Steeljaw
    G1 Pipes
    G1 Bumblebee (black or any recolor!)
    G1 Cliffjumper (Black or any recolor!)
    G1 Hubcap
    G1 Starscream
    G1 Prowl
    G1 Topspin
    WST Trailer (gray pref.)
    WST Grimlock
    WST Hot Rod
    Bendy Ultra Magnus (loose only)
    RID Scourge
    Revoltech Optimus Prime
    HOC Spark Attack Prime
    HOC Starscream
    HOC Galvatron
    Myclone Starscream
    Myclone Megatron
    Myclone Trypticon
    Myclone Metroplex
    G1 Twin Twist Gun
    G1 Optimus Prime Trailer Door and Roller
    G1 Ramjet - Head/Nosecone, Wings, Tailfins, Fists
    G1 Grotesque Wings
    Pretender Skullgrin rear shell half
    Headmaster Fangry Wings and Nebulan
    Headmaster Hardhead Guns (all of them)

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