Customs: Star Wars TFs: Is kitbashing going to be easy?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Pun-3X, Jan 13, 2006.

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    Well, I finally picked up the two that I wanted: Grievous and Kenobi. Grievous I wasn't going to mess with anyway, but boy does he fall apart easily.

    Kenobi on the other hand I really wanted to take a stab at. So I get started on some of the screws to remove one wing half to start with removing the R4 unit...and I find out the entire seam between the two parts is GLUED.

    It's the same all over the toy. I even wanted to take the arms apart at the shoulders to make better ones, and there's glue all in the inside peg. All over the toy, all the parts are glued together. This really represents a problem with kitbashing this guy (which I was majorly planning to do)

    So, any experts out there know about a good glue remover that won't wreck the plastic of the toy? Otherwise, I might have to cheat with the arms a little. (The head I'll just grind off with a rotary tool blade and attach another to whatever peg/ball socket is underneath--same will have to be done with the R4 unit, since I don't care for it on this project)

    EDIT: The more I look at these designs, the more I think that Hasbro gave this project to the "Star Wars" team on their payroll, versus the TF people who have a bit better knowledge of putting these things together. Could be wrong, but I truly wonder.
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    Nope, I think the Star Wars team handeled it with observation from the TF people. The Kenobi Mech is just horribly designed. The wings are way to floppy and the legs cannot move at all. Arms also have no articulation. I don't think anything this shotty would come off a TF designer desk.
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    AHem, Energon Swoop....

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