Star Wars in Concert - Atlanta, GA 11.03

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    I wanted to see what kind of interest there would be in getting a group together to see "Star Wars in Concert" when it comes to the Gwinnett Arena in Lawrenceville, GA on November 3rd.

    I've proposed this for the "Viva VO Atlanta!" voice-over networking group I host on Facebook as well, but so far only 1 response. Despite that my wife actually loves the Star Wars movies, she says she's not interested, telling me I should get with my "fellow nerds" (her words, not mine) if I want to go.

    We can try getting enough people (15-20) to get a group rate, but I don't know what that rate is yet (supposed to be getting a call back Tuesday with that info). It's also possible I might be able to get a really good discount through my sister-in-law who works for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and has helped me and my wife get cheap tickets for events there in the past. She's checking on this for me, so I don't have any info on that yet either.

    I imagine this event will probably sell out, so if you wanna go let me know ASAP so we can get the tix reserved in advance.

    Anthony Daniels (voice and costumed performer for C3PO) serves as the concert's emcee and introduces each segment of the 2-hour show. I actually had a chance to speak with Mr. Daniels at the recent Dragon*Con about this event, and he said he was very much looking forward to returning to Atlanta for the concert.

    There's also a SW exhibit touring with this event, so there's more than just a concert involved.

    Star Wars: In Concert
    Gwinnett Arena: Splash

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