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    Selling pretty much my entire Star Wars figure collection. These are from the 90's release. All the figures are on card and were stored in the shipping boxes from the factory. The cards are in excellent shape on almost all of them. Some are mint. A few have edge creases and bumps. very few have small paper tears on them in some areas. Some of the tops of the packages have curved over a little bit from staying in the box. Nothing laying them flat would not solve. In short all are in really good display shape on almost all of them.

    I am going right down the middle with them and asking $5.00 for each unless noted. I do have doubles and triples or more of some and variants of figures. Way to many to list so if you know its a variant and interested email me and I will check for you.
    Will start off with the ones I have that are a little more.
    Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper : $20.00
    Han Solo Storm Trooper Mail Away: $10.00
    Ishi Tib: $10.00
    Zuckuss: $10.00
    Ewoks: $10.00
    Dash Rendar: $10.00
    Princess Leia White dress (2): $10.00

    All the others are $5.00 each
    Endor Rebel Soldier
    Gamorrean Guard
    Rankor Keeper
    General Lando
    Leia in Ewok Celebration dress
    Lak Sivrak
    Yak Face
    Snow Trooper
    Stormtroopers (3 of them)
    Luke Jedi Knight (cards a little beat up)
    Luke Skywalker White shirt (3 of them)
    Admiral Ackbar
    Nien Nunb
    Sand Trooper (2 of them)
    Greedo (4 of them)
    Jaw's (2 of them)
    Princess Leia White dress (3 of them)
    Han Solo in Hoth Gear (2 of them)
    Emperor Palpetine (2 of them)
    Han Solo Bespin
    Luke in Hoth Gear
    Garlanden aka Longsnout (2 of them)
    Ben Kenobi (3 of them)
    Luke as a stormtrooper
    Bib Fortuna
    21-B medic Droid
    Lando in Skiff guard
    Han Solo Endor
    ASP7 Droid
    Death Star Gunner (2 of them)
    AT-ST Driver
    Rebel Trooper
    Hoth Rebel Soldier
    Prince Xizor SotE
    Grand Moff Tarkin
    Ponda Baba
    Weequay Skiffguard (2 of them)
    Han Solo in Carbonite (6 of them with variants)
    Luke from Degobah (2 of them)
    Luke SotE Imperial Guard (2 of them)
    Leia as Boush from SotE (2 of them)
    Darth vader (2 of them)
    Chewbacca SofE (2 of them)
    Han Solo
    Tie Pilot
    Luke X-Wing Pilot
    Boba Fett

    I think thats all of them. Like I said they are all pretty much in display shape. Great condition and if you want any pictures or interest in the figures just email me.

    Rather than cluttering up the thread with questions of what I have left.

    It is over $500 in figures. And just throwing it out there for a bit. if someone wants all the figures. $500 shipped to you. With Ins., and tracking. That will last till 5PM on Jan 6th.Short time I know but just thought I would throw it out there.

    I will not hold any figures, first come first serve.

    Will try to keep it updated as much as possible to what is sold. but email will be the best bet to find out if I still have it.

    I do have paypal and shipping depends on how many you buy and or where you live and what you want added to the shipping.

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