Star Trek "New Voyages": new episode online

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    The much-hyped, and Paramount-approved, fan film series has finally put their latest episode online. This one features Walter Koenig reprising his role as Chekov and is written by longtime Trek writer, D.C. Fontana. Fontana was one of the first female sci-fi writers to break thru the gender barrier and went on to write for: Star Trek: The Next Generation, ST: DS9, the Six Million Dollar Man, Babylon 5 and a little show called Beast Wars.

    Four acts and the opening teaser are included in this webcast, along with a preview of the next episode, which guest-stars George Takei.

    Koenig & cast members from Star Trek Generations, DS9, Voyager & Enterprise will reunite for yet another Paramount-sanctioned Trek fan film, currently scheduled for this Christmas: ST: Of Gods & Men, directed by Tim Russ. A five-minute trailer is online at:

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