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    I've been working on this fic on and off for at least 2 years now and I think I've gotten it to where I want it to be. It's a What-if story of basically: "What if instead of the TF landing on earth, humans landed on Cybertron?"

    I tried to add some adult themes and realistic situations. I've put a lot of thought into trying to make these humans seem human and how the relationship between the Autobots and the humans evolve instead of being automaticly friendly. I tried to keep any if all kiddy themes out. I wrote this fic for the older transfans who're sick of the same things like in energon and Armada and such.

    I hope you enjoy this and please read and review. I love hearing comments.


    Chapter 1

    It was one of the greatest space traveling ships ever to be created on Earth. Engineers from all over the world came to marvel at its wonder. Crafted from the strongest alloys the people of Earth could create. The Vordge was a marvel any space traveler would give their left foot to operate.

    But out of all those many eager pilots only a special few were chosen. Six specially trained and equipped persons were assigned the task of launching a satellite called, The Eadh Caog, which means Space Eye in Celtic tongue. The Satellite was designed to be the center of the new intelligence network. It’d allow the American Government watch world. The safety of the nation would no longer be a primal fear to its citizens. With the state of the world in utter disarray the leaders weren’t taking any chances. There were also some rumors that The US government planted a death ray on the satellite and the ship itself so if a threat arose in another part of the world that would jeopardize the already sketchy peace.

    With all Rumors set to rest the Vordge’s crew began the fabled walk to their craft. Captain Devin Hawk walked confidently down the path with his crew following suit behind him by rank. Second in command was the Captain’s sixteen year-old son, Duke. Duke had been a rising star in the public’s eye since he was small. He was the first child under ten to go into space and he was the youngest person to hold second in command of a space ship. Navigator Sarah Ray Parker was a young ambitious woman with a wit to match her mouth. Their Mechanic, Wilson George, was a veteran of the War on Iraq. Shrapnel had hit him after his platoon was ambushed and had nearly died. He recovered in an Iraqis hospital and was shipped home. He received a purple heart for his bravery. Their chief scientist was Lisa Meroder. She was only fifteen and she was being recruited for this important mission.

    As the crew made their way into the craft they began to feel the anxiety settle in. Space was a vast thing unexplored and the human curiosity wasn’t satisfied with their current limitations that prevented them from exploring it. Duke felt tiny trickles of sweat run down his face as he got into his chair. The others were strapping themselves in and began to feel the ship vibrate as its engines started.

    “Initiating launch sequence in 5..4..3..2..1..Launch!” With captain Hawk’s order the engines roared and sent the Vordge into the black velvet tapestry of space. The G-force pulled the crews skin back and their eyelids widened as the force of their rockets pushed them further and further into the nothingness.

    Duke felt the sensation of gravity at its full extent and then the sudden feeling of zero gravity in less than a minuet and it was enough to make him vomit, but he was use to the uneasy queasiness by now. After they were given the OK by cap hawk, they all unbuckled their straps and floated around the ship’s cabin.

    “So Lisa, have you done anything mildly interesting these past years?” Duke asked lazily as he floated by. Lisa laughed softly.

    “Is this how you always start conversations with women?” Lisa smiled as she deliberately made the young man blush.

    “Well, yeah. If I have nothing to say.” Duke confessed. “Usually it’s the girls who go on about things.”

    Lisa scrunched her nose in.

    “You must not meet any decent women if they’re like that. Or maybe your just stereo typical.” Lisa added.

    Duke looked a little ashamed as he answered her.

    “Actually I got that stereo type based on my mom.” Duke said.

    Lisa winced at her earlier comment. “Oops.”

    Duke laughed. “Yeah, my mom likes to droll on about anything she gets really happy or pissed over.”

    “Too bad I didn’t know that when I married her.” Cap Hawk snickered from his seat. “Otherwise I’d have packed my bags and left.”

    Duke shook his head at his dad at cutting in. “Yeah right! You’d stuck with her just for her to make you those nasty garlic bars you like so much.”

    Hawk’s face turned sternly to his son. “You’ll think yourself a fool when you’re my age and your taking garlic supplements because your terrible health.”

    Duke looked slyly at his father and pointed at him. “When I’m your age I’ll either be too miserable to care or too old to remember even if I had a father! Let alone if he ate garlic bars.”

    Cap Hawk waved the comment aside and continued his work. The trip was supposed to take a month, but even so they’d been equipped with enough provisions to last almost a year. It was part of NASA’s new policy. They couldn’t bring food up to them if they ran out and they’d have to come back down so they wouldn’t starve. And in doing so they’d have wasted millions of dollars in accomplishing nothing.

    They’d had to wait for the planet to orbit around to the place where the satellite was to hover above and then they’d launch it. The time between then and now was about twenty-four hours, so they were in for a wait. Which suited them just fine, seeing as they liked having time to enjoy weighing nothing.

    Duke gave up small talk with Lisa after she made it painfully clear he didn’t have a chance. So he got started running checks on the operating systems on both the Vordge and the Satellite. Everything seemed normal, but just to kill time he ran another scan and another and another till he could recite every detail by memory. Deciding on one last scan he read the states and when he read something he hadn’t seen before he acknowledged it to his crew.

    “We have a boogie in the ships long range scanners pops.” Duke told his father.

    “Bring the scanners findings onto the big screen.” Cap Hawk ordered and Duke obeyed. “Hm, not bad. Just a loose unit. It’s inaccessible from in here so it’ll have to be fixed from the outside.”

    “OK, who’s going with me?” George Wilson asked as he floated out of his seat. “Duke! C’mon.”

    “What? I didn’t volunteer!” Duke protested.

    “Yes, but you’re the one who found the problem and the one most capable of helping me.” George said bonking the teen on the head as he floated by. “Now hurry up!”

    Giving into a battle that he lost, before he even got his weapon up, he followed his fellow astronaut into the port bay. They floated down a collection of halls until they finally reached their destination. In the bay was a set of what looked like robots, but were actually M.U.O.S, which stood for Mechanical utility operation suits. Each one was about 15 feet tall at least. Highly advanced suits made to enable people to explore the space without the limitations of a heavy and slow space suit regularly used by NASA. But this mission was equipped with the latest gadgets to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

    George crawled into one of the M.U.S.O’s while Duke climbed into the one beside him. After checking all the systems they switched on their communication’s link to the ship’s main system and waited for launch confirmation.

    “So Duke you looked a bit friendly with miss Meroder back there.” Wilson commented as they waited for confirmation.

    Duke flushed and was grateful they just audio communication and not visual.

    “She’s a girl I’m a guy. What can I say?” Duke added masking his irritation and commented to himself, ‘These guys are worse then the media.’

    “Yeah, but she’s younger than you.” Wilson warned.

    “So?” Duke added hotly. “Why’s it when kids even talk to a girl a year younger adults get all hectic, but I see you guys marrying people a decade older or younger than yourselves.”

    Wilson chuckled. “That’s because we not as picky about it as you kids are.”

    Duke shivered. ‘Gross. George’s like - what? - 40? 50? And he’s talking about getting girls with me?’

    “Alright gentlemen you have clearance.” Sarah’s voice sounded over their lines. “Opening port bay doors now.”

    As good as her word the doors that lead out of the ship from the port bay opened within seconds of Sarah’s announcement. Duke mentally sighed, relived to be getting to his job and not having to carry on his and Wilson’s earlier conversation.

    As they made their way to the panel where the long-range scanner components were placed Duke noticed a strange anomaly forming out in the empty space. It reminded him of water draining down a sink. He must have puzzled at it too long, for Wilson tapped him on the shoulder to get him moving.

    “Wilson, what do you call that?” Duke asked as George started opening the panel off the ship and begin their work. “Looks like a swirl or-”

    “What, a black hole? C’mon kid, surely you’ve got a better head on your shoulders. Black holes are rare occurrences that take many years to develop. One wouldn’t suddenly appear out of thin space.” Wilson scoffed.

    Duke flushed red with irritation.

    “Yeah? Well fine! Tell me what that is then?” Duke snapped. “And if it is a black hole, you owe me a Jiffy cake.”

    With a sigh, Wilson turned to see what Duke was making the entire ruckus over, and nearly had a heart attack.

    “Jesus Christ!” Wilson cursed. Duke turned to the black hole and uttered his own surprise, but a little less tactful.

    “Shit!” Duke swore. Either the ‘black hole’ was getting larger or it was coming closer. “Dad!”

    “What is it Duke?” Cap Hawk’s voice asked over their link.

    “Look out your starboard window. What the fuck is that?” Duke panicked. There wasn’t a reply at first, but Duke could hear a gasp over the link. “Dad?”

    “You and George in the ship now! That glitch in our scanners must have prevented us from seeing it.” Hawk cursed low.

    Duke tried to keep his head from running off into oblivion. He has to keep calm and collected. What were they going to do? If they stayed there they were sure to be sucked up. If they went back down to the planet they’d not only have wasted trillions of the public’s tax money, but it wouldn’t guarantee the black hole wouldn’t suck up the Earth.
    It was a dilemma that needed a solution now! What were they going to do?

    Doing as he was told, he and George began to enter into the ship. Duke was almost in the ship when he felt a very strong pull. He turned around in horror to see the black hole almost upon them. Before he could utter a word his foot slipped off the landing. He let out a cry of fear as he was being pulled toward the spinning vertex of oblivion.

    “George!” Duke cried. George half turned his head at the boy as he clung to the sides of the open door way.

    “Duke! Hold on!” He cried out to the boy, but it was too late. An oxygen line or any kind of line didn’t hook to his Mech suit at all so he there was no way for him to comply with George’s suggestive advice.

    “George? What’s happening?” Cap’s anxious voice asked.

    George could feel the black hole’s pull strengthen, as it got closer his grip began to fail him and he strained to keep a hold.

    “Duke’s fallen overboard!” George yelled. “He’s being sucked into the hole!”

    “Duke!” Sarah’s voice called out. “Do you have anything that can help you?”

    Duke thought fast. He went over everything he knew was onboard. Food, water, medical supplies, tools…nothing!
    “No!” Duke began to feel his voice break. Needless to say he was frightened. Was he going to die? Was the black hole going to rip him apart? He closed his eyes. The fear of the unknown began to overwhelm him and he could feel hot tears steak down his cheeks.

    ‘This is it! I’m going to die!’ Duke thought to himself.

    “Duke!” George’s voice forced Duke to open his eyes. George was coming towards him.

    “George!” His voice came out as a worried cry fro help. He stretched his left arm forward as far as it would allow until it strained.

    In one hand George held a white cable and with the other he reached for Duke’s out stretched hand. A wave of turbulence from the black hole caused them to struggle a bit trying to link each other hands together. They finally caught each other’s wrists, but it was too late. They saw the edge of the black hole pass and the cable snapped as it back lashed and George lost his grip on it. They felt the vortex pull harder and harder till they were hurling into it as speeds no human had ever gone without aid of a mechanical vehicle.

    Duke’s mind raced. Millions of scenarios of ‘what’s next’ thrashed through his mind and each one was agonizingly horrible. Duke’s mind continued to race as his eyes caught sight of the Vordge behind George’s falling form. His thoughts than began to raced on about his crew’s fate, the people on earth, would they ever know what happened to them? Would his mother and sister back home be OK? Millions of questions that burned his mind were also racing through the minds of the other Vordge crewmembers.

    More turbulence hit Duke and he felt his body go limp in exhaustion. His mind began to slowly slip into to the darkness of unconsciousness.


    Lasers fired over his head as he ran for the cover of the overturned energon transport dolly. His comrades had already taken cover as soon as the first shots of the assault had commenced. His mission leader scowled at him for not taking cover first thing like the others, but unlike the others, Mirage wasn’t the one known for taking orders to spark. He lifted his ion rifle over his head and did some quick calculations and fired three simultaneous shots. From the sound of things from their enemies cover he’d hit one. Whichever it had hit was of very little importance. His mission leader gave Mirage a jealous look. Ironhide was always the one who loved to chew out a soldier for ignorance in the field, but he’d do that later. Right now they needed to take care of these Decepticon pests.

    Sunstreaker cried out as he mourned the loss of his perfect finish while his twin brother, Sideswipe, looked on embarrassed. The Decepticons who’d attacked them were just a bunch of rookies with itchy trigger fingers, which coasted them dearly.

    “I can’t believe this! I spent 13 megacycles waxing and this happens!” The yellow Autobot whined.

    “13? Your one screwed up ‘bot ‘streaks.” Jazz commented.

    Sideswiped nodded in agreement and received a sharp look from his brother.

    “It’s all fine for you all to criticize my-” He began.

    “Obsession?” Offered Ironhide.

    “Addiction?” Jazz offered as well.

    “Fascination?” added Cliffjumper.

    “Infatuation?” Mirage added in.

    “Good one!” Jazz patted Mirage on the shoulder.

    “Alright, shut up.” Sunstreaker scoffed. “The sooner we get the remaining energon cubes back to base the sooner I can fix this.”

    With no more arguments they all transformed into their alternate form, vehicles, and began the rest of their, previously interrupted, journey back to Autobot HQ.

    The ride was mostly quiet as they went along. They’d been able to rescue enough of the energon cubes that their mission was deemed a success, though it certainly wasn’t considered easy. No argument was voiced about the crewing out they’d get from Ratchet. They were all damaged in some way or another and Ratchet was always swamped with other patients he needed to repair. Oh well, he’ll just have to deal with it somehow.

    Cliffjumper was in deep thought about past events when he heard a strange sound that made his audio receptors perk. Apparently the others had heard it too as he sensed them all turn up their audio receptors. Almost simultaneously, they all stopped and listened very carefully as whatever they were hearing became louder. Or was getting closer.

    [“What’s that?”] Mirage asked over their silent com-link.

    [“Decepticons, most likely,”] Ironhide replied. [“What else could it be?”]

    [“Don’t loose your logic modules just yet ‘bots,”] Jazz told them slowly. [“My scanners aren’t picking up any ‘cons for at least half a sector. It’s probably just an asteroid or something.”]

    The others seem to accept this as a fair explanation and continued on for HQ.


    Duke felt his head spin. His vision spun too fast for him to even lock his gaze on anything recognizable. Everything was a blur moving too fast for him to see. He heard noise around him. Strange metallic screeches and the sounds of heavy machinery in operation. His skin crawled and his stomach was queasy. Wherever he was, the heater must have broke, because it was freezing. If he could see straight he’d probably be able to see his breath. He found his hand free and he started feeling around, and it wasn’t long before he felt the quivering arm of his crewmember George. He felt his arm jerk away as Duke touched him.

    “George…?” Duke asked hoarsely, finding his throat dry and scratchy.

    Weather their was a reply or not Duke didn’t know because as soon and he spoke he suddenly fell back into unconsciousness.


    Bombshell chuckled to himself as he pushed the button that released more of the gas mixture into the chamber. His experiments all needed to be safely tucked away for the move. Megatron ordered Bombshell to move all of his experiments to the main Decepticon HQ. The Autobots had already discovered 3 of Bombshell’s 6 secret labs and his secrets were far too valuable to the Decepticon cause for them to simply be lying around for some Autobot flunkies to fall in. Shrapnel and Kickback weren’t all too thrilled seeing as they were the ones stuck helping. Megatron had ordered the remaining labs to be evacuated instantly and so he sent his precious seekers to aid them. Starscream hadn’t picked up a single bolt. But he had thought it was his ‘superior officer’ right to snoop about causing one of Bombshell’s most private and secret experiments to awake from it’s artificial stasis lock he’d set it in after discovering the pair. Bombshell turned irritated to the seeker’s captain and the second in command of all Decepticon forces.

    “Your high rank may offer you the comfort of twisting others around your corrupted mainframe, but I still have orders directly from Megatron to pack up, ship and deliver all of my experiments and all traces of my actions from the remaining labs,” Bombshell snapped. “And if you damage any of them Megatron will be deadly cross.”

    Starscream snorted the comment away.

    “As if I cared about that virus of a transformer’s temper. Remember insect, he may be your leader now, but when my cycle rises I shall give rewards where it’s due,” Starscream bent over to Bombshell’s face and whispered in a deadly sly voice. “As well as taking it away from insubordinate scrap piles of useless slag.”

    Bombshell backed off with a sour expression behind his faceplate.

    “But don’t fret my good ‘con. I won’t damage your toys. I too was a scientist as some point and I know how irritated we scientific types can get when our research is in danger.” He reassured the steaming Insecticon.

    The air commander swiped up a crate and followed his fellow seekers to the ship they were to transport the cargo in, leaving a most cross Insecticon to continue his work as if nothing had happened.

    “That over-heated air head. Where Megatron sees a second in command is something only Primus would know…know,” Shrapnel commented as he walked out of the shadows where he’d eased dropped onto the heated conversation.

    “Indeed,” Bombshell scoffed. “Make sure these two get onto the ship without any snooper’s curiosity interfering. We’d better place them each in separate crates; less chance of damage.”

    Shrapnel nodded and proceeded to carry out his orders. He reopened the crate and carefully took out one of the two ‘experiments’ and placed it in another carrier unit. “Make sure we don’t loose these. I’m sure Megatron will like to see them.”
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    Chapter 2

    Ratchet took three astro seconds as he felt his temper rise. Sunstreaker had been in his office three times in the past 2 cycles and before they were his complaining about simple scratches and this time was no different. All it was, was a dent, which was easily fixed if Ratchet had any time to do it. He had three critical condition patients who were all in need of special care and attention, but it was just like the arrogant autobot to pest a busy bot with a short fuse.

    “Can’t you just-” Sunstreaker started before Ratchet turned and covered his faceplate so he’d shut up.

    “Look, you not hurt all that bad. If that dent was causing a cramp in your circuits, yeah, maybe I’d take a look but it’s not so buzz off.”

    “What do you mean? Of course it’s giving me a cramp! A cramp in my style!” Sunstreaker cried as he waved his arm furiously.

    Ratchet sighed angrily before turning around and ignoring the narcissistic Autobot. He than turned to his three patients who were all in stasis lock. They had all been damaged after their latest skirmish with the Decepticons.


    Starscream scowled as he caught the crate Thundercracker had just dropped. Bombshell looked as if he was about to faint as he started chewing out the seeker for his irrecusably clumsiness.

    “What do you not understand about ‘be careful’?” Bombshell spat furiously. Thundercracker looked to Starscream for help, but Starscream had a deadly expression telling him that if he dragged him into this he’d pay dearly for it. And a scowling from Starscream was ten times worse than one from Bombshell. Thundercracker listened to the overheating Decepticon as he raved on about how he’d be sent to the smelting pools the next time he made such a mistake.

    As his fellow seeker was getting ‘what was coming to him’ Starscream lifted the top of the crate ever so slightly, just to catch a glimpse of Bombshell’s ‘oh so special’ experiment. He opened it and the first thing he saw was his reflection off the glass covering of the object inside the grate. As his optics adjusted so he could see what was behind the glass, beyond his own face. He gazed at the seemingly dead face of a creature unlike anything he’d seen. Small and fragile its flesh was a pale brown with various wounds covering it. Most likely they were received after whatever caused it to become deactivated; A crash or battle. Whatever the cause, Starscream realized something else as well. The fact that that it was here on Cybertron meant that it had to have been brought here from fare from the depths of space that any Cybertronian had ever traveled. That meant it was on a ship, which meant it had access to energy sources. If the ship that had brought this creature here was that of its same origin then there was a source of energy out there just waiting to be taken? Bombshell was indeed correct; Megatron would indeed like to see these. But it would not be Bombshell who would be given the credit.

    “Bombshell!” Starscream called.

    “What?” Bombshell snapped as he turned. Starscream’s null ray was less than three inches from the insect’s face. “S-starscream! This is treason!”

    Starscream fired. “No. I just don’t like you.”

    As Bombshell’s body fell to the ground below Shrapnel and Kickback flew at the air commander in a rage.

    “You bastard…bastard!” Shrapnel screeched as he fire a shot at Stascream. Without moving the shot came close to brazing his right cheek. The Decepticon jet transformed and ran at the two null rays firing. Each shot stuck. The two Insecticons followed their comrade into the darkness below.

    “Now,” Starscream said as he transformed and faced his seekers, who were a bit shocked to say the lease. “If Megatron asked tell them we we’re ambushed by the Autobots and as a last request Bombshell made us promise to deliver his cargo safely to Megatron. Got it?”

    The Seekers nodded without a word.

    “Good. Now let’s go, we don’t wish to keep our mighty ruler waiting.” Starscream’s words dripped with sarcasm.

    Below a pair of optics watched intently. Slowly he walked to the fallen Decepticons. The one called Shrapnel was groaning and leaking energon from various wounds.

    “As an act of mercy, though I doubt you deserve it, I’ll make you departure fast. Unlike the one your kind offered me.” With a single shot the Insecticon was deactivated. One by one the lone figure dragged the cadavers back into his hole of a dwelling.

    Memories of the past leaked into his databanks as he gazed at the bodies he’d collected.

    Starscream flew on with his seekers behind. The cargo was secured to him by magnetized devices on the crates in which made the air commander quit uncomfortable. The air was dead as they made their way across some recognizable monuments from Cybertron’s golden years. The Council of Elders chambers of commerce; a dome like structure that went deep into the crust of Cybertron. He remembered when he was a scientist. Long ago he was summoned to the council in accordance with his findings. His partner and him had discovered a way to travel through space without the aid of a space vessel. They’d created a device that created a hole in space. With correct coordinates they’d been able to transport themselves from one side of Cybertron to a nearby galaxy as if they were steeping through a door. The project was code-named Nebulous and was never fully finished. The Great War broke out soon after and he’d lost contact with his partner. He didn’t even know if he was alive or dead; an Autobot or a Decepticon or possibly one of the millions of civilians who were sent to the smelting pools by Megatron for refusing to join a faction.

    A red laser shot out of a building the air convoy was flying by. The shot missed its initial target, Starscream’s head, and hit the crate he’d bee carrying. The magnetic device was destroyed and it plummeted to the earth.

    “Get the remaining cargo to base!” Starscream ordered. “ I’ll take care of this!”

    The commander skydived into the ceiling of the building the shot came from to. He transformed and met the eyes of the sniper. An Autobot he’d met in battle often and who was his Autobot counter part.

    “What’s the matter, Magnus? Surprised you missed?” Starscream laughed. “Don’t be.”

    Ultra Magnus, second in command of the Autobots, scowled as he got up from the floor. Starscream fired his null rays at the Autobot, but Magnus dived and rolled out of the way. He took cover behind a slab of ceiling that fell after Starscream’s entrance.

    “You’re loosing your touch ‘screamer!” Magnus cried out. “You use to be a great shot!”

    “I could say the same of you!” Starscream said as he appeared above Magnus. His Null rays positioned on his arms ready to fire. “Prepare to meet oblivion!”

    A rogue shot crashed through the door to the room and hit Starscream Square in the chest sending him to the floor. The door broke down and a squad of Autobots filed in. All ready to fire. Starscream, nursing his damaged chest, transformed and flew out of the room from the hole in the ceiling with borage of fire tailing him.

    “Sir! Are you alright?” asked a young Autobot.

    “Yeah,” Magnus admitted as he allowed himself to be helped to his feet. “Did we retrieve the crate Starscream dropped?”

    “Yes sir. It’s been retrieved, but the remaining cargo is still in possession of the seekers, sir.” He stated in a formal way.

    “Oh, well at least we got something to give us a clue to what’s in them.” Ultra Magnus said as he followed his lieutenant down the stairs. When they exited the building the squad was stationed around the large crate. “We’ll take it back to base and have Perceptor look it over before trying open it.”

    “Yes sir!” A chorus of replies sounded.

    Ultra Magnus transformed and they loaded the crate into his trailer and headed for base.
    As they rolled on down past the former house of the elders Ultra Magnus recalled when he had fought there during the beginning stages of the war.

    Duke’s head was a jumbled mess when he awoke. Everything was numb and dark. He thought he’d gone blind at first.

    “George…” Duke called. “Dad, Sarah, Lisa…”

    Of course there was no answer. He’d half expected the silence to be broken by some explosion. Nothing. Just the silence he’d heard from the beginning.
    What happened? Was he dead? Was this heaven or hell or limbo? Purgatory? Wherever it was Duke didn’t like it. He pushed his hands forward and felt glass; Cold and hard. He ran his fingers along the glass until it stopped and he felt the coldness of metal. Where was he? Hours seemed to go by before he decided to try and sleep. It was easier than he’d thought. He slipped into an uneasy sleep.

    Perceptor cut through the lock easily with his laser. He put it down on his desk and turned to his Commander, Optimus Prime, who stood with some other Autobots against the wall.

    “Well Gentle-bots I hope you didn’t expect to see something special. This is not a vessel that would contain any sort of explosives or Energon. No whatever is in this is something they wanted to keep intact from the inside. Not the usual metal used to transport explosive cargo. I’d say it would most likely be some sort of component or computer. Something around those lines.” Preceptor confessed. A few of the younger Autobots looked disappointed.

    “Well than open the thing so I can go back to my work. Those Patients won’t fix themselves!” Ratchet exclaimed.

    “Yes, well,” Perceptor said awkwardly. “Wheeljack, will you assist me?”

    “Sure.” Wheeljack pushed his way from the back of the gathering and took center stage to assist Perceptor in opening the crate. They both took a side.

    “On my count; one, two, three!” Perceptor said and they both lifted the top. A spray of pressure released in a rush of steam. The crate was temperature controlled as well as pressure control.

    As the two set the top down the gathering of ‘bots came closer in for a look. A small purple pod/coffin like structure sat securely in the crate. But the glass lid of the pod gave the present Autobots an eerie glance at what was inside.

    “What in Primus’s name is that?” Sunstreaker scoffed as he gazed through the glass.

    “Ha! All this trouble and hassle over a fleshy!” Said a young Autobot from the back.

    A green Autobot next to him elbowed him in the chest to get him to shut up.

    “Quite Hotrod!” Springer growled.

    Perceptor looked entranced at the organic.

    “What a marvelous discovery!” He announced. “Transformer-kind has never come across an organic life-form in this stage of evolution!”

    Optimus looked at the creature for a few seconds, absorbing any information this could give off about Decepticon activities.

    “Is it functioning?” Ironhide asked as he tapped the glass.

    “Good question.” Prime agreed. “It doesn’t seem to be.”

    “How’d it get to Cybertron?” Ultra Magnus inquired as he too gazed upon the creature. In all his years he had never seen such a thing. He’d never seen a fleshy except for the occasional bacteria or smaller primitive unintelligent creatures.

    Perceptor shooed the crowd away.

    “Stand back. I’m going to open the pod.”

    Perceptor walked up to the crate and put his hand upon the surface of the glass as if to touch the creature inside, but blocked by a force field.

    Just as he was about to proceed in opening the pod the creatures face flinched as if Perceptor’s movements caused it to.

    “It moved.” Perceptor breathed. A few of the younger Autobots whom had become uninterested in the pod and were walking away, turned and rejoined the crowd.

    Perceptor’s optics watched the fleshling stir from its stasis lock and awake. First its eyes opened and it’s mouth opened and took a breathe of air. It looked dazed and confused.

    Its eyes were large and round as its eyes focused on preceptor and seemed to understand partly of it’s situation. Perceptor hesitated one what to do next. He didn’t want to open the pod. He didn’t know if the creature inside could withstand Cybertron’s climate or atmosphere. If he opened it and the preasure was too much the creature would be crushed into deactivation. Perceptor didn’t wish for the death of this creature to be on his head.

    He scanned the pod with his arm scanners.

    “It’s alive?” Optimus asked.

    “Yes apparently. And maybe a little scared to say the least.” Perceptor waited for his scanner to see if the conditions inside the pod and outside the pod were similar. If so, then he could open it without worry. “Alright it’s safe to open the pod. Where ever this specimen is from the climate and gases of both our worlds are directly similar.”

    “Interesting.” Hot Rod droned with sarcasm. Again, Springer shoved the comment away with a good gab to the young Autobot's ribs.

    Slowly, Perceptor opened the pod's lid and freed the small fleshling.


    Duke stayed frozen with fear in the pod as he stared directly into the eyes of mechanical beings. He could count them all and hadn't thought of trying. The whole situation made his heart race.

    'What's going on?' Duke panicked

    The one robot that had opened the pod he was in looked at him with a kind expression.

    The robot opened its mouth and the strange dialect of their language came out. It sounded like…well, a machine. Duke supposed their language was basically a bunch of mechanical sounds; which was some what sensible.

    Duke shifted uncomfortably under the beings’ gazes. They starred at him in a way a crypto zoologist might look at the dead body of a previously undiscovered animal.


    Perceptor starred rather guiltily at the small creature before him. It was thoroughly frightened and when he tried to reassure it, but it obvious understood nothing of their language.

    “How exciting!” Hotrod droned sarcastically. “Perceptor, talking with it’s useless; it’s too stupid to understand anything we’re saying.”

    Perceptor turned scornfully to the young bot.

    “Oh, you believe so do you?” He asked. “Well come over here then so I can prove you wrong.”

    Hotrod shrugged, unconcerned.

    “Whatever…” He scoffed.

    Perceptor turned to the large computer that lined the wall. The computer screen and controls lit up as if being brought to life.

    “Teletran-VI.” Perceptor said. “Initiate scan of subject.”

    “Initiating scan.” The computer droned.

    With the gathered Autobots watching on, the giant computer’s left side came to life as a small thin arm like appendage rose from within it and hovered over the frightened fleshling.

    The fleshling itself didn’t seem to grasp their intentions and took the scanner to be some sort of death ray, because just as the computer began the scan, the fleshling let out a cry of terror. But as the red ray of light past over him a few times he seemed to understand and relaxed a little; not much, but a little.

    Hotrod chuckled as the fleshling cringed in terror as the scan began.

    Hotrod bounced on his heels as Perceptor typed a few key into Teletran-VI.

    “Here,” The scientist said finally as he held out a thin white cable. Hotrod placed the wire into a panel in his temple and felt the stream of data flow from the connection. Perceptor attached a similar cord to his own arm.

    Duke felt ill as two of the robots attached cables to themselves. Duke sat up in his ‘container’ and saw that he was in some sort of pod. The last thing he remembered was waking up in the dark and then passing out.

    ‘George!’ Duke realized suddenly. ‘Where is he? Is he here too?’

    Duke looked around frantically and saw no sign of him. The pit of his stomach twisted itself into pretzel shapes as the realization of his situation overwhelmed him.

    What about Dad, Lisa, and Sarah? The Vordge? Where they all right? Or was it that he was all alone here. Even if some miracle of a chance he got away, what was there for him to do? Would he have any way of getting home? Was there even a faint hearted hope that he’d ever see home again? His mother and little sister…‘They must think us dead.’

    Reaching down deep within, Duke pulled up a small collection of confidence. He wiped his tearing eyes and took another look around. The gathered robots seemed fixated on whatever they first two were doing. All of them seemed to be watching the giant computer as strange symbols, and even a few letters he recognized, pass on the screen.

    As he scanned the room he saw an open door. His heart leaped at the discovery. He turned back to make sure all the robots were still transfixed on the screen. As he scanned the crowd, he met eye to optic with one green colored robot. From the robot’s expression, Duke could very well guess that it had spotted him eyeing the open door.

    Duke and the robot starred at each other for a few seconds. Duke broke the contact when he stole a quick glance back at the door.

    The green robot’s eye narrowed warningly.

    Duke took a deep breathe and jumped out of the pod and made a mad dash for the door. He didn’t see if the green robot followed, but he could hear that he’d been spotted by another and could assume safely that he was being pursued.

    Heart in his throat, Duke pushed his leg farther and fast than he ever had before. As he was about to cross the threshold of the door something to his left caught his eye. He turned and with a sickening realization, saw a giant robotic hand swooping down to scoop him up.

    Duke let out a small cry of surprise and gave his legs one last push. When he safely crossed through the doorway without suddenly being grabbed he supposed the robot had missed. He turned down a dark hallway and disappeared into another open door, hiding among the crowded storage.
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    Sorry, I have been really busy. This story was next on my list. I'll start reading it and leave comments when finished. :) 
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    So many good fics, so little time. Hakudoushi, I like where this is going. I read the beginning of your other fic, and i think it is awesome as well. Keep posting.

    Now for a shameless plup alert

    I've began a fic myself entitled 'The Transformers', real original huh, in which I give a different twist to the old story. Check it out and tell me what you think.
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    Yay! Review! :dj 

    Chapter 3

    Springer had seen the fleshling first and alerted the others when it fled the room. He’d almost caught it as it reached the door, but he’d slipped over someone’s foot and only landed on his face as the fleshling disappeared beyond the dark hallway.

    “Slag!” He cursed as he pushed some random Autobot off him.

    He heard someone laughed and looked to see Hotrod doubled, over laughing.

    “Optimus Prime!” Springer pleaded permission from the commander to proceed.

    The Autobot leader nodded.

    Springer, Jazz, and a couple others ran out of the room to find the small creature.

    “Optimus wait!” Perceptor cried. The scientist stubbed over to Optimus and put his hand onto the commander’s forearm. “Call them back!”

    “Why?” Optimus asked.

    Perceptor scowled.

    “They’re too rough! They’ll kill it! Acidentilly of course...The fleshling is a fragile being! It’s simply frightened of us.” Perceptor replied.


    Duke shook with fear as he curled himself into a ball, trying to make himself as small as possible. He could hear the commotion outside the storage room, the heavy foot falls of the giant robots. His heart leaped as he saw one peak into the room. A red light illuminated the room as the robot scanned the room with its optics.

    Duke ducked behind a metal crate and held his breath. As the red light passed over the crate, Duke sucked in a deeper breath. A wave of relief swept through him as the heavy footfalls walked away.

    “I don’t want to be here…”He sobbed. “I want to go home.”

    His clenched his fists till his knuckles turned white. Hot tears streamed down his face as the reality of everything began crushing him from the inside. His entire body felt numb and cold.

    “Dad…I’m sorry…” He sobbed. “Sarah…Lisa…George…I’m sorry…”

    Time seemed to slip away and loose meaning. At some point Duke rose from a fettle position on the floor and guessed he had fallen asleep. Then as he sat up he realized how hungry he was.

    “Well…starve here or risk it all trying to escape?” Duke started looking around and his eye caught the vague outline of an air vent. He listened out for any noise that might indicate that one of those giant robots were anywhere near, then Duke got up from his hiding place and made his way around the crates and gazed up at the air vent cover. “Well…I’m not gonna sit here and rot, that’s for sure…so I guess it’s the vent. I just hope my allergies don’t act up. I’m not sure if I’m allergic to space dust…”

    Duke walked over to a nearby crate and started climbing up the side of the lowest one and began scaling up more and more till he was the closest to the vent he could get. He placed a hand over one of the panels and saw that it was maneuverable. He pulled it up as far as it would go and crawled into the vent. As he was about to pull the rest of him into the vent, his pants caught on the panel.

    “Damn!” He said as he pulled himself free.

    Duke pulled himself to his feet and patted himself down and a cloud of dust enveloped around him.

    Duke sneezed.

    “Crap.” He said as he covered his mouth in time to muffle another sneeze. “This is gonna be fun…”


    Perceptor leaned onto the work desk and sighed. He felt guilty. That small creature was so scared…perhaps it would have been more beneficial for all parties if the crate had not been opened at all.

    But then he had a thought. What was Starcream doing with a fleshling? What purpose could the small creature have? What if the entire incident was a trap and the fleshling was in fact a spy planted here! Starscrem could have set the entire ploy up so that one of the crates would be captured by the Autobots. Perceptor wouldn’t put it passed the Air commander. But how many more of the little creature did the Decepticon posess?

    Just as Perceptor was pondering this, Optimus Prime, accompanied by Ironhide and Springer, walked into the lab.

    “No sign of the little blob.” Springer reported. “We’ve scoured the entire floor! No sigh of it.”

    “We’ll have Teletran-VI scan the base for heat signatures.” Optimus Prime replied. “If the fleshling is anywhere to be found, Teletran-VI will find him.”

    Perceptor nodded and walked around to the super computer and began the scan.

    “Scan initiated,” The computer replied in a monotone voice. “Scanning…scanning…scanning…”

    Springer walked up to the scientist and looked at him straight in the face.

    “You don’t look right,” He replied. “You got a virus or something?”

    Perceptor looked over at Springer and shook his head.

    “No,” He said. “Of course not. I’m just…concerned.”

    Springer laughed.

    “About what?” he barked. “The bug? It’s a primitive carbon based blob! It doesn’t even talk!”

    Perceptor turned to face the young Autobot and replied, not in Cybertronian but in a dialect no one in the room understood.

    “Uh…”Springer couldn’t think of a response, let alone a witty one.

    “Perceptor?” Ironhide asked. “Are you functioning right?”

    Perceptor turned defiantly to the gathered Autobots and his commander.

    “What you just heard was that “primitive carbon based blob’s” native language.” Perceptor replied sternly. “The mental waves that Teletran scanned indicate a very advanced organic life form. Possibly the most advanced ever encountered by Transformer kind.”

    When Perceptor looked to see Optimus Prime’s reaction, he was pleasantly surprise. Optimus stood silent with his arms crossed. Optimus was hard to read when he wasn’t speaking. Because of his face mask, it was hard to tell just what he was feeling, but this time was different. To Perceptor, he looked very pleased.

    “Scanning…scanning…”The computer went one. “Scanning…scanning…subject found.”

    Everyone’s attention turned to the screen as a blueprint like image came up and various little blips appeared. One in particular caught Perceptor’s attention.

    “Bring up circulation vent image.” Perceptor told the computer. The image shifted around to show a blip that was traveling through the circulation duct.

    “He’s right above us…” Perceptor breathed. Immediately he looked to the vents bolted to the ceiling and motioned for everyone to stay quite. As they listened, the faint sound of small footfalls could be heard from the duct.


    Duke walked with quite and soft steps as he made his way through the dust filled air vent. Duke’s shirt was masked over his mouth in an attempt to keep him from breathing any of it in and causing him to cough to sneeze.

    As he came closer to another air vent opening he could here the voices of some of the robots talking, then as he got closer and closer to the opening everything went silent.

    Duke stopped frozen just short of the air vent cover. He peaked over just a bit and saw that there were four robots in the room; and they were all staring at the air vent cover. Two of them he recognized as ones that had been present when he woke up. The green one was the one who had seen him escape while the other was the one who had woken him up. Duke studied the other two. Both were mostly red, but one was a lot larger and more intimidating them the rest. He had broad shoulders and a had his arms crossed as if expecting Duke to surrender instantly. When Duke turned back to the other two he and the green robot made eye contact.

    In a moment of panic, Duke made a mad dash to the other side of the vent, away from the room with the robots present.


    Springer caught the little creature’s eye and as soon as they had made eye contact it ran off, making a loud noise as it stomped in the air vent. Instinctly, Springer brought up his laser pistol and fired off four shots at the bolts that connected a section of the air vent to the ceiling, just as the fleshling ran through.

    The sudden shots startled the Prime and the others.

    The section fell to the floor with a bang as dust rose around it.

    “Careful!” Ironhide cursed. “Slag…”

    Perceptor looked rather horrified at Springer’s actions and quickly ran over to the vent and looked inside; the fleshling wasn’t there.

    He quickly looked up and saw the poor creature hanging by the shot off bolt stripping.


    Duke’s heart was stuck in his throat as he hung desperately to the bolt stripping as his feet dangled some distance to the floor. When Duke looked around he saw one of the robots approach him and reach out as if to grab him.

    “Don’t touch me!” Duke screamed. “Leave me alone!”

    The robot hesitated and he lowered his hands.

    “I assure you I mean you no ill will,” It said.

    Duke’s jaw dropped and his heart skipped a beat.

    “J-just…just leave me alone!” Duke snapped back, kicking his leg at the robot for good measure, to show he was serious.

    The robot placed his hands on his hips and stared.

    “If I fail to intervene, you’ll fall and injure yourself,” He said. “And I cannot allow that.”

    Duke ignored the robot and started pulling himself up. He’d never been very good at pull ups. No upper body strength to speak of. As Duke manages to partially pull himself into the remainder of the vent, he heard a sickening crack and the vent he was holding onto caved in and broke away.

    Duke felt the pit of his stomach shift as the familiar sensation of falling over whelmed his senses.

    Suddenly he stopped. Hard. When he managed to open his eyes he was the robot peering down at him, and the several other looking over his shoulder curiously.

    As darkness began to creep over his vision Duke’s mind filled with fear.


    “Are you OK?” A soft voice asked. She opened her eyes with some difficulty. Her leg was in great pain and she could barely keep her eyes open.

    “It’s…hard to breathe…” Lisa whimpered. Sarah pushed the girl’s hair back from her face and smiled.

    “You made it through the night.” Sarah said happily. “That mean’s you’ll live.”

    Lisa’s head was lying on Sarah’s lap. They were in some sort of make shift hut. The walls were large chunks of seemingly random scrap metal peices that’d been pulled together to conceal them. From what Lisa wondered?

    “What happened?” Lisa asked. “Where is Hawk?”

    “He’s scouting around the area for the Vordge.” She replied. “Has that anesthesia kicked in yet?”

    Lisa mocked a laugh.

    “No.” She replied. “I don’t remember anything. What hit me?”

    “That.” Sarah said, pointing to several meters away to where the burned out chassis of a robot laid in silent death. It's arms ascew and pices missing, torn off and tossed away. Other discarded limbs lay near by.

    “When we set out yesterday a whole squad of those things attacked us and that one hit you with some sort of laser.” Sarah explained further. “We got you out of you suit just in time.

    “Your shin is bruised and you’re ankle is sprained. You cracked a rib as well, but you’ll live. That’s what’s making it so hard to breathe. I’d re-tie the bandages, but we only have so much medical supplies, so you’ll have to live with it.”

    Lisa groaned and began to stir back and fourth, fidgeting.

    “Stop moving.” Sarah hissed placing her hand on Lisa’s shoulder. “You’re only making it worse.”

    Lisa covered her face with her hands and began to sob.

    “I can’t stand it!” She cried. “I want to go home! Why did this have to happen! Why did they have to die! Why did we live?”

    Sarah felt her throat tighten.

    She couldn’t bring herself to tell Lisa to quit it. After all, she’d been feeling the very same way since they awoke, floating together, their emergency cords still attacked to one another, in orbit of the alien planet that they now found themselves unwilling guests upon.

    “Duke!” Lisa’s sobs went on. “I’m so sorry! Duuuuuuuuuuuke!”
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    Very cool read, interesting concept! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Chapter 4

    Duke’s head spun a million ways. As he tried to get his bearing he realized he was restrained.

    In a rather weird way.

    A strange purple glowing strap was wrapped around his middle which was then fastened to the wall of a rather large cell of which he found himself in. Bars, the same glowing purple, were strung across the front a couple meters away.

    Duke looked around his cell utterly confused.

    “Now what?” He asked. Duke began pulling at the glowing purple strap and quickly realized any attempts to break it without some sort of machine was useless.

    Suddenly Duke noticed he had a visitor. Standing just beyond the cell perimeter was a dark red machine. His optics were an eerie yellow and in the poorly lit cell, looked rather menacing. The robot’s chest was adorned with some flame-like markings, but it was hard for Duke to make them out clearly.

    “What are you?” It asked.

    ‘It can speak English too,’ Duke thought. ‘Great.’

    Duke pretended as if he didn’t understand and simply looked at the robot.

    He seemed to take offense and scoffed, then walked off.

    Duke let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding.

    His limbs felt like Jell-O and he felt weak. He was scared. What was next? Would he be left here to rot or…..or would they kill him?

    Duke shook the thought from his mind and thought back to his training. He had to keep calm. He had to keep positive. It was all he could do.


    It was all he had.

    The halls were abuzz. The morning’s patrol until had set out some cylces ago and had returned with one missing.

    “Tell me exactly what happened.” Ironhide demanded, his arms crossed, looking very stern.

    Before him, sat a relatively young Autobot. The young bot’s light blue armor was damaged and his head was of low spirits. His name was Gage. He was leading that morning’s patrol.

    “We encountered these strange looking guys. There were three of them. We told them to deactivate their weapons but they didn’t respond.” Gage continued. “We fired a warning shot, then they returned fire. Roadburn fired and hit one of them and it kinda exploded.”

    “They sound like drones to me.” Ironhide responded.

    “No, they couldn’t have been drones. After Roadburn fired that shot, the other two lunged at him and….they killed him. Not like a drone to act like that. Shockwave would never include such programming. They’d shoot from a distance and plan out strategically. These guys…they were acting out of anger.”

    Ironhide could see that the young bot was about to loose it and decided to pass him onto Ratchet. The good doc could deal with him now.

    As he left the room, he caught site of another one of that day’s patrollers.

    “How are you holding up Bumblebee?” Ironhide asked.

    The small yellow bot looked up and smiled.

    “Alright I suppose.” He said. “How’s he doing?”

    “Not a good way to start your leadership career is all I can say.” He responded. “Have you talked with Prime?”

    Bumblebee nodded.

    “Yeah. Perceptor made a copy of my memory file from the incident and they’re reviewing it right now.” Bumblebee replied.

    Ironhide felt rather annoyed. He interviewed the kid for nothing? Well that was just prime…

    “So, what next?” Bumblebee asked, releasing Ironhide from his thoughts.

    “Well…” Ironhide pondered. “I suppose we’ll have to wait on Prime.”

    Bumblebee sighed and was silent for a moment.

    “Poor Roadburn.” Bumblebee said finally.

    Ironhide put his hand on Bumblebee’s shoulder.

    “He died a warrior’s death,” He replied. “He died honorably.”

    Bumblebee looked at his feet and nodded.

    “It just doesn’t seem right somehow.”


    The room was dark as the three gathered Autobots watched the screen of the warrior Bumblebee’s memories.

    Their adversaries were slightly shorter in stature then average Tranformers and lacked distinguishing characteristics of Decepticons. Optimus could read their movements like an open book. When the warning shot was fired, they all jumped, but one (he decided was the leader) waved his arm at the other to get down and take cover. Decepticons let everyone find their own cover. Decepticons didn’t act as a group as these three did.

    The late Roadburn came into view as he shot his rifle and hit one of the three unknown Mechs. The armor erupted into flames. Almost immediately the remaining two mechs flung themselves forward at Roadburn. The rest was a mystery as Bumblebee’s point of view shifted as he turned run towards the others. As his vision paned back over he saw that one of the mechs went back to the wounded one and began to open up a compartment in its chest and pulled something out.

    “Pause it here.” Optimus said. The frame froze as Prime approached the screen. “Zoom in.”

    Prime pointed to the indicated spot as the computer zoomed in.

    “There.” He said. “Does that seem familiar?”

    Perceptor felt a cold chill run through his circuits.

    “It’s a fleshling…” Ultra Magnus replied. “You don’t think that little squirt we found and these guys are connected.”

    Optimus didn’t look at his second in command.

    “I think there’s more then a slight chance.” He replied. “Where is the creature now?”

    “I had Hotrod lock him up in one of the vacant cells down in sector 5.” Magnus replied.

    “Have Hotrod bring him up here.” Optimus replied.

    Ultra Magnus nodded and left the room to carry out his order.

    “What does this mean?” Perceptor asked. “Certainly we can’t hold the little one responsible for Roadburn’s death can we?”

    Optimus put his index finger to his chin thoughtfully.

    “No, but we need more information,” Prime responded. “I want to know who they are, where they hail from, and just why they are here.

    “Oh! And Perceptor?”

    “Yes, Prime?” The scientist asked.

    “Transfer the language file into Teletran and have everyone here link up.” Optimus said sternly. “I’d like us all to be able to follow the conversation.”

    “Of course, Prime.”


    “Ok look,” The red robot had returned. “I know you can understand me. Perceptor uploaded your language file onto my hard drive.”

    Duke looked up and gave the robot the dirtiest look he could.

    “You’re starting to piss me off,” He replied. “Anyway, I have orders.”

    With that the bot turned to a control panel on the wall outside the cell and the glowing bars disappeared.

    Duke froze. Was he going to kill him? As the robot neared, Duke tensed up.

    The robot reached down and Duke closed his eyes fearfully. When he realized nothing was happening he opened his eyes. The robot was crouched down over him, trying to unhook Duke’s strap from the wall.

    “Stupid Energon bands…”He said in English. When he finally freed the band he Picked Duke up, rather roughly, and walked out of the cell.

    “Hey!” Duke cried out alarmed. The robot put the boy down onto a table. He then lifted his index finger and the tip pulled away, revealing a strange looking tool. He bent down and cut the glowing purple band, freeing Duke completely.

    “So, are you going to cooperate or do I have to get nasty,” The robot asked. “I’m already pissed and I don’t need or want any of your trouble.”

    Duke looked up at the robot.

    “Why should I?” Duke replied, deciding to toss the acting ignorant plan. “You’re not the only one frustrated y’know.”

    The robot seemed to take this as a good sign.

    “Just shut up and c’mon.”


    The robot placed Duke on a table top in a dark room, lit only by the light of a computer screen. Surrounding him were the shadow forms of the other four robots that occupied the room with him.

    Suddenly the lights flickered on and Duke had to squint against the sudden change.

    “I suppose you’re wondering why you’re here.” One of the robots Duke recalled from earlier asked in English.

    “Ever so slightly.” Duke replied sarcastically.

    “Have some respect!” The red robot that had escorted Duke scowled. “You owe Perceptor your life!”

    “Please forgive me if I’m not in the most highest of spirits.” Duke growled. “But after everything I’ve been through in the last few days I think I’ve deserved the right to be pissed and even a little rude.”

    The red robot shut up.

    “Well…then let’s start over,” The other robot replied. “My Name is…roughly translated, as Perceptor. May I ask for yours?”

    “Duke.” The boy responded with no enthusiasm.

    “I’m Hotrod.”

    When Duke didn’t react to the robot’s introduction, Hotrod scowled.

    “The Gathered Autobots around you are-” Perceptor started.

    “Auto-what’s?” Duke interjected.

    Perceptor looked puzzled at Duke’s confusion until it hit him.

    “Oh!” He laughed. “Why, we’re Autobots. That is, that is what name we affiliate ourselves with. You see, here on Cybertron…oh that’s this planet you’re on at this moment…there are two major political factions. There is us, the Autobots, and then there is our enemies; The Decepticons.”

    Duke nodded.


    “That’s enough Perceptor.” Hotrod scoffed. “You didn’t make me bring him all the way up here just to give him a history lesson did you?”

    Perceptor’s face grew grim, and Duke had a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.

    “Indeed not,” He replied solemnly. “Duke, earlier today we had a patrol unit that ambushed a trio of unknown beings.”

    Duke’s arms went cold first and slowly it began to creep to other parts of him.

    “And one of the patrollers was killed after apparently…killing one of the unknown beings.”

    Duke’s legs gave way and he collapsed on the table.

    There was a long pause and Duke’s mind raced.

    “Who?” He asked. “Which one of my friends did he kill?”

    There was malice in his voice now.

    Perceptor looked to his leader, Optimus Prime before proceeding.

    “Show him.” Optimus Said in English.

    “Run memory file, image 1008_87 frame 67.” Perceptor ordered the computer.

    Duke looked up to the screen and saw an image of one of the MUSO suits in flames, and another one pulling the pilot out.

    Duke cried out.

    “LISA!” He screamed, tearing as his head, trying to rip the images and thoughts from his head. “No…No! It can’t be! Lisa can’t be dead!”

    Perceptor couldn’t help but feel horrible for Duke. What a mess this whole situation was.

    “Optimus,” Perceptor turned to his leader and was surprised at what he saw.

    Optimus was crouched down near the end of the table, where Duke was sobbing.

    “Duke,” He said, surprisingly gentle. “I offer my deepest apologies for the loss of your comrade, but-”

    “Comrade?” Duke sobbed. “She was my friend! She was…she…was…just a kid!

    “She’d never done anything wrong in her entire life! And to die like that….on some alien world…away from her family…all our families…they don’t know where we are….were all as good as dead now…”

    Optimus stood up.

    “May I ask you a question Duke?”

    Duke whipped his face with his sleeve and looked up. His eyes were red and irritated.

    “Can you explain to us just how it was that you and your comrades came to be on Cybertron?”
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    Nice read! Keep it coming! :) 
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    Chapter 5

    The landscape was nothing like he’d ever seen. There were no rocks. No earth or any organic life to speak of. Save for him of course. His suit was starting to feel cramped and he could feel the ever so slightest hint of claustrophobia beginning to set in.

    He took his hands away from the controls to wipe the beads of sweat from his brow.

    Devin Hawk was a defeated man. His shoulders were hunched, and his mind boggled. The only thing he new for certain was they were in trouble. Lisa was injured. Badly. They did not have the faintest clue as to their location, their ship was missing, and so were his son Duke and his friend George. He felt ill with worry when he thought about what could have happened to them.

    ‘George…Duke….especially Duke….please, be safe.’ He thought to himself.

    The land that stretched out before him was bleak. Rubble, shards and shrapnel, everything; it reeked of war. He pushed to one side, what he thought was a heap of junk, and realized as it fell away, it was one of those mechanical men. Like the ones that had attacked them.

    This one’s chest had a japing hole in it. Hawk could only assume that was what had killed it. Its face was eerily human. It had eyes, a mouth, even a nose. Its face was plastered with a look of utter horror and pain.

    Could these things feel pain?

    He waved the question away and continued on. He didn’t have the time to stand around philosophizing about the alien world. He had a mission. He had to find to Vordge. And soon, for all their sakes; especially Lisa’s.

    As Captain Devin Hawk continued on, he failed to notice that he was being followed.


    Bumblebee looked behind him to make sure everyone had caught up to him. Gage, Streetspinner, and Cork all stood behind him.

    “Are you sure you should have come, Gage?” Streetspinner asked, rifle in hand. “You still look a bit shaky to me.”

    “I’m fine.” Gage snapped, checking his own Energon rifle. “I need to do this. Those things killed one of my men. I can’t and won’t let them get away.”

    Bumblebee felt great sympathy for Gage, but something about the entire operation felt wrong somehow. He knew they were going to get into a lot of trouble for this. Prime’s orders were not something one disobeyed. It was just never done. But Bumblebee and the others all felt they needed some sort of closure. They had to avenge their fallen comrade. Roadburner’s death would be avenged.


    The attack was swift and precise. Lucky for Hawk he saw it coming just in time. A laser missed the suit’s head by near centimeters.

    “Whoa!” He gasped as he twirled around to see four robots running straight for him, lasers blasting. He rolled away and got under a piece of scrap metal and started fidgeting with buttons, trying to get his weapons online. Hawk got up to return fire, and came face to face with a light blue armored robot. Then everything went black.


    Optimus sat silently in his chair, staring at the young boy before him. Duke had finished his tale some time ago and was know sitting with his legs outstretched in front of him.

    Duke could only guess that the Autobot Leader was mulling over what he’d just told him. It was quite an uncomfortable experience to be stuck under a giant’s gaze such as he was. These robots had no pupils so it was somewhat difficult to see just what it was they were focused on.

    Duke sat silently, waiting for someone to break the silence.

    “Duke,” Optimus said suddenly. “How many are there of you and your crew?”

    “Five.” Duke said flatly. “Me, my Dad, Captain Hawk, Sarah, George…and Lisa.”

    It took some effort for him to say Lisa’s name. Another painful realization came when it hit him that he didn’t know what had happen to George either. Duke just prayed that he was safe somewhere, anywhere.

    “On the file there were three.” The Autobot leader continued. “Where is the other?”

    Duke’s faced turned from worry to pain.

    “I…”He began. “…don’t know. As I said, we were together when we were sucked into the black hole. I can only assume he landed somewhere else on the planet.”

    Optimus seemed troubled by Duke’s response.

    “Well,” He said finally. “Let us focus on the other three for now.”

    Duke nodded and then did a double take.

    “Wait!” He started. “You….you’re going to help me find them?”

    Optimus Prime pushed himself out of the chair and faced the boy.

    “You don’t know it Duke,” Optimus said. “But you and your crew have landed right in the middle of a civil war. One that’s raged on our planet longer then many of my soldiers have even existed. I can not stand and do nothing while innocent are dragged into it. I will help you find your friends.”

    Duke felt strangely touched and overwhelmingly grateful.

    Duke suddenly realized he was tearing up.

    “Thank you.” Duke said, a fresh warm tear pouring down in face.


    Sarah was startled out of a dead sleep by a very loud crash. She turned to the entrance of their shelter and saw the strangest little device since she’d been there.

    It was a round little satellite looking object. A rotating disc like antenna protruded from its top, thick black glass looking shielded eye.

    Sarah panicked.

    “What is that?” She squeaked. Lisa’s eyes opened and she turned to see and when she caught sight of the little robot, she screamed.

    The small floating robot reacted violently to Lisa’s scream. It started and started turning around in circles, seemingly trying to find the exit again. When it did it finally found the exit and zoomed out, it began beeping loudly as it flew away.

    Sarah ran to the exit and watched it fly away.

    “What the hell was that?” She asked before turning away and tending to Lisa.


    Ironhide cursed as he turned down one more hallway.

    “Not here either.” He scoffed and back tracked the way he came.

    “Where are those hot heads?”

    “Problem, Ironhide?” Ultra Magnus asked as he walked out of a door down the way and noticing the obvious frustration on the veteran soldier’s face.

    “I’ll say,” The red Autobot scowled. “I can’t find any of those slaging minibots!”

    “Have you tried the COM link yet?” Magnus asked.

    Ironhide scowled.

    “No,” Ironhide replied.

    “Well,” Magnus smiled. “There you go.”

    With that, Ultra Magnus left.

    Ironhide watched as the second in command left.

    “Today just isn’t my day is it?” He said as he pushed the COM link on his wrist. “Bumblebee come in. Come in Bumblebee.”


    The white armored alien was still. Gage had smacked it around, fueled by anger, and it ceased to move afterwards.

    “Did you kill it?” Streetspinner asked, poking the still body with the tip of his foot.

    “Not likely.” Gage breathed, putting away his rifle.

    “We should get back to base.” Bumblebee mused as he stared at the alien’s body.

    ‘What a strange looking thing…’ He thought. A beeping sound emitting from his wrist caught his attention.

    “Ah scrap.”
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