Minor/Repaint: Star Arrow (aka Getter Liger)

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    In the late '70s/early '80s, kids in the New England area were introduced to Starvengers.
    Starvengers was a English dubbed version of Getter Robo G that aired on Tuesdays
    as part of "Force Five". Force Five consisted of five Japanese animated shows
    (mostly giant robot shows) and each show was aired on a specific day of the week.
    Dangard Ace aired on Mondays, Starvengers aired on Tuesdays, Spaceketeers aired
    on Wednesdays, Grandizer aired on Thursdays and Gaiking aired on Fridays.

    For those not familiar with the Starvengers or Getter Robo G, it was a show where
    three jets, piloted by people, combine to form a robot. There was the blue jet, red jet
    and orange jet. What made this show different from other giant robot shows was that
    there was actually three different robot versions and which robot was formed was
    dependent on each jets position in the combination. Orange jet on top, red jet
    in the middle and blue jet on the bottom would form Star Poseidon. Red jet on top,
    blue jet in the middle and orange jet on the bottom would form Star Dragon.
    Blue jet on top, orange jet in the middle and red jet on the bottom would form Star Arrow.

    This is my Starvengers Star Arrow and his minicon partner Star Grindor.

    Star Arrow is made using Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive. I felt that Terradive's
    robot and jet modes were a great representation of Star Arrow. Star Arrow was a tall,
    slender robot that was used for speed in the show and the Terradive mold embodies
    these qualities. A few modifications I made were removing the wings and gluing them
    to his back, removing the rotating parts from the legs and filling in the holes, flipping
    the feet so the fronts are the slender pointed part and molding/sculpting the head
    using the head from Revenge of the Fallen Dirge.

    The modification that makes this bash really work for Star Arrow is the incorporation
    of Terradive's weapon as Star Arrow's left arm. Star Arrow's left arm would fire a harpoon
    with a chain attached to it (similar to Scorpion's attack in Mortal Kombat years later).
    The chain would also be electrified to shock his enemy. Also, his harpoon arm could open
    to fire a missile. So the modifications I made were to remove Terradive's left hand and
    glue the jet engine to the arm. I then attached a modified security badge belt clip
    with a retractable string onto his back. I then cut Terradive's weapon and attached it
    to the end of the retractable string. So when the harpoon is removed from the arm,
    it can be "shot" at the enemy and the string keeps it connected to the robot like the
    chain in the show. I also painted the middle portion of the arrow to look like the missiles
    that Star Arrow would fire from that arm. So when the blades on the arrow open,
    it reveals the missile.

    Paints used were Testors. Mainly dark blue, black, red, orange and silver.
    I also attempted to use an acrylic black wash to give more definition to the panel lines
    of the jet.

    Star Grindor is made using Power Core Combiners Throttler. I used him because
    his Alt mode is a drill and Star Arrow had a drill for his right arm.
    No modifications were made to the mold. I dry brushed black onto the drill
    to make it look used.

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