SPRINGWOOD SLASHER: A Nightmare remake prequel

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    I'm assuming I can put this here...

    So yeah, a lot of you know me for the Transformers movie fics. But I thought about trying something different. Don't worry, TF5 will still go on, but I thought'd I'd also give this a shot since writing about Transformers was getting a little old for me.
    As maybe some of you know, I'm a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan. Freddy has to be my favorite slasher. One thing I always thought was interesting about him was his past. Of course, this was later fucked up in some of the sequels (A daughter? Dream Demons? Really?).
    Bu I think the remake looks FANTASTIC. I don't care what anyone else says, I'm so ready for more Freddy carnage in the form of Jackie Earle Haley.
    So let's get on with it. Here is my prequel to the NOES remake, SPRINGWOOD SECRETS.

    Caution, this fan fic is recommended for mature readers.
    Reader discretion is highly advised.


    *The setting is at an orphanage in Springwood Ohio. Inside, a nun watches over many children playing together. All except for one. A young eight year old boy. His mother was a worker at the orphanage until she was killed by an escaped convict. This only happened three monthes earlier, and the boy now stayed at the same orphanage his dear mother had worked at for so many years. He sat alone, rarely speaking since his mothers death. A child walks up to the boy, his name is Thomas. The only one who was ever kind to him.*

    Thomas: Hey.

    *The boy looked up and smirked at Thomas. He wasn't really happy in any way right now, but he appreciated the kindness that Thomas showed him.*

    Boy: Hey.

    Thomas: We were going to go and play hide and seek at recess, if you wanted to come with.

    Boy: No...that's okay.

    Thomas: C'mon it'll be fun!

    Boy: I don't think many of the other kids like me.

    *The boy looked over Thomas' shoulder to see three other young kids look at him like he was a freak.*

    Thomas: Well...that's because they don't even know you that well.

    Boy: I don't talk to people that much.

    Thomas: Why not?

    Boy: I don't like to talk about it.

    *Thomas smiled.*

    Thomas: You should try doing more talking then.

    Boy: I don't know...

    Thomas: C'mon, come play!

    *The nun looked at her watch and then at the kids.*

    Nun: Alright children! Recess! Everyone line up and we'll go outside for half an hour!

    *All of the kids excitedly got up out of there seats and went to the door. Thomas stayed with the boy.*

    Thomas: You coming or what?

    Boy: Well...Okay.

    *The boy smiled and walked up with Thomas in line with the other children.*

    Thomas: My name's Thomas, but you can call me Tommy. What's you're name?

    *The boy smiled a hopeful smile, his blue eyes cheerful for once under his long brown hair.*

    Boy: My name's Freddy Krueger. Nice to meet you.
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    May 16, 2008
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    These will be written in the same format as my TF fanfics.
    Sorry if this is boring anybody. I'm just trying to explain Freddy Krueger's past my own way. If you like it, let me know. If you don't, let me know why.
    But it'll get darker as it goes on, trust me. I plan for ten chapters.


    Six Years Later...

    *At the orphanage, at 6 AM, Freddy Krueger sat outside. Wearing a greay jacket and black pants, he sat atop a wooden fence, facing the street. His hair wasn't long anymore, and instead the now 14 year old boy had become quite clean cut. He looked around quick to make sure none of the nuns were around. Once he was sure that it was all clear, he pulled out a match and a pack of Camel cigarettes.*

    Freddy: Finally.

    *Freddy has changed greatly from the quiet five year old boy he was before. He was now outgoing, although his new attitude was more bad then good. He frequently enjoyed picking on children younger then him, talked back or even yelled at the nuns, and was once caught with a dead dog on the dest in his room. Freddy insisted that he just found it outside one day, but the dogs body showed signs of torture. Freddy glanced to his right and noticed that Thomas was walking towards him. Freddy smiled and took out a cig.*

    Freddy: Want one? If you're gonna start you should try now. I think all of those bitches are asleep.

    Thomas: No thanks. And they're not bitches Freddy...

    Freddy: Whatever. Take a seat.

    *Thomas climbed up and sat next to Freddy, looking at the sunrise. Freddy and Thomas had become best friends over the years. Everyone else from their childhoods have been adopted, but for some reason nobody adopted Thomas. Most believed it was because he wouldn't go until Freddy had gone. Thomas watched over Freddy a lot, like a big brother.*

    Freddy: I saw that the Thompson family came by to talk to you yesterday...Why don't you just go?

    Thomas: Then who's gonna make sure you stay out of trouble?

    *Freddy laughed.*

    Freddy: What trouble? I'm the most well behaved kid at this dump.

    Thomas: Yeah, that's why you sneak out at night so you can come and smoke out here?

    Freddy: Hey, whatever I can do to get some fresh air.

    Thomas: Dude, don't you ever sleep?

    Freddy: Sleep's boring.


    *Two weeks later, Freddy and Thomas walk into social studies class. When they sit down, a girl looks at them.*

    Girl: Early for once are we?

    Freddy: Nosey as usual are we?

    *The girl smiled. She was a friend of Freddy, but she didn't seem to talk to Thomas.*

    Freddy: So Tina, I heard you might be leaving?

    Tina: Probably. Which'll be awesome because God knows I could use a change of scenery.

    Thomas: We all could.

    Freddy: Man, when I hit 18 I'm getting out of here as soon as I can.

    Thomas: You're not even going to try and find a new family?

    Freddy: A family is something you're born into. You don't just go home with a 'new' family.

    Thomas: Well...that's kind of a dark way of looking at it.

    Freddy: Don't take it too seriously, it's just my way of looking at it...

    Tina: Exactly.

    *Freddy looked over at Tina and smiled.*

    Freddy: Of course, it's the right way.
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    May 16, 2008
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    Two Years Later

    *Freddy is celebrating his 16th birthday at the orphange. Tina was adopted, but of course Thomas still stayed so he could watch over his friend. Freddy has caused more trouble. One of the nuns at the orphanage discovered a large amount of pornographic material under Freddy's matress. A week before last Christmas a fire erupted on the Christmas tree, with several children reporting that they saw Freddy do it. In the cafeteria, Freddy sat with at least three other kids his age. He told the nuns to leave them alone. Thomas sat across from him while they all ate cake.*

    Thomas: So how does it feel to be sixteen Fred?

    Freddy: Same as every other birthday.

    Kid: So did you get anything?

    Freddy: Just one thing...

    Thomas: Which is?

    *Freddy smiled and pulled from his pocket a pair of gardening gloves. The nuns knew that the one thing Freddy seemed to have a passion for was gardening.*

    Kid: Gloves?

    Kid2: What a...stupid gift...

    Freddy: It's not stupid! They're also letting me pick out a gardening tool from their shed to let me keep.

    Thomas: Well...Good for you man.

    Freddy: Thank you, Thomas.

    Kid: So what are you gonna choose?


    *Outside in the orphange garden, Freddy slammed his dutch hand rake into the ground hard. He had since planted many things, from flowers to fruits and vegatables. One nun smiled happily at him.*

    Nun: Happy birthday, Mr. Krueger.

    Freddy: Rake works like a charm.

    Nun: You do not need a shovel or anything else?

    Freddy: I think I know what I'm doing alright?

    *The nun glared at Freddy and walked off. Freddy dug his rake deeper into the ground.*

    Freddy: Now THAT, is a woman who talks too much.
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    May 16, 2008
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    Five Years Later

    *Freddy sat at a bar, lauging with a now adult Thomas. Thomas had just turned 21, and they were celebrating his birthday at a bar. They were released from the orphanage three years ago. Thomas had gotten a job as a successful banker. Freddy had failed most of his classes, and has since gotten a job as a groundskeeper for the orphanage.*

    Thomas: Fred, one thing I will never understand is why you decided to right back to that God-Forsaken place.

    Freddy: I have my reasons. Here man, another round of shots on me!

    Thomas: Another? Jesus, how much money are you making?

    *Freddy laughed.*

    Freddy: Now Tommy, don't you know what a rude question that is?

    *In truth, Freddy was stealing most of his money. He took a drink of his own beer.*

    Freddy: Where did Tina go?

    Thomas: Bathroom.

    Freddy: Heh, probably not alone.

    Thomas: Hey don't talk about my girlfriend like that man.

    Freddy: I'm just kidding Tommy. Calm down.

    *[I]Just then, two large bikers kicked the door open. Their muscles were huge, and they were obviously drunk. One sat down next to Freddy while the other sat next to Thomas.*[/I]

    Biker1: Hey pretty boy!

    *The other biker laughed while Thomas nerviously shrunk down. Freddy however stayed calm. Regardless if he was half the bikers size. He glared at the biker.*

    Freddy: Excuse me, but I'm trying to have a bit of a conversation with my friend here.

    *Both bikers laughed loudly.*

    Biker1: We'll, I'll be sure to keep it quiet then!

    *The second biker took Freddy's beer and started to chug it down.*

    Freddy: Hey!

    *Freddy got up, but the first biker grabbed him. Thomas got up to help his friend, but the second biker turned him around and punched him right in the jaw, knocking Thomas down. Freddy struggled to get free, but the biker held him by his arms while the second came over and kneed him in the stomach. Freddy fell down and looked at Thomas, who was now missing some teeth. He looked up at the bikers.*

    Freddy: You sons of bitches...

    *The biker gave a powerful kick to Freddy's face, sending him rolling.*

    Biker1: Don't talk shit to me boy.

    *Suddenly, the bartender pointed a revolver at one of the bikers. They both looked at him in fear.*

    Bartender: You both get the hell out of my bar right now, unless you want the police to get involved.

    *They backed up.*

    Biker: Sure man, just take it easy.

    Bartender: GET THE HELL OUT!

    *The bikers backed up some more and left. Freddy managed to push himself up, while the bartender helped Thomas up. Tina ran over to Thomas to see if he was okay. Thomas was more concerned with Freddy.*

    Thomas: Are you okay?

    *Freddy noticed the blood dripping out of Thomas's mouth. He himself had a huge gash on his cheek.*

    Freddy: Get yourself home Tommy.

    *Freddy walked over to the bartender and gave him a fifty.*

    Bartender: Fred, are you-

    Freddy: Call a cab for my friends here.

    *Freddy started to walk away.*

    Thomas: Freddy? Freddy! Where are you going?

    Tina: You need to go to the hospital!

    Freddy: I'm going home. I'll be fine.

    *Before Thomas and Tina could say anything else, Freddy was already out of the door. While walking down the sidewalk, he look a couple blocks down and noticed the bikers walking away as well. He pulled out something from his back pocket and kept walking. It was his dutch hand rake.*
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    May 16, 2008
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    *Both bikers walked down the sidewalk. Their names were Paul and Robert. One held a beer in his hand, while the other smoked a large cigar.*

    Paul: That little punk-ass...

    Robert: Godammit....Kicked outta three bars. Anymore around this place?

    Paul: Let's just go look for one...

    *Both kept walking. Suddenly, a man came from an alley that was behind them. Before Robert could react, the man swung an object at him. The object was lodged into Robert's skull, killing him instantly. The killer was wearing a dirty brown fedora to cover up his features.*

    Paul: HOLY SHIT!

    *Paul backed up, and the man removed the object from Robert's skull. Robert fell on the ground, bleeding everywhere. The killer came into view. When he stepped from the shadows, the light shined on his face.*

    Freddy: Let's make this quick.

    Paul: Ro...Robert...

    Freddy: No one's going to help you. No one is even going to investigate what happened. This is the bad part of Springwood. People get killed here all the time.

    *Freddy kicked away Robert. Paul could see the bloody hand rake he was holding.*

    Freddy: Your fat friend here might not even be the first to die here today.

    Paul: You...YOU SON OF A BITCH!

    *Freddy smiled an evil smile.*

    Freddy: Don't talk shit to me boy.

    *As Freddy started to walk towards Paul, he pulled out a switchblade.*

    Paul: I'm gonna cut you up...

    Freddy: Oh, come on. We don't wanna make a mess now do we?

    *Paul ran towards Freddy, but Freddy simply sidestepped and swung his rake into Paul's back. Paul screamed in pain and dropped the knife. He fell down, but started to crawl away.*

    Freddy: Where you going?

    Paul: Oh...Oh God...

    *Freddy noticed Paul's switchblade down on the ground. He smiled and picked it up.*

    Freddy: Now if I didn't know any better, this could be considered a lethal weapon.

    Paul: Pl...Please!

    *Freddy bent down and dragged Paul towards him. He then picked Paul up by his leather vest and came face to face with him. Paul began to cough up blood. He looked into Freddy's eyes with fear.*

    Paul: Who are you...

    *Freddy put the switchblade to Paul's throat. Freddy's voice then changed, from the voice ofa calm man to something else. His voice became extremely deeper, much more animal like then human like, and much, much more evil.*

    Freddy: I'm the stuff nightmares are made of.

    *With that, Freddy slit Paul's throat. Blood ran down his entire body from his neck. Paul tried to breath, but he simply couldn't. he then collapsed on the ground. Finally dead. Freddy stood before two bodies. The bodies of people he killed. He grinned.*

    Freddy: Would you look at that, he still made a mess.

    *And he couldn't be happier about it.*
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    *The next day, the murders were all over the news. Much to Freddy's suprise. He sat in his usual bar gazing at the TV.*

    Reporter: I am standing here at Jackson Street in downtown Springwood. Here, in what many refer to as the bad part of town, people are killed almost weekly. But this one is being covered right now, because it's one of the most gruesome police say they have seen, since one member of the force went to investigate the Michael Myers murders.

    Bartender: My...God.

    *Freddy sipped his beer.*

    Freddy: Wasn't that the one where the ten year old kid snapped and killed three people?

    Bartender: Shh, listen.

    Reporter: It was on this sidewalk that two large, strong men were murdered. Blood went everywhere. Most of which has been cleaned up since, but police are having a tough time getting everything. One man was killed with a sharp blunt object thrust to the forhead, while another had his throat slit. But those are just what killed the men. This killer didn't stop when his victims were dead. One man was split wide open, with many of his organs spilled across the sidewalk. The other man had his fingers cut off, and was even beheaded. Police say they can find no traces of DNA on either body, so people must be warned. This man may still be out there.

    Bartender: Jesus....

    Freddy: Turn it to something else Jim, I think a bar is supposed to be a place to relax.

    Jim: Man Freddy, you must have left no more then an hour before those guys were killed.

    *Thomas sat right next to Freddy. Eyes wide, completely silent.*

    Freddy: It's a good thing Tommy here and Tina didn't come with. God knows that I wouldn't wanna see my own friend get slaughted by that maniac.

    *He smiled at Thomas.*

    Freddy: Maybe I should have stayed to ride home in a cab with you guys. Eh?

    *He took another sip of his beer.*

    Freddy: This worlds full of psychos. You never know when one's going to come for you.

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