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    Moving away from the Movieverse slightly, I now deal with a multiversal singularity: The Fallen. If you get confused, don't worry.

    Greetings, denizens of your universe where our eternal struggles are but fictional amusement to you. Some of you are baffled how I, a Prime, am the same person across all universe. Bah, worms, I shall give your puny minds insight into how I, The Fallen, formerly Megatronus Prime, interacts with the multiverse.

    2009 AD. Almost twenty thousand years before my brothers foiled my attempt to destroy the Autobots' greatest allies, humanity. Now I remain, ready to take back the Matrix and consume a sun, and the Decepticons shall spread chaos throughout the universe! But what is this? Optimus Prime lives, and aware of his destiny, he throws me into space! No! With this knowledge, I shall instead order my ally to destroy him! I am safe.

    We are in Egypt. But what is this? Optimus survived, and he tells the servant who shares my name that I lied to him, that Primes are born, not made! No! My servant rises against me, we battle, but the end result of this is he spears me through the head and I fall into the harvester! This cannot be! It will not be! But now, instead of Megatron, Optimus Prime does the deed! Again, I will not make this universe where this relevation come true!

    So atop the pyramid, Prime attacks us! Too late! The sun harvester blasts! But Optimus bests it away, burning us! We try to escape, but Optimus beats me senseless, his own Prime abilities forcing me to fight face-to-face, and he uses the Matrix to trap me in another dimension! Again no, this will not be. Crippled by my burns, I ensure the sun harvester will not fire and be deflected unto us, so instead I allow Optimus to blow it up so I shall escape through my space bridge. But once more Prime uses his own abilities to best me, reveals my secret to Megatron, and using pieces of my own machine, he binds me and drives a spike through my skull!

    Frustrated, I instead fall with Optimus after he shoots the harvester, and we tumble into the temple. "Die like your brothers!" I screamed. Megatron, unaware of the lie, attempted to fend him off, but Optimus overpowered him and shot his face off! And after all that, he was useless against a Prime. Half giving up on these universes, I fight Prime off, tearing a wing, but he takes my own spear and cracks my helmet off, before crushing my spark. My body all but broken, I cannot manifest again in a universe for a long time.

    And so it came to past, I could not destroy humanity. But I will return, perhaps to this quantum reality, perhaps not, but I shall always try to spread Unicron's chaos wherever I find myself!

    The alternate fates The Fallen encounters were seen in a storybook, the games, novel/comic adaptation and the film itself.
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    I read full article and I really like it and I really dont know about all this things and your this information really increase my knowledge. so send more information like this.
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    The confusion of being a multiversal singularity, it befuddles me!

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