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    Hi there. I'm new at posting stories but hopefully you'll still like this. It's how I think that IDW should do Spotlight Flywheels.
    All crits and comments welcome.

    Spotlight Flywheels

    The moon 'Titan' dwarfed the two mighty machines as their struggle continued on the outskirts of its orbit. Skill, weaponry, energy, all depleted. The victory belonging to whoever wants it most. Unfortunately for the mammoth 'Rotorblade' the sheer determination of his opponent was all too apparent as his inner warning systems sprung to life as the rest of his dented and sore machinery began to slow down from exhaustion.
    "Warning: power reserves at 12%"
    Rotorblade knew that such a warning was for his audio receptors only, however it was soon obvious that Flywheels knew it too as Flywheels' grip tightened and a sly grin of relief and anticipation twitched on his face. The fight had gone on for what seemed like an eternity with neither opponent losing their edge, but having stared into Rotorblade's optics for so long (having seen up close his unyielding concentration) the fear now masking Rotorblade's face from such a warning was all too clear to Flywheels.
    "One shall stand, one shall-" Flywheels triumphantly squealed
    "Both shall fall!" interrupted the exhausted Rotorblade as he focused what was left of his dwindling power reserves into the two powerful turbines projecting from his back. Flywheels stared as his brownish green and dark red exterior changed to a glowing orange as Rotorblade's turbines forced them both through the burning atmosphere of Titan.
    "No you fool! The impact will kill us both!" Flywheels protested, staring deep into the crimson visor of his nemesis as he struggled to free himself from the grip of his opponents new found strength and thus, free himself from the projectory leading him to certain death.
    Flywheels could not.
    The flaming mesh of their bodies lit up the sky as it came crashing down through the walls of Titan's largest volcano. The immense impact setting off the volcanos own eruption of light and sound as if jealous of their fiery entrance and eager to compete with its own display of power. When the planet had stopped screaming, all was quiet. All was still. Nothing emerged.

    'Countless years later: the moon Titan'
    "Is it Cybertronian?" a pale blue organic creature asked the Transformer 'Arc' beside him. Like Titan itself did to Flywheels before it, the robotic figure (with his crimson and white highlights) dwarfed his organic companion in size.
    "I am unfamiliar with this bot or his design.... but yeah- seems likely." Arc's mechanical response echoed through the cavern walls of the inner volcano. "How long has he been like this?"
    The remains of Flywheels stood before them, reaching out to them as if begging for help to be released from the volcanic rock that still engulfed his lower half. His face still frozen in a millennium long scream of twisted terror at the realization of his own undeniable end. His optics dark and lifeless.
    "We discovered the, er, bot? several cycles ago. How long he's been stuck in that volcanic rock is a mystery to even our wisest elders" shouted the organic. Although standing on a raised platform reaching the crimson figures head, he still felt the need to shout as his humanoid form (reaching the size of most of us mere organics) was so obviously small in comparison that he feared such an insignificant being could not be heard by one of such huge proportions.
    "Thankyou official Jero. I can take it from here. We Cybertronians have our own rituals for the dead. I have the equipment necessary on board my ship to remove him respectfully".
    "Will it take long 'Arc'? I don't want this to be any more distressing to my people than is necessary."
    Arc turned to face Jero in confusion. For so long now, Arc had been transfixed on the size of the deactivated Flywheels before him that such a reply had took him by more of a surprise then he would have otherwise felt. For you see, Arc, with his mighty crimson body, was not accustomed to seeing anything living (or dead) tower above him, especially off of his native world Cybertron.
    "How so?" a puzzled Arc queried.
    "You may find this laughable" Jero responded as he twirled his fingers through his thick beard, two protruding antennae from his forehead twitching incessantly from embarrassment "but for the longest time we considered this to be.... our God. If not for this first contact with your race we probably still would. Many are finding this revelation to be- difficult. You say he only seems Cybertronian?". The dim lights reaching every corner, every crevice. The many raised platforms and walkways leading to the deceased machine, all lined with warn-down rugs. The colorful displays of unique fruits and alien plantations laid down as offering. Arc was amazed at how he had at first mistaken this most sacred of shrines as merely the innards of a volcano and nothing more.
    Arc softly answered "Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable if i were to confirm this?" Arc knew without doubt that Flywheels was of Cybertronian origin, however he was there on a peaceful mission to begin diplomatic engagements for his planet and insulting such profound religious beliefs was an obvious no-no.
    A relieved Jero quickly hurried out of the cavern, unsure whether he would want to see the manor of which Arc would inspect their shrine- their God.

    Perched upon the jagged rocks surrounding Flywheels' lower limbs, Arc stared in silent contemplation.
    "Intriguing. Somehow he's in remarkable shape" Arc thought to himself as his hunched figure leaned further towards an open compartment on Flywheels' lower back- his optics scanning the inactive circuitry within with his databanks darting from one memorized schematic to another as he tried to recognize the inner working's functions.
    "The rock's properties seem to include a crude form of Energon" Arc concluded as he removed yet another fragment of rock from it's half eaten prey. "Could it be possible for him to be alive? Some kind of stasis? Absorbing enough Energon to live but not function?" Arc stretched his servos in frustration and opened up the case beside him that he had brought from his ship before beginning the survey. The box was filled with dozens of devices though he swiftly reached past them to bring out a long hose. He connected one end of the hose to a port within Flywheels' open compartment. The countless wires concealed within the hose creating a echoing click as they fixed into place. The other end Arc's optics stared cautiously at.
    "Best I can tell, there's no major damage. What i wouldn't give for a medbot right now. Perhaps some fresh Energon may bring him round"
    Another click followed by the crackling of Energon racing from Arc's hip port to Flywheels' systems. Moments later, Flywheels systems jerked to life as his twisted facial motors jumped from one horrific expression to another.
    ."Nooooo!!! OFF. Get off!!! No you get off!! aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! gotta- don't let me sleep!! Dreams..... DREAMS!!!!" Screamed Flywheels in hysteria.
    "It's ok. You're safe- free. You're with friends" Arc tried to reassure as he jumped into the whirl of frantic limbs in a bid to restrain his Cybertronian brethren.
    Flywheels didn't seem to listen as he continued his frenzied rants "Friends, enemies. ripping! pulling!! hot.-cold- judgement-redemption.... dreams.... pain." Rocks and debris exploded away- flywheels confusion of fear, panic and shock quickly mirrored by Arc himself.
    "Stay with me. Can you hear me?...... Hello?" Arc took a step back, still in a daze as he gazed at the now frozen mech before him. It was almost as if he had not started the energon transfusion at all. "Did I just kill him?" Arc feared.

    Arc held his face in his hands, unsure as to what to do next. Such a horrific display of pain and confusion mixed with his own growing guilt had left his cerebral circuits running circles with no real concept of the time passing by him.
    "Thankyou". The most quiet of murmurs but it was enough to grab Arc's attention.
    "Hey you're awake!" Arc rejoiced, barely containing the relief within. "Thought we lost you there for an astrosecond when your systems froze up".
    "i... hurt" Flywheels murmurs were becoming louder as his circuits reacquainted themselves with the nourishment of energon. After the previous ordeal, Arc had neglected to think about removing the lifeline that was connecting the two. Perhaps in some way his subconscious was preying that prolonged exposure to his energon might rectify the situation.
    "To be expected- you've been out of it for quite a while" Arc said "But don't worry, once you're readings have stabilized a bit more I'll have you back home before you know it."
    "Cybertron?" Flywheels' circuits were obviously now working with much more vigor after such a quick reply.
    "You feel up to telling me what happened to you?" questioned Arc "You're design? Some pretty old systems you've got in there but you're design seems innovative at worst."
    "A story of woe" strained Flywheels' vocal processors.
    The glow of Arc's optics dulled in sympathy to the sorrow emanating from Flywheels' own dulled visor:
    "They always are" Arc whispered. Flywheels remained in his lying position, the broken and crushed rocks supporting him a testament to his mighty frame. The mystified Arc sat close by on the outskirts of the mess, eagerly awaiting the story to come.
    "Before... I was two. Two separate beings: Flyswat... Wheelz. That was before the accident. Somebody wasn't watching close enough- our drilling operation hit a snag. Something highly volatile. We were too close. Bright light then... we were dying. Then..... a medic. Believing us too far gone to be saved by traditional techniques turned to a less ethical procedure. Intelligent beyond his years, he combined our bodies- our sparks to create me. In a way, we died, in another, we were reborn." Flywheels struggled to sit up more comfortably. "However word spread of his success and many turned jealous of our new, stronger form. Many more became afraid. To most, we were an abomination. A freak against Primus. We were hunted. I was hunted until we were cornered here by a most vicious of bounty hunters. You can probably guess the rest." Flywheels' voice trailed off as the effort taken to speak through such ancient and battered vocal processors took it's toll. Arc came in closer to hold his shivering hand.
    "Well for what it's worth, times have changed. We've grown away from such petty prejudices as a race and with our medical advances perhaps we can help. Perhaps after some further investigation we could even get you back to your former selves." Arc looked down at the display imbedded within a small section of the hose. "Well... I'd say that's enough juice for now."
    "What!?" Flywheels exclaimed.
    "25% capacity charged" Arc began "Dared go any further then that without a med bot around. Who knows what degradation could've been caused by such a long stasis. Especially on your specific design."
    "You have no idea what my systems are capable of!! Finish the recharge!!!"
    "Hey relax buddy" Arc calmly said, oblivious to Flywheels' growing temper as he concentrated on disengaging the hose from his hip. "You'll be 100% before you know it. I've already put a call in to my partner for him to meet us here. He's on planet and far more qualified then me to sort you out"
    "You don't need him. Finish the recharge" Flywheels' protests continued. His anger poorly masked by his attempts at persuasion.
    "I said relax" Arc commanded sternly as he tried to disconnect from Flywheels who was now edging his back away. "You have nothing to fe-"
    "NOW!!" The volume and anger of the previously quiet and fragile mech's voice forced Arc to a standstill.
    "No- argh!!" Arc's defiance was met by the giant fist of his patient. Stumbling backwards, Arc was still able to defend against the incoming Flywheels- grabbing the approaching left fist Arc steadied his footing and pulled at the arm. Flywheels' momentum had been turned against him as his hulking figure continued lunging forward and into the air as Arc flung him over his shoulder. Arc gasped as his patient split literally in two- the brownish green arms and legs slamming into the ground still held by Arc's grasp whilst a blast of jet fumes pushed the rest of Flywheels' red upper body components away and into the form of a Cybertronian jet. An astrosecond of instinctive reflexes and precision flying resulted in the jet maneuvering around the cavern walls and back towards the stunned Cybertronian figure. The impact was immense.

    "Nice. i take the hit while you sit there pretty. Just like old times(!)" Arc's systems recallobrated his visual and audio components in time for him to hear the greenish brown mass transform into an old Cybertronian tank as it complained.
    "Quit your whining Wheelz." Arc looked up to see the barbed reply coming from the jet hovering mere meters away. To Arc's terror, although his body was now a sparking and smoking mass of mangled parts, charred black covering up portions of his previously highly polished crimson and white paintwork, the jet seemed in no worse state then when first discovered. "Always the same with you- never satisfied with what ya got." continued the jet " If I had your firepower, i wouldn't need maneuverability. I'd go where i want in my own sweet time crushing everything in my path." The jet was now hovering from side to side as the tanks mighty turret locked onto it's fuselage.
    "You sucking up to me or are you asking for a blast through your rear vents?!"
    "Ha!" defied the jet before turning it's attention to the wounded Arc below. "As you can see my dear saviour, the experiment hasn't been a complete success. Limited technology prevented a perfect melding of minds and now with no separate robot modes of our own, we can't even remain separate physically for extended periods without shutting down."
    "You any idea what its like being genetically stuck to that loud mouth?" The tank's turret trained towards Arc as it butted into his other half's words. "It's a struggle."
    "You just can't stand being left behind" the jet quipped back
    "Shut it. This wasn't what i had in mind when i signed up either."
    Arc fought through the pain and confusion to interrupt the bickering...
    "You wanted this?"
    "In a way" answered the jet first.
    "We volunteered alright. 'Revolutionary Combiner Technology' it was called" the tank followed. "Got sold the idea with 'when merged we'd be stronger then the sum of our parts' "
    "Unstoppable!" sang the jet over the tank's voice below. "Just look at how easily we got you with such a limited Energon supply."
    "Hate to break it to you and... er you "Arc struggled to say, "But I'm more of a diplomat then a fighter. You're display means little to me". Both components glared at the fallen foe for a moment before continuing their rant.
    "The design was flawed" grumbled the tank. "Perhaps now though, we'd get our own bodies back?!".
    "And the first thing I'd do is get joined with a new partner"- another irritating remark from above. The constant interruptions and talking overs from above and in front of Arc was testing his sanity.
    "I hear ya. we had a good run though right? I mean, in the beginning we had fun?" the tanks gruff voice calmed as he spoke and even the jet's erratic movements settled to respond,
    "In the beginning. Hah, yeah, course. Our path of destruction was fast becoming legendary. Way we were going, we'd be in charge of Cybertron by now if not for that goody-goody."
    "The stupid suicidal scraplet." The tanks contempt at the memory of their previous 'demise' echoed that of his separated partner.
    "Maybe you should dig him up. Be a more suited partner for ya" the jet jested. He just couldn't resist taking the next cheap shot as soon as it had entered his cerebral circuits.
    "C'mon Flyswat" an almost hurt Wheelz replied "we were like brothers once."
    "By the sounds of it you still are" Arc foolishly entered the bickering. If only he had not said anything perhaps he could have silently crept away without further injury. leaving the two halves to bicker and complain amongst themselves without any real notice of him- but of course... he had entered into the fray.
    "You don't understand" insisted the Flyswat component of Flywheels
    "You couldn't understand" confirmed the portion Wheelz.
    "All these years being trapped together in the same body.... so many years together, immobile in this tomb of a cavern."
    "Small resentments, petty jealousies, all multiplied throughout the darkness" the tank continued.

    "Hey" commanded the jet, unsure at first whether speaking to the tank or the injured bot making best his escape. "Open your optics fool". The tanks turret spun round towards the escaping target and fired it's main blast, followed by a barrage of lasers and mini artillery. Arc, hugging the ground with his sleek Cybertronian car design, transformed just in time for the main blast's explosion to aid his jump into the air rather than be disintegrated by its full force (or by the smaller projectiles that followed). However, such a jump away from the engulfing flames (no matter how spectacular) was not enough to get Arc to the cavern exit as the jet's mini guns cut through pistons, servos and the wires making up Arc's light armored mid waist.
    "Poor deluded Arc(!)" teased the jet "did you really think that it was gonna be that easy? You can't outrun my blasts."
    "No- but he could dodge em easy enough(!)" teased the tank
    "And I suppose you'd have taken him down without me?"
    "What you talking about. I did take him down without you."
    "Enough already!" an exasperated Arc screamed, his sanity stretched too far over recent events "Holy Primus on a pogostick. I got better things to do tonight then listen to this bickering." The jet, once erratically flying from corner to corner of the cavern, now hovered completely still in front of arc's optics. The rocks vibrating beneath him from the thrust of his VTOL engines the only indication that Flyswat was not just naturally supposed to be there. His sharp high pitched voice lowered to a cruel whisper.
    "Like die?" His remark sent a shiver down the circuitry lining Arc's back however Arc managed to stay focused on his only available survival option: to turn the two bickering vehicles against each other.
    "So you Flyswat got to keep your head as well as become the powerful upper torso of 'Flywheels' whereas you Wheelz became the 'rear exhaust?' " Arc began to goad his would be assassins "Gee, you're creator didn't have favorites did he (!)"
    "Shut up!" the tanks irritation at such a remark spoke up first
    "hehehe" chuckled the jet, dancing around once again
    "You can frak off an all" the tank turned his attention to the startled Flyswat
    "Whoa" Flyswat retaliated as he watched the tank begin to turn his entire figure away from Arc and towards Flyswat. Moments later
    "Arg- him stuck". Wheelz's wheels spun wildly as they tried to force his tank treads out from the small shards of broken rocks that engulfed him. Every revolution seemed to give the rocks more ground over his greenish brown frame until it seemed quite obvious that Wheelz alone could not free himself. The jet seemed to dance more vigorously with glee at the amusing sight as joke after joke poured into his cerebral circuits.
    "Transform and walk out then(!)"
    "Grrrr-" growled Wheelz, unimpressed that anybody (especially Flyswat) would make fun of his embarrassing situation. "This is a stupid slaggin problem to have!"
    "Cool your treads Wheelz" Flyswat conceded, slowly making his way towards his fallen brethren. "I'll get their event... wha- whoa can't maintain thrust." Flyswat's cruel voice raised in panic as his superior maneuverability diminished. " Energon... too... low."
    Thunk! Shards of volcanic debris erupted as the jet's nosecone crashed into the cavern floor. "I can't take off". Wheelz did not fail to notice the irony. Mere seconds ago the tables had been turned however the situation was far too dire for even Wheelz to ignore.
    "Stop trying you idiot. Short controlled bursts. Get over here."
    "How about you get your aft over here for a change" retaliated the jet, aware of the looming figure above him. Arc, sparking midsection an' all, was holding a large rock over Flyswat's struggling jet mode. Arc's inner motors, strained and battered from the assault before, willed for the command to reach them- the sweet satisfying command to continuously bring that boulder down upon the red demon below. Smashing the jet until it's frame matched the size and numbers of the crumbled rocks that supported them.

    "Jhiaxus- help us!!" The jet's cries startled Arc so that he dropped the boulder and spun around towards the entrance. Arc's optics had grown accustomed to the dim light of the shrine room and so the outside light, framing the Cybertronian silhouette standing at the cavern entrance, caused much discomfort. A few minor adjustments later and Arc could make out enough detail to confirm the figure to be his fellow Cybertronian diplomat, Jhiaxus.
    "Jhiaxus!? You know him?" Arc questioned in disbelief. Jhiaxus scanned the surrounding rock formations and primitive walkways before focusing solely on the two Flywheels pieces.
    "In a way, I'm their father". All of the recent events had built into a explosive force- tearing through Arc's sanity.
    "Aaah Flywheels- fond memories. I couldn't resist the trip down nostalgia" Jhiaxus began as he slowly restrained the paralyzed Arc. "You see Arc, Flywheels here was the first step on my path of glorious achievements. Achievements soon to be revealed to your world."
    "I don't understand" whispered Arc.
    "Flywheels here was my first attempt at a super soldier. A soldier who would carry me and mine to the very highest reaches of the Cybertronian hierarchy through sheer force of power. I had always wondered about his fate."
    "It wasn't our fault" wailed the Flywheels components "Rotorblade- he caught us by surprise. He-"
    "Yes yes" said Jhiaxus, raising his palm "When I heard of this moon, Titan, with it's Cybertronian worshipping inhabitants, I had to come. It was as if I was given the final pieces to a long agonizing puzzle. Surely these inhabitants would have at least seen a Cybertronian in order for them to worship us so and for the longest time, only so few of us could've reached such distant corners of space. It became clear to me, after researching lost mechs to the universe over the cycles, cross referenced with those with the necessary abilities to reach so far, that the likelihood of you being the seen 'God' was most promising. Of course it was still a long shot, however, with this moon's easily exploitable faith system (should their technological advances merit it) I believed that it would be worth an investigation."
    "So you came to save your precious monster" Arc sneered, his arms held securely behind his damaged torso by the superior Jhiaxus. "How touching(!)"
    "No" Jhiaxus answered abruptly "They are obsolete". Even without faces, Flywheels looked hurt by the remark. "Time has allowed me the luxury of improving upon my original combiner design. I came here purely to remind myself of where it all began."
    "I won't let you get away with this" Arc spat as he tried to contort his tender body out of the grasp of the stronger Jhiaxus.
    "But of course" Jhiaxus' grip did not budge "You have seen too much. With my combiner process all but perfected, I now find myself experimenting solely to widen my understanding of the Cybertronian physique". Arc followed his captors gaze to be shocked by the presence of two female organics (Titaneens). He had no idea of how long these two had been watching and wondered if they could even understand the events unfolding even if they had witnessed the whole sorry affair. After all, Arc felt strained trying to keep up with one betrayal after another. Jhiaxus returned his gaze to Arcs "Perhaps you have just volunteered for my next, most imaginative experiment Arcee."
    "Do your worst Jhiaxus. For your crimes against our race I shall repay you ten-fold! Your pain shall be lege-" Arcee's words were cut short by a device pressed against his neck by Jhiaxus, shocking him into stasis.
    "Jhiaxus... what about us?" the fallen jet quietly questioned.
    "Yes-well- thanks for the memories" shrugged Jhiaxus
    "But Jhiaxus?" continued the jet who had now transformed into the torso and head portion of the Flywheels robot. His optics pleading for help. The tank had not moved for ages, his Energon level too low to enable a final desperate attempt to move, much less transform.
    "Pull yourself together" Jhiaxus chuckled. "It's over. My newest creation surpasses you in every way. Next to you, 'Monstructor' is perfect"
    "You can't do this!!" screamed Flywheels, his optics burning with rage. However, with Flywheels lacking any limbs and vital torso components, Jhiaxus knew that he could.
    "You've had more than your fair share of chances at life" Jhiaxus said "Memories are best left in the past" and with that he left the cavern- Arcee hung over his shoulder.

    Time passed. With so many systems failing through separation from the vital components within his companion Wheelz- Flyswat had no way to recognize how much.
    "It might not be so bad" he mumbled
    "Shut up and pray" barked the near stasis-locked tank mere meters away.
    "We might get lucky. We might somehow get saved. Or at least die properly this time"
    "I cant hear you, I'm too busy praying- maybe you should try it."
    "We're separated. Our bodies, our minds. Surely it can't happen again."
    "I never thought I'd ever be doing this, but I'm praying you're right."
    "These dreams- these side effects of the merge- surely if we're apart???" The tank did not reply. He was already gone. With faith in his revelation, Flyswat drifted off next in relief. Mesmerized, the two little girls crawled from their hiding place and etched past the two vehicles towards the exit.

    Much later, with Arc's and Jhiaxus' spacecraft far from the moon, the inhabitants of Titan united under a single goal. Ropes and pulleys, chains and Titaneen equipment all struggled under the immense weight of Flywheels' red upper body. Finally, with a loud clunk followed by the moon-wide cheers of the workers and spectators, Flywheels had been made complete. It had taken days and a lot of ingenuity and perseverance, but the Titaneens had returned their God to his complete robotic form. Children ran through the crowds, excited and eager to be the first to present their families offerings to the God, standing mighty and proud within his rocky shrine as he had done once before. Within however, Flywheels did not feel mighty and proud. With the unification came the return of the dreams. The nightmares of Flywheels' robotic form standing upon the palm of a giant Jhiaxus- powerless to stop his seperated jet and tank modes either side of him. Pulling in either direction. In his head, the two vehicles (tied to either side of his body) were destined to slowly pull apart his robotic form in the most agonizing of ways throughout eternity. Inside- Flywheels was not mighty and proud. Inside- he was screaming....
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