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    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 6:28PM CDT

    Transformers artist Casey Coller (Spotlight Blurr) has updated his DeviantArt page with five pages of lineart from Spotlight Drift.

    The five pages of lineart are the same as those already released in their completed form thanks to Comics Continuum (as we reported earlier).

    Spotlight Drift is available from today.

    Also available today is the "Transformers Animated: The Arrival" trade paperback, written by Transformers Animated writer Marty Isenberg. The Arrival will also feature what is effectively The Arrival issue #6, which was previously only found in the Animated Entertainment Pack (featuring Safegaurd).

    According to Transformers Animated Character Designer Derrick Wyatt:
    Maybe if sales are good enough, we can entice Marty to do a sequel comic!

    So to check out Casey's lineart for Spotlight Drift, please click here, and make sure to leave your thoughts, comments and questions in the Spotlight Drift Discussion thread.

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